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Hawk, Yalin E.
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Name: Yalin Ezekiel Hawk
Rank: Fleet Captain/Commodore
Height: 5 Feet, 11 Inches
Birthplace: Alderaan (His parents are corellian and were visiting when he was born)
Age: 55
Family: Tobarius Hawk, (Father, Deceased), Karmii Hawk, (Mother, Alive and Living on Corellia)
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Change Color with Mood, normally a Steel Blue
Distinguishing characteristic: Scar across right hand, Faded Angel Wing tatoo on his right bicep. 
Nickname: Yalin 'Hawkbat' Hawk, or 'Zeekee' After his Middle Name
Ship: Spirit of Fire
Favourite weapon: DE-10 Heavy Blaster Pistol 'Dragoneye Reaper' , Ancient Powered-Sword

Yalin Hawk is an enigma. On most imperial databases the name doesnt even exist. Only on the highest security, most well encrypted systems does the name "Yalin Hawk" return any results, and even then it is simply a blank page. Three times the Imperial Inquisition has tried to uncover the mystery behind Yalin Hawk, and three times their computers were attacked by an un-known, rebel sypmathetic, expert slicer. To the imperial government, he doesnt exist. To the Imperial Fleet, he is the god of pain incarnated. Only five times has the Imperial Fleet managed to track down this "Yalin Hawk". They know that he commands a mysterious black starship, an experimental star destroyer with increadible power. Other than that, your guess is as good as theirs.

Of course, you know more than they do, now don't you?

Yalin Hawk was a normal man trying to live a normal life. He was born half a century ago on the planet Alderaan, to two Corellian vacationers. He went through schooling and lived most of his child, and young adult life on the planet Corellia, near the mountain city of Bela Vistal. At the age of nineteen he moved into the city with his girlfriend, Theresa, and attended college at Coronet University. Upon graduation, he began teaching Naval History and Tactics for the same college he graduated from, while Theresa opened a rather successful cantina named The Crashdown.

When he turned twenty five, they got married and their first child was on the way, Jayden Tobarius Hawk. Three years later, they had another child, this time a daughter: Cassandra Paige Hawk. And yet again, five years after Cassandra's birth, their last son was born: Anakin Ezekiel Hawk.

Not much else is known from there on, as Yalin doesn't like to talk much about his past. Something happened that brought the Imperial Inquisition down on his family. His wife and children were on vacation, visiting his mother in law, when something horrible happened. Their shuttle was hijacked by terrorists and subsequently destroyed by over-zealous imperial security forces. He watched as his wife and children burned alive and died, and he vowed that he would fight the Empire to save someone else from his fate. Somewhere along the way Yalin met up with the Corellian Resistance, programmed the AI Serenity, and 'found' the Spirit of Fire. No one but Hawk himself knows the details, and he isn't exactly willing to give that information up, just yet anyway. You can always ask him about it, though.

The rest you know. If you don't know, thats because I havent written it yet.

Common NPC's:

Name: Fenyi Runningstrider
Rank: Commander
Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
Birthplace: Corellia
Age: 49
Family: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing characteristic: Unknown
Nickname: "Fen"
Ship: First Officer, Spirit of Fire
Favourite weapon: LG9 Blaster Pistol

Not much is known about Commodore Hawk's right hand woman, and what is known is vauge at best. When questioned about how long they've known each other, Yalin typically laughs and says "Since the beginning," which hints to her involvement with the original six Ghosts. She is a stalwart friend and perfectly able commander, leading the Spirit of Fire while Commodore Hawk is unable to be reached. She often displays amazing calm and cool in situations where even her legendary superior begins to fray at the seams, some have even jokingly speculated that at one point in her life she must've studied to be a Jedi, such is her level of emotional control.

Force Sensative or not, Fenyi Runningstrider is a valuable asset to the Rebellion as a whole. More than a dozen times she has been brought up for promotions and her own command, each time politely refusing the offers and sticking by her Commodore's side.

Name: Reydavic Gorlorno
Rank: Lieutenant
Height: 6 Feet
Birthplace: Taris
Age: 30
Family: Unknown
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nickname: "Red"
Ship: Helmsman, Spirit of Fire
Favourite Weapon: DL-44 Blaster Pistol

A skilled helmsman, truly an artist behind the controls of a starship. Gorlorno, as reffered to by Commodore Hawk, is the chief helmsman of the Spirit of Fire. He was the son of an Imperial Officer whom had been tried and executed for treason, Gorlorno's life almost ended before it truly began, if it wasn't for the timely arrival of Yalin Hawk. Yalin saved Gorlorno, and gave the young man a choice. He could sit around and plot hollow revenge against his father's killers, or he could make something out of his life and become more than just an angsty teenager.

Gorlorno joined the crew of the Spirit of Fire and operated with them throughout their years, always having been helmsman of whatever capital ship Commodore Hawk commanded. And that record doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.


You may be wondering to yourself, what the heck is the Spirit of Fire? Is it some sort of Imperial Destroyer, or some kind of other thing? Since the ship is where ever Yalin is, I have decided to go into some small details below about this mysterious black warship. This is all OOC information and may only be used in such a way. ICly, the ship is an enigma to all of those who were not there on the day of it's capture by Yalin and his original Ghosts.

In the year 16 ABY, the New Republic faced an overwhelming problem. They had been besieged by Imperial Warlords toting impressive former-Imperial military hardware, including but not limited to Executor-Class Super Star Destroyers. While building ships that were the military equal of these massive dreadnoughts was the most simple solution, it would've broken the back of the already beleagured New Republic financial system. Content to fight the good fight with what limited resources and ships they had, many New Republic cruisers were forced to "play up" and fight these massive foes. The most classic example is the MC80b Mon Remonda, who repeatedly engaged the Executor-Class Dreadnought Iron Fist

With the public afraid of a military with access to such powerful vessels and the senate unwilling to spend billions on developing their own supercruisers, the secret New Republic intelligence division Alpha Blue began its own program to solve the "Super Star Destroyer Problem." Millions of credits were used by this shadow organization developing advanced technologies like reflective armor plating, stealth systems, lightweight yet super-strong composites and alloys, and others still unknown.

Alpha Blue went through with building a prototype cruiser, using all of these new technologies and the time-honed Rebel Tradition of quick strikes against larger enemies. A size needed to be decided upon, and it was decided by the heads of Alpha Blue that this new destroyer needed to be no bigger than a Victory-Class. In 18 ABY this prototypes keel was laid down, and the Spirit of Fire was born. It took four years to build the ship and billions of credits, and by the time she was completed the New Republic had already moved on to its New Class program and had its own "Star Defender" class dreadnoughts. Alpha Blue's wonder ship had arrived a day late and a few billion credits over budget.

The Spirit of Fire is just over nine-hundred meters long from the tip of her dagger-prow to the flared edges of her engine cowlings. Her spaceframe is built of a new duranium-durasteel alloy, giving her less mass and more structural strength than any other ship her size. Packed into this advanced skeleton is some of the most advanced technology of the New Republic era. Her engines can propel the ship at near corvette speeds and her flanks can extended and adjust into maneuvering vanes for added deep-space maneuverability. Her reactors are completely over-sized for her power requirements, giving the ship enormous amounts of auxiliary power that can be transferred to shields, engines, or weapons through specially designed power-shunts. Her weapons consist of supercharged heavy turbolasers for her main battery, numerous assault concussion missile launchers around her flanks, and other more normal weapons in specially built emplacements. Her whole hull is covered in an experimental reflective armor that can disperse and reflect more damage than it actually absorbs, however this armor will begin to go opaque and lose this trait after prolonged exposure to laser fire. Her shields are built with the best Mon Calamari systems money could buy, sporting numerous redundant generators and quick-recharge capacitors.

It was obvious to any who saw the ship in action that she had been built for one purpose: To be able to stand up to any other starship in existence at the time. While the Spirit of Fire would not be able to hold ground against something the size of an Executor-Class Dreadnought, the Fire could engage the larger ship with her superior speed and heavy firepower and delay it long enough for more New Republic forces to arrive.

However, her own creators would end up being her downfall. Through political ploys and the untimely arrival of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Spirit of Fire was lost to the sands of time.

Until Yalin Hawk found her. But thats another story.
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Hawk, Yalin E.
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