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Raven Starkiller
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Name: Raven Starkiller
Profession: Sith Apprentice; Works at the Red Ladies as a maid.
Species: Human

Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs

Appearance: The flaxen long haired beauty stands 5'7" tall with radiant ice blue eyes. She weighs a mere 110 lbs.<span>  </span>Raven’s succulent form is accented by the tight clothing she wears.
Distinguishing marks: Scars on both her left and right cheek, Extending from her eye to the corner of her lip.<span>  </span>This was due to her Neav slicing up her face.
Homeworld: Corellia

Parents: Alistair Starkiller, Neav Revata
Siblings: Seigen Draclau (half brother), Ciaran Starkiller, Zane Starkiller, Ashlyn Draclau (half sister)
Grandparents: Xander Starkiller, Shery deWinter, Brenden Revata, Alexandra Revata
Husband: None
Significant other: Kane Jackson
Children: None

Outspoken, hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited, overall bitch. She hates everyone and everything except for a very few people in her family. Namely, her grandparents, her father and Kane.


 Born and raised on Corellia, under her mother’s care, Raven blamed her for her father leaving and taking her brother Zane away from them. It was utterly Neav’s fault for chasing Daddy away. Yes, she does also blame her father Alistair for leaving them as well; however not nearly as much. Raven simply sees her brother Zane and sister Ciaran as ‘in the way.’ She was born first and she is ‘always right.’ he relentlessly beat them as children. Seeing this was her job as the oldest of the triplets. After all, she is the best of the three. That’s why she was born first.

Neav began her training as a Sith when she and Ciaran were but 12 years old. Only one year would they get under their belt. The beauty saw the worst come out in her.. Emotion flooded the flaxen haired girl when her brother Zane was kidnapped by pirates when they were but 13 years old. She realized just how much she not only missed him, but she loved him as well. Even though he’d been off planet with his father, she could do nothing but blame their mother for his disappearance. If Neav had been there as well, perhaps Zane would have been saved. Every waking moment of the day, she made Neav remember that.

When Zane returned, Raven saw fit to insult that her brother had not in fact killed the pirates that kidnapped him. Because of this, she was subsequently scarred by her mother. Neav scarred her face from ear to the corner of her mouth on each cheek. Raven will do anything to sabotage her mother’s life. It is her life long ambition to do so. Seeing that her grandmother Shery feels the same way, she will work with her to ruin her mother at all cost. Raven ran to her grandmother and is now seeking her tutelage as a Sith.

While training as a Sith, Raven met a Red Gent by the name of Kane Jackson. The young Starkiller did not inform him of who she was. She simply paid for his services. Quickly she was cut off monetarily by her parents and grandparents. She now works at the Red Ladies to pay for his services. Since then they have fallen in love and Raven no longer needs to pay for them. But to have money to go out and have fun and party likes she does, she continues to work.
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Raven Starkiller
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