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The Living Goddess: Petra's Thread Tracker
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Petra Cavataio Biography
Knowledge in the Force
Personal Possession

2010 Threads
A lesson learned is a spell earned (WoD; Training: Endellion)
Call to the Ancient Ways (Anna, Kristin and Fabula)
Rebirth of Dathomir: Part One - New Life (Closed - Winter)
Even a business needs a little growth from time to time (TCU Crime Bosses)
Giving Sight to the Blind (Adrianna)
On the brink of extinction (DW/WoD)

Relaxing with friends (Xander and Shery) - Completed
The Call of Ancient Ways (Completed)
Business As Usual, Boys... It's just a Witch (Seth) - Completed
Time to see the principal (Endellion) - Completed
Stockholm Syndrome (Complete)
IC: Rebirth of Dathomir: Part Two – Unification (Closed)
How the other half lives (Lauda and Kamon)
Time is now for great change (some leader)

2011 Threads
Dea Di Tutti (Closed)
Rock, Paper, Rancor? (WoD/ Training)
That Voodoo That You Do So Well (Sanies and Shery)
VII - The Chariot (Anna)
Voodoo Child (Ancilla)
Through the Garden (Kari)
Hmm, Intriguing

The Call of the Ancient Ways: Part Two (Lauda Cavataio)
Harping About the Small Stuff - Hapes Deal (TSI/WoD) Completed
XIV - Temperance [Complete]
III - The Empress [Complete]
The Witch and the Vanguard (Xander)
Change in the wind (WoD)

2012 Threads
Thou shalt have no other gods besides me (Mira)
Oh, my Goddess: Part II (Takeover/ WoD)

New ways (Blade - Past ) - Completed
A Dathomirian Surprise (Blade and Lauda) - Petra's part completed
Blood Pacts and Magic (TSP/WoD)
Oh, my Goddess: Part I (Lauda)
Something Old and Something Cold (Cameron)
Ma'dri of all Ma'dri (Closed)
The Call of the Ancient Ways: Part 2.5 (Lauda and Serva)

2013 Threads
Meow Mix (Mirus)
Let's Make Babies (Mirus/ Lauda/ Rancor Lovers (Dathomirians))
The Call of the Ancient Ways: Part 3 (Lauda)
Scelte Di Vita
Imperium Coversione (Mirus/TRE)
Mr. Roboto, All Your Machines Now Belong to Us (CVD - Telti Takeover)

Triumphant Return
Familia Tempa (Cavataio)
Novus Res Directio (Closed)
Novo Modo Deae
Ma'dri of all Ma'dri
Umbra of Obscurum - Petra's part completed
Syndicate of the Rave
Crimini e Culti
Ships to Move Planets (CVD Faction Purchase)
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