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Nessarose deWinter
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Bio for 4 year old Nessarose


My name is Nessarose deWinter! I'm THIS old! *holds four chubby fingers up and gives a huge toothy grin that shows her two top front teeth missing*

My daddie is Xander Starkiller and he's the bestest daddie in the galaxy and I love him!
My mommie is Shery deWinter and she's the bestest mommie in the galaxy and and I love her too! And daddie and Alistair said that when I grow up I'm gonna look like her so that means I'm gonna be pretty and I like that!

And I have aloooooooooooot of brothers and sister! There is Jason and Brumhilda and they're married and they love each other and there is Coren who I love even if his mommie is a horrible wicked woman who needs to die and I bit her leg a few times and then there is Morgaine and Alistair and Cordelia and I think there is a Lauda too but I never met her.

I like candy!!!

When I'm big I'm gonna have a hundred babies and all the family is gonna live in one big house and have dinners together!


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Nessarose deWinter
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my precious baby, added to the bio list

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Nessarose deWinter
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Nessarose - the personal files
basic template shlepped from Asteria deWinter

: General Information ::

Nessarose deWinter
Birth planet
The Sanguine Potestatem
The deWinter Family
The Starkiller Family
Witches of Dathomir
Sith Sorceress (Master rank)
Mostly human, appears and body functions entirely human.
Personal Skills
Educated in the arts of singing (mostly classic), dancing (mostly ballet), gymnastics, painting and drawing
Fluent in the following languages
Galactic Basic
High Galactic
Ancient Sith
Learned Force Powers
Academically advanced - due to her parents' money on tutors and home schooling, her academic level at the age of 10 equals to that of a college student
Light hearted
Has a knack for making people like her almost instantly
Addicted to sweets

: Physical Appearance ::

Age 4 - random girl we found online
Ages 9 through 14 - Mackenzie Foy 
Age 15 and thereafter - Liv Tyler      
After age 17, eyes become a glowy green
5"10 (1m78)
Eye Color
A pale mixture of green, blue and gray, depending on the light in the room
Hair Color
Skin Tone

: Family ::

Diomedes Antares (currently missing)

Shery deWinter
Xander Starkiller
Full Siblings
Morgaine deWinter
Alistair Starkiller
Asteria deWinter
Cordelia deWinter
Half Siblings
Lauda Cavataio
Brumhilda deWinter
Jason Starkiller
Coren Starkiller
Jax Starkiller (D)
Jacob deWinter (D)
Great Great Grandfather
Maximus (incarnated first instead of Cameron and then with Cameron)
Sophie Halcyon-Starkiller (D)
Illyandra deWinter (D)
Great Grandmother
Dioneah (D)
Great Great Grandmother
Boadicea  (incarnated first instead of Alia and then with Shery)
Mark Halcyon
Mercutio Starkiller
Jonathan deWinter
Cameron Centurion
Kailey Starkiller
Isobel Starkiller
Leilah Starkiller
Great Aunts
Ambreyl Starkiller
Jocasta Starkiller (D)
Great Uncles
Lord Alathor
Tanisis Starkiller
Caiera Starkiller
Merlin deWinter
Arachne deWinter
Jace deWinter
Fallon deWinter
Natalie deWinter
Paige deWinter
Demetrius deWinter
Amarant deWinter
Valerie Denthron
Caiera Starkiller
Xiamara Arkelion
Castor Centurion (D)
Isabella Centurion
 Lyle V Centurion
Diomedes Antares
Nickolaus deWinter
Nieces & Nephews
Raven Starkiller
Ciaran Starkiller
Connor Starkiller
Zane Starkiller
Eri'Anya Cullen
Effera Cavataio
Mira Cavataio
Mirus Cavataio
Dante deWinter

Trained By
in order of training according to thread creations

Shery deWinter
Alistair Starkiller
Xander Starkiller
Cameron Centurion
Asteria deWinter
Isobel Starkiller
Lauda Cavataio

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Nessarose deWinter
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Nessarose's Signatures

Age 4

The Apprentice Years
(ages 9 through 14)

(age 15 and up)

Made by Tethis Aresis

Made by Xander Starkiller

Made by Xander Starkiller

Made by Lenavina Martin

Signature made by Merlin deWinter

Signature made by Merlin deWinter

Signature made by Merlin deWinter

Made by Lauda  Cavataio

Made by Petra Cavataio

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