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Member Created Businesses
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Draclau Enterprises - HQ on Coruscant
I realize Coruscant isn't an Underworld planet but this is the headquarters established in his story.

Draclau Enterprises - Nar Shadda Branch
The first expansion of Seth's interests outside of Coruscant.

Draclau Enterprises - Thyferra Branch
The second expansion of Seth's interests outside of Coruscant.


Draclau Films (Porn) - Yearly revenue: 433 billion credits (Coruscant. Nar Shaddaa)
Draclau Motors (Vehicles) -  Yearly revenue: 248 billion credits (Coruscant)
Draclau Tech (Technology) - Yearly revenue: 35 billion credits (Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa)
Draclau Pharmaceuticals (Bacta) - Yearly revenue: 20 billion credits (Coruscant, Thyferra)


Draclau Tech (Information Brokers) - Yearly Revenue: 20 billion credits (Nar Shaddaa, not limited to listed numbers)
Draclau Pharmaceuticals (Bacta, Glitterstim, Ryll, Death Sticks) - Yearly revenue: 50 billion credits

Former or defunct endeavors:

Draclau  Resources (Mercenaries disguised as day labors) - Yearly Revenue: 20 billion credits (Nar Shaddaa, contracts all over the galaxy)(Sold to TiCira Hawk)


Legal  Profit: 736 billion credits
Illegal Profit: 70 billion credits
Total  Profit:  806 billion credits

The Racket of Draclau Tech deals in Information and is not limited to the amount listed as information is its own reward and varies in price
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Member Created Businesses
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OmegaPyrE Services (OS) is a Private Military SecurityCompany or PMSC that covers such services and expertise typically found in governmental military or police forces, but on a smaller scale. OS specializes on employment by private firms or individuals to provide specialized expertise or services in a variety of postions, such as troopers or pilots for hire, bodyguards,  enforcers, fugitive recovery  (bounty hunting a la US Marshals style ) and even provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of governments. They worked in other military assignments as well, for example in those involving testing the equipment, liberating abducted people or retrieving, transporting and protecting valuable goods or items. Although these men and women are commonly known as mercenaries, they will be known as Private Military and Security Contractors (PMSCs), in order to avoid the negative stigma often associated with mercenaries.

At its essence, OmegaPyrE offers neutral legal military and security services to fulfill the needs of the every day citizen, the Red Ladies, and even to the galaxy’s top holo-vid actress. Any bounty hunters, slicers, ex-soldiers, and any wishing an independent position in such venues employment within the legal realms of galactic society may apply. For those seeking the more seedier means of employment (IE assassination, slave catchers, smuggling, drug dealing etc) in The Criminal Underworld, this is not for you ~ We recommend you turn to the Council of 9.

  • Security Services: This section specializes in meeting the needs of the industry's  most diverse client base, providing services that includes: bodyguards, armed security, transportation services, and armed escort services.
  • Fugitive Recovery Division: This section deals with the legal contracts of governing agencies, private companies, and civilian affairs. Commonly known as bounty hunters, the employees of OmegaPyrE's FR Division are known as Fugitive Recovery Agents. They are individuals who captures fugitives ("hunting") for a monetary reward ("bounty"), for apprehending by law, if such laws exist.


OmegaPyrE employee's will typically operate in small teams led by a commander. If a larger force was required, several teams could be called in - for example, Each team has their own ship, and can assemble a force of twelve ships (different teams) to escort a convoy if need be. On the other hand, members sometimes traveled as master-and-apprentice pairs, and individual warriors could be contracted out long-term as bodyguards.

Every member of OmegaPyrE is expected to start at the bottom and earn their rank within the business a recruit or an apprentice.Theses are the lowest rank a member could hold within OmegaPyrE, and where all members without rank begin. Recruits/Apprentices are expected to work under the tutelage of another member until they were promoted. Here, they learn basics of their chosen profession as well as the tricks of the trade. This ensured members gained power within the society based solely on the merits of their actions as well as helps guide prospective members into the positions for which they were most suited.

Training Center

OmegaPyrE Coruscant Training Center (OCTC) offers tactics and weapons training to their employees as well as to military, government, and law enforcement agencies. It is in this area that OmegaPyrE Shadow Guard train in the methods of the Force. While OmegaPyrE employees are trained to be deadly if needed, they were especially adept at close-quarters combat, using a multitude of forms and techniques. They were well trained in martial arts, and also had a large amount of weapons training as well. OS employees are always equipped with weapons; often they also carried personal armor and multiple devices allowing them to fulfill their client's demands. They were trained to use hold-out blasters and vibroblades, and for those with more of an exotic taste, were also educated in the use of more exotic weapons such as hand claws, shock whips, and zenji needles. 
  • OmegaPyrE Special Response Teams (OSRT): Are non force user personnel capable of completing sensitive and difficult operations in on their own or in small teams called Special Repsonse Teams These small surgical strike teams are operated by each OmegaPyrE branch.
  • Omega PyrE Shadow Guard (OSG-Force Users): OmegaPyrE’s Shadow Guard are force users that utilize light and dark side Force abilities, and have shown skill with techniques common to Jedi and Sith, such as the ability to construct and wield a lightsaber, as well as some unique Force talents. At its essence, OmegaPyre uses a variation of the Potentium, where the potential for light and dark sides resided in the user, not the Force itself. It should be noted that while OmegaPyrE is neutral, some of their employees still attempt to avoid the dark side. They, however, saw the dark side as something within themselves to be avoided, not something in the Force.
Note, If you wish to import a Non Force User character that has developed outside of the realms of Descension and has achieved IC promotions, you may request a rank transfer for your character with TCU Faction leader Seth Draclau. For those who want to transfer Force Ranks, please refer to Descension's Character Rank Transfer Thread.

Rank system

Non-Force Users:

OmegaPyrE Special Response Teams (OSRT): 

         Recruit                          Veteran                            Elite

Force Users:

OmegaPyrE Shadow Guard:

   Apprentice                    Knight                     Master
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Member Created Businesses
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Peace through Superior Firepower...

Starkiller Industries is one of the largest Galaxy wide manufacturers of weapons technologies. Though mainly a weapons manufacture the subsidiaries do develop many things from computers to medicine and beyond that help increase the quality of people's day to day lives.


Xander Starkiller - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Sasha Klein - (NPC) - Secretary/Assistant to Mr. Xander Starkiller
Alistair Starkiller - President of Starkiller Industries; Member of the Board of Directors


Xander Starkiller (Majority Shareholder)
Shery deWinter
Morgaine deWinter
Alistair Starkiller
Cordelia deWinter
Nessarose deWinter

Corporate Offices:

Starkiller Industries: Spira Branch
The Headquarters of Starkiller Industries

Starkiller Industries: Coruscant Branch

Location of: Starkiller Technologies

Starkiller Industries: Corellia Branch
Location of: Corellian Engineering Corporation*

Starkiller Industries: Balmorra Branch
Location of: Starkiller Robotics

Starkiller Industries: Muunilinst Branch
Location of: Starkiller Steel

Starkiller Industries: Orbital Laboratory
Location of:  Starkiller Chemicals


Starkiller Technologies - Research and develops hologram, computer, communication and home security systems
Corellian Engineering Corporation - Major Starship manufacture* 
Starkiller Robotics - Research and develops droids and robots
Starkiller Steel - Manufacturers Durasteel, Alusteel, Quadanium steel, Titanium and other metals
Starkiller Chemicals - Research and develops medicine and chemicals for bio-weapons

Note- * = Will require through RP

Key Products:

SI-V1 Holowatch - A device invented by Xander Starkiller himself. This seemingly unassuming watch acts as a camouflage device. In the way a Stealth Field Generator bends light to make the subject seem invisible, this device casts an image over the wearer that mimics facial and body movements and makes the wear appear with an altered appearance. These images are saved into the device itself and can store up to 5 different disguises. Designed for military black ops. *Partial funded by Seth Draclau of Draclau Enterprises*

SI-XS-V1 Battle Armor - A high tech battle suit designed specifically for Military shock troopers. Made of Titanium shell the weapons included in the armor are a sophisticated HUD/targeting system, weaponized repulsor system in the hands and in the chest, a wrist mounted rocket launcher and shoulder mounted anti-personnel rockets.

SI-XS-V2 Battle Armor - Version 2 of the SI-XS battle armor was upgraded with the addition of a flight system that allows the armor to move at a speed of 75 miles an hour and with the existing power cell can run for no less then an hour before failing. Building on the V1 armor the metal shell was replaced with a gold/titanium and an de-icing system to allow maximum altitude without failing. Color varies.

SI-XS-V3 Portable Battle Armor - Version 3 of the SI-XS battle armor is designed as a portable battle suit for use in emergency. Tested to assemble into place fully in less then 15 seconds from a simple briefcase, this armor allows for the same firepower and flight as the version 2 only with reduced armor for easy assembly and transport. Color varies.

SI - Armorweave V2 - This durable material was invented by Xander Starkiller himself from Armorweave material and taken to its full potential. Tested extensively, this material conducts heat at incredible quantities. It's been shown to to last at least 10 seconds of continuous contact with a lightsaber and has also absorbed damage from a thermal detonator and prevented de-atomization. Made mostly in the shape of a cloak it has yet to be released to the public and is considered a secret project.

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Member Created Businesses
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Name of the Organization: Cosa Nostra
Leader: Petra Cavataio
Planets: Dathomir and Ferro

Structure of Leadership for Cosa Nostra
Patriarch/Matriarch – Leaders of the family
The Elders – Three most skilled Genitori, also council to the leaders

Ranks for Force-users:
Genitori – Masters/Mistresses rank
Cavallo – Knight rank
Novizio – Apprentice rank

Ranks for non force users:
Adviser – Elites rank
Captain – Adepts rank
Soldier – Trainees rank

When the Black Sun group collapsed, Cosa Nostra moved in and took hold of the leftover networks and resources. Their reach and influence grew, extending their tendrils of corruption deep into governments across the galaxy. After awhile, Cosa Nostra became famous for its involvement in piracy and smuggling, but smuggling was just the tip of the iceberg of the for this versatile crime ring. Cosa Nostra grew to rival what the Black Suns had managed until a vicious power struggle broke out. Bosses, underbosses and those that followed broke into two factions; the Cosa Nostra that was lead by the Patriarch (the founder of the organization), and Le Nostre Streghe Cosa, led by a Matriarch and Dathomiri witch.

A bloody crime war ensued, lasting almost four years and ending with the entire organization at the brink of destruction. The survivors eventually agreed to fall into Le Nostre Streghe Cosa under the leadership of Petra Cavataio. She led the broken faction through thirty-one years of reconstruction, keeping its original name of Cosa Nostra and creating a Force-sensitive faction under her own banner. The new setup gave the criminal empire a wealthy region above Hutt Space, centered around Ferro and Dathomir. Recently, they have been dipping their hands into Hutt Space. Major offices outside of the Ferro and Dathomir systems are in Telos, Nar Shaddaa, and few other systems.

Criminal Activities: Cosa Nostra
- Protection rackets
- Gambling rackets
- Drug trafficking
- Arms trafficking
- Loan sharking
- Money laundering
- Contract controlling
- Slave Trading
- Espionage
- Piracy
- Assassinations
- Prostitution
- Property crimes
- And more…

Cosa Nostra does not need a front like other criminal organization. They make heavy use of the black and invisible markets, protection money, buying political officials, drug trafficking, espionage, piracy, and other highly obvious operations.

The Force User Order: Le Nostre Streghe Cosa (Known as the Morte Clan on Dathomir)

A subculture formed when Petra Cavataio took over governing family law, Force training, rituals and more. From birth until death all members are completely aware that they never can leave the family, with some of the less-fortunate individual discovering that even death can't protect them from Petra's control. Children are put through behavioral and personality conditioning at a very young age, then at five they begin their training as Witches under the Books of Law and Shadow. When they have firm grasp in the ways of the Witches, they begin training in the dark arts of the Force, alchemy and sorcery.

* Non-blood relatives are brought in and put through a test called the Ritual of Devotion and Trust. The applicant enters a crypt under the Temple, a cavern is similar to the cave on Dagobah. The applicant's experiences are unique to them, but always test their devotion to the order.

This ritual mirrors the Trials of Knighthood for other Force-using groups. The applicant is taken to the Temple to begin initiation into the family as a Cavallo. The entire family watches as the Elders sacrifice an untouched young girl and collect her blood. The dead victim is raised high above the altar as the future Cavallo is required to shed all material items that they have on. The Cavallo kneels on the altar while the Elders write ancient Sith spells on their body with the girl's blood, an old Cavataio protection spell to aid the new Cavallo.

After the spell is written, the Elders place their hands on different parts of applicant's body. The soon-to-be-Knight has a hand on the back of their neck, one on their chest just over their heart and the last hand just above their genitals. As the Elders chant in ancient Sith, the applicant feels a growing amount of heat, pain and pleasure coming from the areas their hands are covering. The areas form into burnt black symbols and become permanent tattoos.

The ceremony continue with giving a Sith name to serve as distress sign for other family members to come and help, if warrants are issued against them and other reasons. Then given a lightsaber with the color that represent them and ancient force forge Sith sword. From there the elders listed twelve tasks for the person to complete to fulfill the rite of passage into the family. As the tasks are being done, the person is consider of an Cavallo in the family and force ranking of knight on the board

The ritual for the rank of Master and Mistress is simpler because the final task for the Cavallo is to train another. The soon to be Genitori watches their student go through the ritual of knighthood then they are brought up to the altar. The elders with current leader chant over the person. The person would feel their blood boiling as they charge up the new Gentiori. Then the leader will allow the newly energized member to challenge an elder. Past rituals the leader allows the elder be killed and other times stop the fight if the elder has the upper hand with the rest of the new Master/Mistress's life is close to ending. However, Petra has let the elders killed the new Gentiori. In the end if the member lives, they are considered a Gentiori and force ranking of master/mistress on the board.
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Member Created Businesses
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Memnoch Industries is located on Tattooine, an underground complex with four levels and three labs and safe storage areas - the last level being closed to Reon alone for his private experiments. As yet, since it's not a very old organisation there isn't any other base but I hope to develop it. If your looking for a job done you can set up a meeting with Reon or one  of the others. Leave your name, number and where you want to meet and one of them will get back to you.

People -
There are two runners that are regularly used for deliveries and the rest used randomly for security interests.
There are four people who do the medical and scientific reasearch and work (two being certified doctors), one of them being Reon (the rest are NPC's unless someone's interested). There are usually only two to three projects going on due to minimal staff as he's not ready to expand yet - financial restrains as the main reason.

Annual Income:
Illegal -19 million credits
Legal - 13 million credits
total - 32 million credits
- this is a sticky one as I'm unsure what ratio I should do for the illegal and legal profits. in a total claim it's not a massive amount for the kind of work they do and the equipment they need to use but It's a start and he's only been building it for about 2 years now. I had to ask for an idea for these stats lol, not great with finance let alone in american dollars which credits are set up to resemble.

On face value the company has two legit doctors who would contribute to legally made drugs and cosmetic and other surgery and then Reon and another to do the illegal jobs for the black market. Reon would be one of the two in between contact people (no-one suspects the messenger or in between guy after all). It's only a small company right now keep in mind and if anyone wants to help or contribute I'm open to discussion. Once you join the company, your memory is wiped if you decide to leave so you cannot retrace where the compound is. This is included in the contract.

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Member Created Businesses
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Organization Name:  Waya Wines & Liquor Inc.
Owner:  Calina Waya
Based On:  HQ on Theed, Naboo, with off 'shore' offices on Coruscant and a few other places (fill in later)

Waya Wines & Liquor Inc.'s Structure:
Founder – Originally: Tarkren Waya, Current Owner: Calina Waya
Head of Security –  Lilly Than'Uulf

CEO/President~ Calina Waya
Various NPC’s

Company Motto:  "Taste the Sweetest, For Only the Best Will Do. "

Waya Wines & Liquor Inc's Operations
- Sale of Wines grown and brew on Naboo
- Sale of Imported Liquor
- Smuggling among the Wine and Liquor Crates. (come on Calina is part of the underworld you think she wouldn't take advantage of her company's shipping lines?)

The Mission of Waya Wines is to provide the Galaxy with the best wines and liquor for high and even some low class, though the low class often ends up being those that Calina has connections with as a member of the Underworld. The Waya Wines will always promise a customer the best wines or liquor they could buy at a very good price. If not then well Calina usually takes care of those that don't. Waya Wines always brews the best of fruit wines with the fruit often hand selected from the winery that belongs to the company on Naboo.  Anything imported to the company is often hand selected and checked by Calina herself.

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Member Created Businesses
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*******NOT A FACTION*******
Founder - Traven D'kant (Deceased)
CEO - Dominic Corven
CFO - Eric Corven
Head of Security - Arkut Dakesh (Noghri)

Location - Coruscant, Corven Tower (Formerly ArmsTech)

Business holdings.
  • Legitimate
  • Weapons manufacturing
  • Starships
  • Starship Hyperdrive (Experimental)
  • Illegal
  • Spice
  • Gambling
  • Slavery
  • Various Narcotics

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Member Created Businesses
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Organization Name:  Schism Corporation
Owner / Founder:  Sara Arkelion
Based On:  HQ on Nar Shaddaa, production and design split between Nar Shaddaa and a little-known private shipyard on Corellia

Schism Corporation's Structure:
Founder / CEO – Sara Arkelion
Head of Security – Arya Cognito
Various NPC’s (including Gray Company)

Known Technology:

Schism Power Armor (Image)

Schism Stealth Armor (Image)

Known Vessels:

Nova-class Battle Cruiser (x1) - Custom-outfitted to fill the role of a Missile Cruiser

- Miy'til Starfighter Squadron (x1)

Crusader-class Corvette (x4)

Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser (x3)

Major Schism Corporation Operations:

- Custom-designs and builds starfighters (Primary income and activity)
- Mercenary Operations (Secondary income and activity)
- Sale of Illegal Arms (Tertiary income and activity)

Minor Schism Corporation Operations:
- Tech Research & Development

Schism Corporation Holdings:
- Warehouse Complex; Nar Shaddaa
- Skyscraper; Coruscant
- Shadowport; Tanquilla Beach - asteroid
- Private Starfighter Construction Facility; Gus Talon
Legal Profit:
- 25 Million Credits Monthly Revenue / 300 Million Credits Yearly Revenue (Starfighter Design / Construction)
- 75 Million Credits Yearly Revenue (Mercenary Operations)

Illegal Profit:
- 25 Million Credits Yearly Revenue (Arms Sales)

Schism Corporation is a small-scale, privately-owned, completely-legal starfighter production company.  At least it is on the surface; the company’s profits also come from black market arms sales and soldiers for hire.  The majority of the company’s clientele consists of people of questionable character and morals that tend to have very deep pockets, as well as the right contacts to make the other operations Schism takes part in much more worthwhile.  Recently, the company has begun to expand into the tech industry as well, in accordance with a business plan only known to the CEO and Founder, Sara Arkelion.

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Member Created Businesses
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Member Created Businesses

Below are listed member created businesses with necessary details. Not all of them are posted so if you're looking for a specific one not posted here, contact the player. 

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Member Created Businesses
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Organization Name:  Draclau Shipping
Owner / Founder:  Daos Draclau
Based On:  HQ on Nar Shaddaa
Draclau Shippping's Structure:
Founder – Daos Draclau
Head of Security – Gruk Juz (Zabrak Male)
CEO - Daos Draclau
CFO - Chidee (Duros Male)
Personal Assistant to Daos - Sinya Eyan (Twi'lek Female)

Company Motto: TBD

Draclau Shipping's Operations
  • Legal
  • Shipping freight
  • Sale of Bacta
  • Import / Export Business
  • Illegal
  • Slave trade via the Red Eclipse
  • Spice distribution via freighters
  • Piracy via his ties to the Exchange
-  Import / Export business (Primary income and activity)

- Planets of Operation
  • Nar Shaddaa (Base of Operations
  • Thyferra (Joint venture with Seth ; Oversees the bacta trade
  • Trandosha (To oversee the Red Eclipse slavers and used for training mercs that harvest slaves
Draclau Shipping uses a small armada of freighters based out of Nar Shaddaa, where Daos is the local Exchange Boss over the Y'Toub System. Publically, he is not well known for his ties to the Exchange, but people often learn too late about his standing within the Syndicate when they are on his bad side. Those that learn often find themselves owned by Daos to the point where they are forced to haul spice from the mines of Kessel to Nar Shaddaa and across the Galaxy to pay off their debt. Those that are found to be lazy in their work are sent to the Spice mines of Kessel, or simply dumped into the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa, where they are forced to steal credits and food to survive. On occasion, Daos takes some out of the slums and puts them to work, or simply pits them against a beast for the amusement of either himself or guests, but often both. He has several Kath hounds locked in cages that he uses for such times. At times, he uses the export business as another cash crop as he forces people to work on the docks to pay off their debt, so the income is maximized with indentured slaves doing his bidding.
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Member Created Businesses
« Reply #10 on: 05/16/10 11:29:41 »

Name of Organization:  Jar’Kai
Leader: Markus Ryujin
Planets: Atrisia, Ryloth, Zeltron

Structure of leadership for Jar’Kai
Oyabun/Kumicho- family overlord/ Boss
Saiko’komon - Senior Advisors/administration
Tenjin- Headquarter’s chief
Rajin -First Lieutenant-  Lee Zhen

Kyodai- Elite
Shatai-  Veteran
Kohei-  Recruit

Created during the time of the induction of the Yovshin Swordsmen, the Jar’Kai is a society lead by the largest Yovshin family, were in Atrisia, with more than 55,000 members divided into 850 clans. From its headquarters in Atrisia, it directs criminal activities throughout the sector. It is also involved in operations in Ryloth, and Zeltron. Markus Ryujin, is the Jar’Kai's current oyabun, or family overlord. He follows an expansionist policy, and has increased negotiations with the other Crime bosses on Corsucant.

The Jar’Kai , known as gokudo on Atrisia, is a society of Yovshin families that are members of a unique traditional organized crime syndicate on Artisia. The Jar’Kai can trace its origins back to as early as 25,200BBY, during the formation of the Kitel Phard Dynasty.  In this time, the Emporers maintained control by the Yovshin swordsmen, known in their native language as  machi’ yokko (Servants of the town). These families were the ones who took up arms and defended the villages and towns and served the emperor. These people consisted of such varying occupations, some noble, others not--  however they were joined in a brotherhood that made them close knit families.

During the period in Atrisia, the Jar’kai formed an organization declined as the entire population was mobilised to participate in the war effort and society came under strict military government. However, after the war, the Jar’kai Clan adapted again. The Yovshin groups are headed by an Oyabun or Kumichō ( family head) who gives orders to his subordinates, the kobun. In this respect, the organization is a variation of the traditional Atrisian Sen’pai-ko’hai (senior-junior) model. Members of Yovshin gangs cut their family ties and transfer their loyalty to the gang boss. They refer to each other as family members - fathers and elder and younger brothers. The Yovshin is populated almost entirely by men, and there are very few women involved who are called "nee’san" ( older sister).

The Yovshin have a very complex organizational structure. There is an overall boss of the syndicate, the kumicho, and directly beneath him are the saiko’komon (senior advisor)  and and Tenjin (headquarters chief). The regional gangs themselves are governed by their local boss, the Shaga’shira. Each member's connection is ranked by the hierarchy of saa’kazuki (saa’ke sharing). Kumicho are at the top, and control various saikō-komon ( senior advisors). The saikō-komon control their own turfs in different areas or cities or planets. They have their own underlings, including other underbosses, advisors, accountants and enforcers.

Those who have received saa’ke from oyabun are part of the immediate family and ranked in terms of elder or younger brothers. However, each kobun, in turn, can offer saa’kazuki as oyabun to his underling to form an affiliated organization, which might in turn form lower ranked organizations. In the Jar’Kai, which controls some 2,500 businesses and 500 Yovshin clans, there are even 5th rank subsidiary organizations.

Yubi’tsume, or the cutting of one's finger, is a form of penance or apology. Upon a first offence, the transgressor must cut off the tip of his left little finger and hand the severed portion to his boss. Sometimes an underboss may do this in penance to the oyabun if he wants to spare a member of his own gang from further retaliation.

Its origin stems from the traditional way of holding a Jar’kai dueling swords. The bottom three fingers of each hand are used to grip the swords tightly, with the thumb and index fingers slightly loose. The removal of digits starting with the little finger moving up the hand to the index finger progressively weakens a person's sword grip. The idea is that a person with a weak sword grip then has to rely more on the group for protection—reducing individual action. Due to the advancement of technology, prosthetic fingertips have been used to disguise this distinctive appearance.

During the formation of the Yovshin swordmen, they adopted the traditional Atrisian hierarchical structure of oyabun-kobun where kobun. (foster child) owe their allegiance to the oyabun (foster parent). In a much later period, the code of jingi (justice and duty) was developed where loyalty and respect are a way of life. The oyabun-kobun relationship is formalized by ceremonial sharing of Saa’ke from a single cup. This ritual is not exclusive to the Yovshin—it is also commonly performed in traditional Atrisian weddings, and is a part of sworn brotherhood relationships.

Many of the Jar’kai Yovshin Swordsmen have full-body tattoos. These tattoos, known as ire’zumi in Atrisia, are still often traditionally "hand-poked", that is, the ink is inserted beneath the skin using non-electrical, hand-made and hand held tools with needles of sharpened bamboo or steel. The procedure is expensive and painful and can take years to complete.


When Jar’Kai  members play Oicho’Kabu cards with each other, they often remove their shirts or open them up and drape them around their waists. This allows them to display their full-body tattoos to each other. This is one of the few times that Jar’Kai members display their tattoos to others, as they normally keep them concealed in public with long-sleeved and high-necked shirts and business suits.

Criminal Activities
Much of the current activities of the Jar’Kai Yovshin can be understood in the light of their feudal origin. First, they are not a secret society like their counterparts, they are an organization with an office with a plaque on the front door, openly displaying their dragon emblem on it. Members of Jar’Kai tend to dress more conservatively and flash their tattoos to indicate their affiliation when the need arises.

The Jar’Kai is heavily involved in sex-related industries, such as smuggling uncensored pornography from Ryloth, Zeltron  into Corsucant. They also control large prostitution rings throughout their areas of control. In Ryloth, they have taken advantage of the harsh climate and society to buy unwanted girls for as little as 500 credits. They specialize in the procurement of the Rutian and Lethan Twi'leks, those of the rarer skin colours, and put them to work in the night entertainment business, either in Jar’Kai-controlled bars, nightclubs and restaurants or sold to various clients throughout the galaxy. They have expanded their reach on Zeltron in the same business, exploiting the marooned hued species unique abilities, whether male or female to a prospective client for the right price.

The Jar’Kai frequently engage in a uniquely Atrisian form of extortion. In essence, this is a specialized form of protection racket. Instead of harassing small businesses, the Jar’kai harasses a stockholders' meeting of a larger corporation. They simply scare the ordinary stockholder with the presence of Jar’Kai operatives, who obtain the right to attend the meeting by a small purchase of stock.

-Protection Rackets
-Slave Trading/contracts
-Money lending

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Organization Name:  Preston Enterprises, Inc.
Founder:  Daniel Preston, Sr
Based Off Of: Coruscant

Co-Owner: Lady Alexia Preston
Co-Owner: Ian Craig
Employees: None

Preston Enterprise, Inc.'s (former) Operations:

-Military Grade Weaponry Defense Programming Systems
-Droid Programming Upgrades
-Weapon Manufacturing
-Ship Design

-Child Pronography and Prostitution
-Money Laundering

Base of Operations:
Coruscant; Preston Mannor

Alexia's father founded Preston Enterprises, Inc. as a way to mass manufactor his high end military programs for vessels to Navys on multiple planets. Most often, they would be behind multiple wars feeding both sides the next "big thing" and double dipping into the cookie jar. The business however was highly profitable, and the money it drew only increased with time.

In order to gain and maintain business, child prostitution drew lucrative clientel. Alexia Preston, daughter of the founder, was not spared from this fate. When she killed her family, Alexia became the owner of the company. She liquidated most of the assets, but the well-known name was maintained. Many former clients are unaware it is no longer in business.

Alexia maintains the skeletons of the business in order to not draw too many eyes to her monetary stockpile, although it is no longer an operational company.

(This is merely for OOC reference and will probably be expanded upon if needed)

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Organization Name:  Giovanni Incorporated
Owner / Founder:  Calebros Giovanni
Based On:  HQ on Nubia ; Branch Office on Vaynai
Giovanni Incorporated's Structure:
Founder / CEO -- Calebros Giovanni
Head of Security -- Kristoph Anders (Human Male)
CFO -- Ludo Anddres (Human Male)
Executive Assistant -- Jayde Giovanni  (Smuggler)
President of Genetic Research -- Glyvain Giovanni [Vaynai Branch]
Company Motto:  "Changing lives, one droid at a time."
Illegal Operations :
- Piracy
- Smuggling
- Drugs
- Gambling Rackets
- Viral Weaponry (Vaynai branch)

Legal Operations :
- Sale of droids, arms and armor. (Primary income and activity)
Giovanni Incorporated operates on the world of Nubia, after reactivating and absorbing the remants of the Baktoid Operations. As such, they have begun creating weapons of War similiar to those used by the long dissolved Trade Federation.  This is done by merging with Baktoid Combat Automata  which was the sister company of Baktoid Armor Workshop. They also sell personal assistant droids to special customers, such as those produced by taking over  Industrial Automaton, which was located on Nubia. This move was aggressive negotiations, but after the dust settled, as well as many millions of credits later, Calebros Giovanni was the man in charge of machinations of Warfare and ironically, of living assistance droids as well.

The Office located on Vaynai operates as a medical supply company posing as legal, while operating behind closed doors in Viral Weaponry and Genetic modification.
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Vurathi Syndicate
Organization Name: Vurathi Syndicate
Leader: Cloud Kelly
Based On:  HQ on Phurya and Coruscant and safe houses on many other worlds

Vurathi Syndicate's Structure:
Founder – Cloud Kelly
Security Officer – NPC for the Moment
Platoon Sergeant - NPC for the Moment
Enlisted - Various NPC’s

Company Motto:  "Quick is Smooth, Smooth is Fast. "

Vurathi Syndicate Operations
- Various Military Job's
- Security Force
- Smuggling and Protection of various goods and cargo
- Disaster Relief and Rescue

Weapons and Equipment

Officers Armor

NCO Armor

Enlisted Armor

Aries Gunship (has Hyperspace Capabilities)
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Lievdon Corporation

This is a company that deals in trading various good within a variety of planets for commercial companies.
They don't deal with weapons but rather with food and liquids, household goods, and standard electronics, medicinal and beauty products etc.
They work as a third party company who makes deals and draws up contracts between planets and various companies that distribute said goods within smaller circles and keep the distribution lines steady between buyer and product company, as well as deal with the legal aspects of everything.

Once a small trading company run by a woman and her son it has built into a much larger machine and has developed into a duel legal service with the addition of other brains to the company hierarchy and their own ideas and skills. It is a large corporation that allows for small companies to create themselves a name and concentrate on their products, allowing Lievdon Corporation to deal with the legal and transportation side of things and is also currently expanding a section of their company into a pure postal service within a few chosen planets - a trial to see how that idea would flourish, and they hope to expand on that idea if all goes well.

Lievdon Corporation do not have a chosen alliance, nor is it a company that is a facade to hide illegal activity but is a legitimate service and hires legitimately trained lawyers. It is split into two sections, a third new branch being the postal service which is still on trial. The first is the space freight branch who deals with the transportation and logistic side of the business and the other is the legal branch who deals with the contracts, the legal issues and the discussions between company and planitary/state representatives.

The head CEO is Merlin deWinter, who was heading the space freight branch but the company has since had new employees installed whom have taken over most of his work. However, as owner of the company he still keeps an eye but has stepped away from the day to day business side of things. This company was his mothers dream, not his. The heads  for the freight branch are Marina Lelldon and Jacob Henson. The heads for the legal branch are Davich Melderon and Velkor Andaris. The appointed head for the new trial service is Ninyai Mavavick.

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Basic Information

In name, the Red Lady is a widely known brothel franchise. Founded and previously owned by Lady Shery, during which time it expended to over ten thousand branches spawned through out the galaxy. Following the explosion of all but a small branch on Coruscant, it was left to Asteria deWinter, to be built from scratch.

Prostitutes, courtesans, escorts and whatnot - females who work at Red Lady are known as red ladies while males are known as red gents. Both terms are commonly used for all the employees, regardless of the actual job they perform within the place. The top Red Lady on a planet is referred to as The Courtesan. Unless dealing with a group that is strictly anti-prostitution oriented, a red lady can get almost anywhere relying on her skills.

Where any of the Red Lady fronts is considered legal, an establishment can be built. The structure of it will remain same on each level: higher the level - the better the quality, higher demand, higher price.

The Red Lady operates on the following fronts:
Escort Services - men and women who, for the right price, will be the trophy partner danging on your arm for the evening. The price paid for such events does not include sex within the encounter but isn't unheard of for red ladies or gents to throw and erotic hour into these nights, free of charge.
Prostitution - this includes all forms of sexual encounters for a price, ranging from the overly done hump in missionary and up to the special BDSM and fetish meetings.
Virgin Sacrifice - Performed during the reign of Shery deWinter, Virgin sacriice is the illegal side of the business. Every now and then, a virgin girl would be kidnapped from somewhere within the galaxy, displayed (usually ont he Red Lady's main building on Coruscant, in the top office itself). The virgin's mainhead would then be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The only people who knew of this and were invited were the créme de la créme of society; people who had so much money they would wipe their behinds with million credit chips. These events were rare, never more than four a year and the entire production was often personally handled by the Lady deWinter herself
The Secret Thing - Formally conducted within the Red Lady and shared with very few.

Estimated Income
50 - 100 thousand credits a day, give or take, before taxes and other expenses<

Type of Employees
Almost anything and Everything, ranging from prostitutes to market specialists, body guards, general security, an entire medical staff for every floor, cleaning staff, various hierarchies of manages and much much more...

From about the middle and above, a god Red Lady's life takes care of itself. The workers are well cared for, given an extensive education, recieve full pension and accommodation and are generally set for life unless they do something really stupid

PC Red Lady Characters
Shery deWinter - founder and former owner (retired)
Asteria deWinter - owner

Amelia Chase - Red Lady (formally Onderon based)
Summer Widd - Interplanetary Red Lady

Former Employess
Arachne deWinter - former Red Lady (Courtesan of Corellia)
Red Lady Viola  - former Red Lady (Courtesan of Coruscant) ~ deceased
Cawtie Hinara - former Red Lady (Coruscant) ~ deceased)
Mahrk Reist - former Red Gent (Coruscant)

Temp. Employees
Alistair Starkiller - given management of the second level for the duration of several months
Raven Starkiller - temporarily worked as a cleaning lady on Coruscant

*more to be added
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Chase Entertainment
Basic Information
Following a long career within the Draclau Films as first an Actress and later Director, the Red lady Amelia created her own movie company in which she expended from strictly porn onto other types of movies as well. With already an established fan base and built contacts, it was slightly easier to do so. [to be added]

Specifically, movies of various kinds. 

Type of movies
Porn, comedy, romantic movies, action, thrillers, horrors...

Starting Capital
Given by Amelia Chase and Asteria deWinter, crediting Red Lady in their contract which gives them right to 10 % of each movie income. 

Based on
Coruscant, Onderon

Estimated Income
About a million credits, give or take, before taxes and other expenses 

Type of Employees
Mostly actresses, directors and several technicians and PR department to promote the movies. 

Amelia Chase ~ founder and CEO/Actress/Director
Zanna Kalle ~ Head Administrator (Administrative and Financial Departments) (NPC)

Paolina  Darr ~ Head of PR department (NPC)
Vanora Adah ~ Actress (NPC)
Radek Gary ~ Director (NPC)

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