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Jezabel Weaver
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     General Information
Name: Jezabel Weaver
Birth name: Jezabel Bergen
Birth planet: Coruscant
Profession: Socialite
Gender: Female
Age: Varies; 36 (When Fallon is 19) - 48 (When Fallon is 31 29)

       Physical Apperance
Avatar: Catherine Zeta Jones
Height:5' 6½" (1.69 m)
Weight: 132 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Body Shape: Curved
Skin Tone: Pale-ish
Distinguishing Marks: Occasional scars on her body where they can't be seen, a few even permanent.

Mother: Deidree Bergen
Father: Maximilian Bergen
Husband: Marcus Weaver
Siblings: Jasmine, twin sister that passed away when they were 12.
Children: Fallon deWinter
Other family:
Prime Weaver (mother-in-law)
Callah Weaver (father-in-law)
Orion Weaver (brother in law)
Echo Cordinal (sister-in-law)
Archer Weaver (brother-in-law)
Symba Orman-Weaver (sister-in-law, Orion's wife)
Bartolemus Cordinal (brother-in-law, Echo's husband)
Isabelle Weaver (sister-in-law, Archer's wife)
Prime and Artime Waver (nieces, Orion's children)
Thomas Cordinal Weaver (nephew, Echo's son)
Callahan, Samantha and Miri Weaver (nephews, Archer's children)

Born and raised on Corusant, Jezabel is the definition of class thanks to her parents. Well, not really. She's the perfect actress that knows all the manners in public, dresses as a lady, carries her hair just right and never lets anyone gets her frustrated. Except her daughter. Fallon has always known how to twist her buttons, the matter what the issue was. With everyone else in the family, Jezabel has a really good relationship. Her best friend is her husband. The kind of best friend that she tells almost everything but he thinks she tells him everything and this is what suits Jezabel.

Privately, and behind closed doors, even away from her husband, daughter and parents, Jezabel hold a secret. One that actually lead her to having Fallon but it's something she's never been able to tell anyone. You could say that when it comes to admitting this to her closest family, she's a coward. But despite that, it's been nineteen years of holding it to herself so she's learned to. But despite holding it, she loves her husband and doesn't really think ever about not being with him, even though he doesn't know, meaning he's never indulged to her desire for rough sexual relations. Perhaps, the best way to put it is that she finds it elsewhere when she feels the need.

              Basic History
Maximilian Bergen married his wife through and arranged married and quickly after, they were given Jezabel Bergen, their pride and joy. As the only child this couple would have, they made sure she had everything she would ever need in life. From education, tutoring, big allowence, free to do as she chooses (though the last part was because the trusted her enough). The one thing they never let their daughter decide was whom she would marry. At the age of fourteen, she was engaged to Marcus Weaver and was set to marry no earlier then her twenty second birthday. There was no real reason for it just the way things were arranged on. But pretty much at he same time, Jezabel found herself attracted to things she didn't fully understand.

At the age of fourteen, Jezabel was young and beautiful and had the life in front of her. She smiled at boys, made friends with girls and attended her studies like a good girl her parents believed she was. Still, she was beginning to feel certain needs growing inside of her. She needed things she didn't know about yet and while it was weird to even consider, slowly, she began finding out, researching. The first time she was approached by a boy, it was a student that had come to Corusant and had fancied her. Without thinking, she acted on an impulse and pulled him away from the crowd and started kissing him. The boy was surprised but he quickly adapted it, but when Jezabel realized took of her belt and asked him to tie her up, he left her there, telling her that she was weird. For the next three years, there would be boys that would find her weird and walk away as that boy did, others that did as she told them and let her explore what she felt she needed.

But it wasn't until she met Jonathan deWinter that things would change. She had already heard rumors of a man of his name, that he had raped several women. He fascinated her despite her friends telling her that she should stay away. And then one evening, she approached him and suggested they sleep together. She told him straight out that she heard what he did and that she needed a man like that and possibly, as soon as possible because the boy around here were just useless of making her feel right. They did sleep together. And between Jezabel and her mind only, it was possibly the best sex she had ever had in her life. Jonathan didn't spare her, nor did she want him. And for the next four moths, she considered coming back to him, asking him for the same thing again. But she didn't. And then she learned she was pregnant. Her world turned upside down at that point. She had never intended for getting pregnant so early on in life nor did she want to disrespect her parents in such a way and having a child with anyone but Marcus.

So, a decision had to be made at that point. Tell her parents she slept with a man they never met and was not going to be her husband and even more that she slept with a man at at, get rid of the baby or lie. Those were her choices. She discarted getting rid of the child right away. She didn't know at the time was it the fear of not being able to having children later on or perhaps because of that one amazing night in which she could be herself. When she had that option down, for reasons she wasn't sure of or maybe even didn't want to admit to herself, she had to decide between telling the truth or lying. She decided on lying very quickly because of the fear of loosing her parents trust forever. And the fact that Jonathan already had a reputation for doing so helped very much.

The story was told and her father wanted to kill this man named Jonathan deWinter who dared to touch his sweet and innocent baby girl whose future was now ruined. Luckily, Jezabel managed to stop her father by telling him that the deWinters were powerful Siths and she didn't want to get her father killed. Truth was, Jezabel really knew just that Jonathan was a force user and not a Jedi. The rest, she made up to keep her father from even trying to find out the truth. What surprised her in all of that was that Marcus didn't end their engagement nor did he allow his parents do it, of couse, given the story they were all told and the wedding was pushed forth allowing her daughter to be born in marriage.

Nineteen years to come, the Weavers continued to live in Corusant. Fallon was raised as Marcus's daughter and knew nothing of either the 'rape', the true story or who her real father was. For for time, Jezabel managed to be a good wife and a mother and not think about Jonathan or the way such behavior made her feel. But it couldn't last for long and Jezabel slowly slipped back to that same lingering feeling she had before she met Fallon's father. The desire to be with someone who could make her feel that very same way. A part of her resented Fallon in those times because if she wasn't born, non of it would have had to come out and perhaps, perhaps, Jonathan  wouldn't have been that one time. Breaking those thoughts, the good wife and mother made a hobby for herself. Whenever she was feeling like she was going to break and felt she had to be hurt, she'd go out and find her some fun. Painful fun. Ten years ago, she even had a lover for several months that she met often before she decided that he wasn't just right for her and she needed more.

She even payed to find what she was looking for but she's always the one being caused pain and never any other way around.

One of the absolute moments in Jezabel's life, after Jonathan and having Fallon was actually admitting to Fallon the fake truth. Truth was, she had noticed that Fallon was showing a lot of attention to the boys and she didn't like it. When she caught her sneaking into the house one night, when she was actually waiting for, she made a choice to scare her off from such a behavior. She only intended to upset her and make her back down but didn't know it was going to get to the point where it has gone. But she should have excepted it to happen. Fallon not only demanded to know what had happened but also who her father was. And she still wasn't done there. She wanted to know about this other family she was born into but never knew about.

Five years later, Fallon has changed her name to deWinter, choose to spend time with her new family and joined the Sith Empire right on Corusant. Jezabel's father approved non of it, Marcus loved her too much to say no to anything though Jezabel knew there were times when he wanted to kill Jonathan. While her only daughter is on a completely different path then what wither the Weavers or Bergen's imagined for her and Jezabel is living day by day. Her husband's business suffered much in the time so he's turned to traveling a lot which leaves his wife to be alone a lot of time which she either spends it in her lady-like activities or finds someone to play on her little secret. She knows that sooner or later, the truth will come out about what really happened that night so she's been preparing herself.

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Jezabel Weaver
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