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Maynar, Kaylen
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Kaylen Maynar

Age: 20
Race: Zeltron/Human
Family: Unknown

Brief History:
Kaylen, or Kay as she prefers was sold as a child, barely three to a rich crime family. She was made to do menial tasks and became a maid during her childhood and as she reached 13 she kept her maid status though she was noticed for her... attributes. At 14 she was taught to dance and 15 her instruction on how to please a guest began, the master of the house's son gladly taking on that role. She learned viciously, quickly and in a manner that stripped any idea that her own body was sacred. They sold her at 16 to a slave trader when the family lost their riches due to gambling debts (her being one of the things taken as property) and she was promptly put into the service of a slimy man called Belgard. He used her to dance and strip club at his strip club and to entertain his guests after hours. Being part Zeltron he encouraged her to use her empath ability to heighten their experiences - whether it be a fantasy of rape or of a trusted lover. She ended up someone who perhaps did not trust but felt that there had to be good somewhere even if her life was shitty and she should never give up hope. A resilient spirit that refused to give up hope she'd find a way out and still believes she can - she just needs to make sure she stays alive. It's the only thing she can do to not completely give up hope.

Personality: Clever and calm she's good at biding her time. She has a sensitive nature for those she allows past her mask which are next to none and a spirit than cannot be defeated but it has taken a very good battering. She has a gentle manner of speaking and a quiet voice but a sharp tongue when she snaps and the manner in which she moves has been dictated by her pleasure training as a result she comes across as very graceful. But she always wears a mask because if she shows how truly unhappy she is, or allows herself to let it swallow her, then her owner has truly won. Kay is slowly running out of hope however, or the belief there is a way out, and is running more and more on self preservation.

Other things of importance: Natural healer - force sensitive. Empath with full Zeltron abilities minus the extra liver.

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Maynar, Kaylen
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Added to the bio list!