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Leentje Fiore
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Name: Leentje Fiore

 Profession: New Republic Captain
Species: Human

 Age: Irrelevant

 Height: 5'9"

 Weight: 125 lbs

 Appearance: The tall brunette with the dark eyes stands at 5'9" tall filling out her voluptuous form at 125 lbs. When at home, Leentje dresses accordingly in the Corellian silk dresses fit for those of a Senator's daughter, but when she is in the role of a New Republic Captain, she wears her form fitting uniforms.</p> Distinguishing marks: Scar running around her midsection from a leather whip  coated with glass shards.  Scar around her right thigh due to the same  whip. Homeworld: Corellia
Personal Ship: Home II A modified Z-95XT Headhunter

Husband: Elias Fiore (King of Y'Sad)
Children: Namric, Sienne, Aaralyn, Kyle (Twins)
Father: Brenden Revata
Mother: Alexandra Revata
Siblings: Neav Revata; Nathaniel Deadwood (Brother-in-law, deceased);  Fable Revata; Amalia Braska (Half sister); Methias Fiore (Brother-in-law, deceased); Adrianna Fiore (Sister-in-law); Setheran Fiore (Brother-in-law)
Nieces: Deidre,Yaran (Triplet of Ceryni); Il'Sirus; Sevorah; Sienne; Aaralyn; Kyle; Raven; Ciaran (Triplet of Raven and Zane)
Nephews:  Namric; Ceryni (Triplet of Deidre and Yaran); Ithiel; Malikar; Coren; Zane (Triplet of Raven and Ciaran); Arikos

A fiercely loyal individual who only sees the good in those that have proven their worth. Believes there is good in the galaxy. However if there is a traitor in their midst, she will go to any and all lengths to root them out and dispatch them.

History: Born on Corellia, Leentje Revata lived the life of a socialite. Her father being a Senator of Corellia helped her in many of their social and financial situations. Unbeknownst to her, her father was a murderer and adulterer. Leentje and her sisters Neav and Fable grew up with Adrianna Ultron, who lived next door to them as children. Leentje and Adrianna became best friends quickly. Unfortunately at the tender age of 10 Adrianna's relationship with her father was cut short abruptly by his murder. Leentje's father Brendan stepped into the role as the father figure in Adrianna and her sibling’s lives. He deemed it necessary as his own best friend had died, telling Leentje and Neav it was his responsibility.  Leading very much a mundane life as a child, it was revealed to Lee that she was to marry a young man from Corellia and settle down nearby her parents. The Revatas did not give her any choice in the decision.

Leentje did not wish to follow down that path so when her best friend left Corellia, the brunette decided that it was time for her to depart on her own adventure as well. Not long did she remain on Dantooine as she knew that the Jedi was not her calling. The Force was not in her blood, nor did she feel it in any way around her. On her way from Dantooine, the elder of the Revata sisters made her way to Coruscant and sought out any signs of the New Republic. Training hard under Jacob Evans, she quickly became a Captain of the New Republic and has command of her own ship.

On a visit home to Corellia, the Senator's daughter came to find out the truth about her father's deception. Brendan Revata was in fact the killer of his own best friend, neighbor and fellow Senator. Come to find that Amelia Ultron and Brendan Revata had been having a long term affair as well as their being a vote in the Senate in which Alexander was not in favor of and was in fact the deciding vote upon. Alexander had found out about the affair and confronted his wife on the issue and advised her to put a stop to it. In order for Brendan to get the law passed and be able to continue their relationship, the only way out was to murder Alexander.

At the time when they had found out the news, the NR Captain watched as her friend Adrianna fell to the floor and almost fell apart before her eyes. Honestly it should have shocked her more, but for some reason it did not. Perhaps it was because of the devious nature of her parents in their attempt to marry her off against her will.

Since she returned from their visit on Corellia, General Evans hasn't been seen in quite some time, but she's since been under the command of Admiral Yalin Hawk. Had it not been for the attempted assassination of her sister, she has since remained at the rank of Captain within the New Republic Navy. During the wedding of her sister Neav to Nathaniel Deadwood that she was maid of honor, her now husband, the  King of Y'Sad, Elias Fiore came to sweep her off her feet, literally.  He practically broke the church doors down, proclaimed his love for her and carried her away.  They were soon married, she became pregnant soon after with Namric. Attacked by Ket Van-Derveld Sith Lord, Leentje almost lost Namric and her life.   Laying under the rubble of the wall brought down upon her, her husband,  Methias and Adrianna found her brought her back to save her life and  that of the baby's.  Upon a few years of recuperation, Leentje returned  to the New Republic. 

Now called the Alliance, the Captain survived the attack of Dantooine by the Sith due to the fact she was home on Y'Sad because of a family emergency.  She and her daughter Aaralyn regrouped with the Alliance.
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Leentje Fiore
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