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Sarisya deWinter
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Sarisya deWinter
Age:  21
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Nar Shaddaa
Homeworld:  Nar Shaddaa

Legal Status:  Nar Shaddaa citizen
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Nar Shaddaa
Occupation:  None

Affiliation:  The Criminal Underworld
Rank:  Trainee

Personal Skills:  Sarisya can speak and understand Basic and Codruese, and can understand, but not speak, Huttese.  She is quad-dextrous; fully able to wield four weapons simultaneously - though her preference is blasters over melee weapons, and aside from that, she has no other skills.

Personality:  Sarisya will try anything once, occupation-wise.  If she likes it, she'll continue.  She is an individual with two main vices - smoking and drinking, and doesn't care what others have to say about her choice of addictions.  Finally, she is always living for the moment - making the most of each day.

Hobbies:  Smoking, drinking, playing pool, a game of sabacc now and then, and learning new trades.

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Lisa Lashes
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  127 lbs
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  GreenOther:  Lip and nostril piercings.
Possessions:  Personal clothing (tank-top, customized jacket, boots, pants), a small box adorned only by this symbol that seems to never run out of cigars, a gold-hued lighter with the same symbol and a set of four Westar-34 blaster pistols - acquired over the span of four years, each of which features the same small crest on their grips, and a pair of glasses that feature a miniaturized, built-in targeting system that assists during lightfights (blaster battles).

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Sarisya deWinter
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Added to the bio index!