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Belladonna Skieldas
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Basic Info 

Birth Name: Belladonna Skieldas
Alias / Nickname: Belladonna
Age: 19
Gender: Female 
Birthworld: Ordo 
Homeworlds: Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa 

Legal Status: Coruscant citizen 
Relationship Status: Single 
Living Situation: Coruscant 
Occupation: Alchemist / Assassin 

Affiliation: Sith 
Rank: Apprentice 

Personal Skills: Belladonna can speak and understand Basic and Mando'a, and is a fair shot with a blaster. Her skills with melee weapons, however, far outweigh her proficiency at ranged combat; to the point that she is a dual-wielder. Growing up, she learned the trade of a bounty hunter from her mother, and is skilled at tracking her prey anywhere in the galaxy. Finally, she is an alchemist of some skill; she is capable of distilling Kodashi viper venomSenflax, and Synox into semi-solid form, all of which she has been known to coat the edge of her knives with. As well, she is skilled at remaining unseen and stalking her targets, taking them unaware as she sneaks up on them from behind. 

Personality: Belladonna lives by the saying that “Good things come to those who kill for them,” a twisted code that leads her to constantly pursue her goals, striking quickly from the shadows and then disappearing just as fast. She has a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, and less than no use for individuals who are full of themselves – often going out of her way to put such people out of her misery, by making their final moments ones of pain, suffering, and agony.

Activities: Keeping to herself unless you have something she desires, and maintaining her skills with melee weapons.

Known Force Abilities:Neutral Apprentice -Basic TelekinesisEnhance AbilityEnhance SensesForce Speed

Physical Stats 
Avatar: Emma Stone 
Height: 5'6” 
Weight: 126 lbs. 
Hair Color: Dark Brown / Black 
Eye Color: Dark

Possessions:  Personal clothing, a quartet of vibro-scalpels, a stealth generator, vials of Kodashi venom, Senflax, Synox, and a trio of Kouhun "pets" that she's managed to tame (more or less) over the course of nine years, named Solus, T'ad, and Ehn; Mandalorian for One, Two, and Three.

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Belladonna Skieldas
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