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Ahriman's biography
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-Name- Ahriman

-Profession- Sith Knight , Emperor's Hand

-Species- Human 

-Age- 20

-Height- 5'9"

-Weight-105 lbs

-Appearance- (Picture for reference)

-Distinguishing marks- None

-Homeworld- Dathomir

-Family- Talina ( Mother/Nightsister ), Raltar ( Father / Jai ), Gabriel Volker ( Lover )

-Personality- Quiet, Dedicated to the Empire, her Nightsisters and most of all her lover Gabriel.

-History- Ahriman is the daughter of a clan mother of a sect of the Nightsister clan of Dathomir. Born into the clan from an early age, she was raised to be a warrior. Highly force sensitive, she is also highly intelligent for her age and typically chooses intellectualism as compared to her mates animal barbarism. She spent her early life in preparation for the day she would one day become a Clan Mother, rising in the ranks of the Nightsister hierarchy from Initiate to Sentry and finally to Rancor Tamer. While most of her time was spent training which kept her from taking a Jai for her own, she did have her eye on a young Jai who was the son of one of the elders. Shy like she was they spent their youth playing together but as they grew older they grew separate, until one day while on a hunt she injured herself and he came to her rescue carrying her back to the stronghold and rendering first aid to her. From that moment she fell in love with him, and after lobbying to her mother for him to be her Jai, They were set to go through the proceeding that would make it so. Than tragedy struck, while the rest of the clan was on a hunt a group of force users made their way into the camp and brutally murdered several of the Jai and some of the sisters. Gabriel's mother and father were among them. From that moment on Ahriman became a nurturer, helping the boy she fell in love with deal with the tragic loss. Her mother took him in but eventually he became too dispondant and his need for vengeance became too much for him to deal with. He was given his freedom by her mother, who felt sorry for him, but Ahriman felt that this would only make things worse for him as he intended to join the Sith Empire to fine tune his force powers. He left her behind, the void he left was too much for her to bear, so she made her way to Aurilia Township and to the spaceport there and caught a ride to follow him. They were reunited again that the Sith Headquarters and she met her new Master Neav Revata. They quickly hit it off, eventually forming a friendship, or as much a friendship as a Master would allow an Apprentice. She quickly caught on learning quickly from Neav's instruction and advancing along side her lover. She serves as Gabriel's concience as he has none, bringing back to focus when he loses it.

-Strengths- Her youth, Her intelligence and ability to learn and adapt to changes and her surroundings. Her knowledge of Dathomiri Witchcraft.

-Weaknesses- Unknown 
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Ahriman's biography
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