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Marck Vallen
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 Name: Marck Vallen
Age: 36 (Still appears to be in his early 20's)
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Corellian)

Height: 5'9"  
 Weight: 184 lbs  
 Hair Colour: Blond  
 Eye Colour: Ocean Blue  

Current Rank: Jedi Master  
Alliance Rank: Alliance Army Colonel (Retired)
 Affiliation: The Jedi Council
 Home World: Corellia  

 Marck was born on the planet Corelllia on a simple farm just outside of Cornet city, to Rondo and Annalia Vallen. He showed an aptitude in the Force from a  very young age and was accepted to the Jedi Order on Dantooine as an apprentice at the age of seven. Even while learning the ways of the Force under his Jedi Master  Della Braxis, Marck knew he wanted to do more. So he enrolled and was accepted into the Dantooine Institute of Medicine, where he received his  doctorate at the age of fourteen.  
 His Master was killed in action by a Sith Lord while defending a group  of Alliance Soldiers in retreat. Marck was there and watched his Master  die, and even  to this day feels guilty that he couldn't save her. While he couldn't bring her body back to Dantooine as he would have liked he was able to present  her Lightsaber to the Council. The Council decided then that instead of assigning him to a new Master that at the age of sixteen he would undergo the trials  of Knighthood.  
 After being made a Knight of the Jedi Order, Marck proved himself an agent of peace and a capable warrior. Going on many missions for the Jedi Order  including diplomatic, combat, and humanitarian missions. He also on occasion acted as the go between for the Jedi Order and Alliance Military going on several joint missions. Although never formally inducted into the Alliance Army he was given a Alliance field commission and was put in charge of several of those joint missions and had earned the respect and confidence of many alliance soldiers.
 After many years of faithful service to the Jedi Order and proving an understanding of the Force as well as unwavering allegiance to the light, at the age of 21 Marck was given the title Master. A few years later he was asked to join the Jedi Council on Dantooine. After the attack of Dantooine and the loss of all the Jedi Temple's Marck found himself aboard the 'Alliance' the only surviving Imperious Class Star Destroyer in the Alliance fleet. For a time he acted as the ships unofficial chief of medicine until given the rank of Colonel by Captain Garon and placed in charge of the remaining Alliance Army. After which he acted as the Alliance's second in command in addition to sitting on the newly formed Jedi Council.

After a personal loss, Marck retreated from his military service and the Jedi into self imposed exile in the unaligned territories. While there he used his time to meditate and deepen his understanding and connection to the Force, he also reconnected with the peoples of the galaxy doing good on a smaller scale. After a communion with holocrons that had been buried on Dantooine Marck has since rediscovered his path and has only recently rejoined the Jedi. 
Once again Marck has been asked to join the Jedi Council. 
Typical Attire:  
 - During his early years with the Jedi, Marck opted for traditional Jedi Robes from the Old Jedi Order.  
 - While working with the Alliance, Marck wore modified Jedi Robes made to resemble Alliance Army Officers uniform.  
 - Currently Marck wears modified Jedi Adventure Robes employing green instead of the traditional brown to show his Corellian heritage. 
 - Off Duty Marck wears very causal civilian clothing, usually a button down shirt or t-shirt and jeans.  

 - Marck uses a modified Delta-12 Skysprite. While the production model  is unarmed, Marck's fighter has been outfitted with a similar weapons out-load as  an X-Wing. In addition the second pilot seat has been removed to accommodate an on-board hyperdrive and extra shielding package, this modification removes  the need for a hyperdrive docking ring.

Important Items:  
 - Two Purple Lightsabers capable of being joined for use as a staff saber or individually for either two handed fighting or separately. Originally Marck used  a single blade, but after his saber was destroyed in combat, he created a new saber taking on a more multipurpose and aggressive weapon.  
 - Standard issue medical kit, including a datapad with an extensive medical library.  

Strengths: Calmness, Lightsaber Combat,  Healing ability, Mental telepathy/empathy.  
 Weaknesses: Flying (Marck has always consider flying the job of droids as a result his skills are very basic), technology.

Theme Song: "Light On" by David Cook  
 Quote: "Our true strength comes not from the weapons we wield, or the power we  command. True strength comes from the depths that we are able to love."  
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Marck Vallen
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