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Threads given in Chronological Order
Ancient Wisdom (My Turn)Through the Garden (Waiting)
The Assessment [COMPLETE]The Battle of Eriadu [COMPLETE]Pheromone Cult [COMPLETE]XVI - The Tower (Waiting)Baby in Tow [COMPLETE]Who are You? [COMPLETE]SacrilegiumVoluptatem Dolorem [COMPLETE]Pheromone Religion [COMPLETE]Simple and Clean (My Turn)The Reassessment[COMPLETE]Ignorance is Bliss (Posted)Never a Stray Peacock (Posted)Power to Deceive (Posted)Rise and Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions (Posted)I'll Find YouA Night For MistressRed Pill, Blue PillThe Succubus and the Shadow Hand
Force Powers:
Neutral PowersDarkside PowersWitch Powers
APPRENTICE LEVEL               KNIGHT LEVELTelekenesis                     Enhanced TelekenesisForce Sense                     Enhanced Force SenseForce Persuasion('Eriadu')Force Choke('Who are You?')      Tempest II
Aura of Pain ITorture by Chagrin
Tempest INight Sight
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