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Han Skywalker (WIP)
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General Information
Name: Han Skywalker
Position: Jedi Master
Rank: Jedi Master
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 58

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Golden, same as his lightsaber
Hair Color: Black
Physique/Build/Frame: properly muscular without being overly so
Skin Tone: Tan but not overly so
Distinguishing Marks: Small scar on his left thigh.

None. Han never knew his mother, or father, though was told after he had joined the Jedi that they too had been Jedi.

New Biography
Birth: Born to two people he would never meet, he was left for adoption at the steps of the Jedi Temple. Han was raised as the son of Jedi Master Saace Falyk, who decided at the age of 10 to take Han as his padawan given his extreme potential. After Han had already made up his mind about Joining the Jedi, Saace would go on to explain Han's lineage to him, and the family that he had never known, how they had shaped the galaxy over the last several hundred years.
Based on the research that Saace had done, he had determined that Han was the progeny of Cade Skywalker, who was the great grandson of Ben Skywalker, the only son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. It was Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker, who along with Senator/Emperor Palpatine let loose such a destructive capacity on the galaxy that it took generations to recover from the sheer evil. The rest of the Skywalker line, however, tended toward the side of Light,  in an attempt, as it were, as a family legacy, to right the horrible wrongs of their ancestor. It would be something that Han himself would take very deeply into his own soul. Love was murder. Love was destruction. To love, is to invite Chaos into your soul. To Love, was to commit death.

It was a sad state of affairs for the young boy who thought nothing of the concept of love, only his work. As he trained, and trained, 15 years later around the age of 25 His Master called for him to enter the Temple. It would be there he was summoned by the full Jedi Council, in which he would pass his trials and officially become a Jedi Knight. Throughout his years as a Knight, Han had trained 3 different padawans, the most notable of which was the first, Rusty Metropolis, who would go on to become a great Jedi Master himself.
By age 38, he was again given the trials, but this time as a Jedi Master.  He had earned the respect of his peers both in combat and in diplomacy, Just as much a master of the silver tongue, as the golden blade.

For several years Han had gone on teaching at the Academy, his staunch holding to the Jedi Code left many to wonder, why could he not be flexible. However that was all in his past. 
A shadow and a threat began creeping into Han's mind, and one of his former enemies, Malice Draclau led Han on a chase through the unknown regions.

Present Day: The galaxy is in turmoil, Han has been gone for the last 5 years feared dead, only to reappear at a time when the Jedi most needed their strongest leaders.

What will happen next?

Han's Force Powers List

Apprentice & Padawan Level Powers

Neutral Powers

Basic Alter Image

Basic Alter Image allows the Force User to alter the color of their skin, hair, and eyes. These changes could only be held up to an hour, and would be immediately dropped if the Force-user fell unconscious or simply lost concentration. However, other Force Users skilled in Enhanced Force Sense had a chance to see through this disguise which resulted in a contest of skills between the two Force-users.

Added by: Shery and Fallon deWinter

Breath Control
Prerequisite: Enhance Ability

Using Breath Control, a Force User could numb the body's instinct to shut itself down after long periods without oxygen, allowing the user to be able to go without breathing for longer periods than usual. This ability used independently, however, would not prevent anything entering or leaving the respiratory system of the user. In some cases, the user would require some kind of Force barrier in, or around the nose/throat region to keep poisonous gases or water out. The necessity of such a barrier would depend on the air/water pressure in the direct vicinity, and the user's ability to naturally seal their airways. This was a very effective ability in situations where the air was very thin, underwater, or in any environment with toxic fumes.

Basic Telekinesis

With Telekinesis, Force Users may lift objects according to their concentration and move them, hovering the items in any direction. The basic level is where all Force Users begin, and at this stage they will not be capable of lifting more than half of their weight with the power.

Enhance Ability

Enhance Ability is a Force power that boosts the Force User's abilities, empowering their strength, dexterity, and endurance, in the process.

Prerequisite: Force Sense

Farsight is the Force technique that enables the user to gain vague impressions of events happening in other places or times through the currents of the Force. Force users skilled in this technique are capable of detecting when friends and apprentices are in danger, examining details of past events, and predicting the probable outcome of a stated course of action. However, this ability is limited by the vagueness of the Force and the fact the future is constantly in motion.

Force Comprehension
Prerequisite: Force Sense

Force Comprehension enables a Force User to absorb, interpret, and remember a great quantities of information rapidly by speeding up the user's neural processes.

Force Empathy
Prerequisite: Force Sense

A more advanced ability of Force Sense, Force Empathy allows the Force User to sense and feel the emotions of others through the Force.

Force Persuasion
Prerequisite: Telepathy

Force Persuasion allows the Force User to alter the thoughts of others by implanting basic yet subjectively reasonable suggestions within their mind. This ability has a strong effect on the weak minded, but rarely to never works on strong willed people or other Force Users.

Force Sense

The most basic ability for all Force users, Force Sense enables the Force User to feel another being’s presence, see the future, sense impending danger, and feel traumatic events through ripples in the Force.

Magnify Senses

Magnify Senses was a Sense-based Force ability which increased the effectiveness of a Force User’s normal senses, allowing them to better notice something they may otherwise miss under normal conditions.

Meditative Trance
Prerequisite: Breath Control

Meditative Trance is a control-based ability that allows Force Users to go into a very deep hibernation state. This slows the user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill, causing the individual to only use one tenth of the air of a normal individual. A fully trained Force User could stay in this state for up to one week in a dry climate or one month in a wet climate before dying from lack of water.

Prerequisite: Force Sense

Telepathy allows telepathic communication over small or vast distances with other individuals using the Force. The distance this can be accomplished over depends on the abilities of both the sender and the receiver, as well as the connection between the two.

Lightside Powers

Control Pain
Prerequisite: Force Sense

A Force power used to allow the Lightsider to ignore pain and maintain focus despite great physical pain. This ability can be used on either the user themselves or on another.

Prerequisite: Basic Telekinesis

A Force power employed to temporarily disable an electrical device. With surveillance devices such as a security holocam, this causes a brief period of static, allowing the user to pass while only alerting security to a minor holocam malfunction. In the case of a droid, this application of the Force can overload circuits, causing the droid to temporarily shut down to avoid damage. This ability can also be used to wipe information from datacards and datapads.

Force Healing (Self)
Perquisites: Control Pain

A Force power used to rapidly accelerate the natural healing process of their body, enabling the Lightsider to heal bones, flesh, and even internal damage. This power is used by focusing on the body’s natural healing process and using the Force to accelerate them substantially.

Knight Level Powers

Neutral Powers

Alter Elements
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense, Enhanced Telekinesis

Alter Elements allows a Force User to alter the elements within their immediate surroundings. At this level, the Force User is limited to work with what they have, and cannot create something out of nothing. For example, the Force User could manipulate the flames of an existing fire, but cannot create fire out of thin air. The four elements are Air, Earth, Fire and Water, and each element must be studied individually.

Air allows the Force User to control the element of the Air, affecting the strength of the winds, the air in one’s lungs or bring on a little air-related storm.
Earth allows the Force User to cause small earthquakes, crack the ground, and sense for existing minerals within the ground.
Fire allows the Force User to manipulate existing flames, using them as a weapon.
Water allows the Force User to manipulate sources of water, bringing down the rain out of clouds, freezing waters into ice, or boiling them.

Battle Precognition
Prerequisites: Farsight

Battle Precognition allows the Force User to stay one step ahead of opponents in battles by reading their movements and the currents of the Force.

Body Adjustment
Prerequisites: Tapas

Body Adjustment allows the Force User to adjust internal temperature, metabolic rate, skin durability/toughness, and other bodily functions to enhance survival in hostile environments.

Comprehend Speech
Prerequisites: Force Comprehension, Telepathy

Comprehend Speech allows the user to comprehend the language (but not speak or write it) of sentients they come across. However, this only permits them to understand the general meaning of the speech, and not word per word.

Enhanced Force Sense
Prerequisites: Force Sense

Through intensive attuning to the Force, this ability enables the individual to greatly enhance their Force Sense ability. The user can sense upcoming weather patterns to a high degree of sensitivity, sense danger sooner than the average Force user, and have incredibly accurate Force visions that enable them to foresee the destiny of individuals, star systems, and the very galaxy itself. The user is also able to use the Force sight ability and see what the alignment of any person or thing is.

Enhanced Telekinesis
Prerequisites: Basic Telekinesis, Force Sense

When a Force User advances with their training in Telekinesis, they will realize that size matters very little, and will be able to control a bigger number of objects at any given time, with greater refinements.

Force Blinding

Force Blinding is the ability to create a blinding flash of energy emanated from a user's hand, manifesting as a flash of light that overloaded a target's vision, causing temporary blindness.

Force Deflect
Prerequisites: Enhanced Telekinesis

Force Deflect allowed the Force User to deflect energy-based attacks, such as a blaster bolt, and either negate it or redirect it bare-handed.

Force Sight
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense

Force Sight enhances the Force User’s visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls, allowing them to “see with the Force”. Mirakula characters (100% Mirakula or 50% Mirakula) have this power as one of their beginning start powers, due to racial requirements.

Mental Translocation
Prerequisites: Force Sight

This is a form of mental teleportation that allows the user to have an "out-of-body" experience in which they see in a tunnel vision. They move anywhere within walking distance of their bodies, and see anything, no barriers stop them, and cannot be sensed. However, the Force User cannot touch anything or anyone in this state, nor can they communicate with anybody.

Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense, Force Empathy

Psychometry is the mental technique for picking up impressions (particularly emotions) and traces of information from touching an object.

Prerequisites: Enhance Ability

Tapas allows the Force User to draw on the power of the Force to remain warm in cold environments or to keep their body heat turned inward to avoid detection by heat sensors or infrared detection.

Lightside Powers

Force Healing (Other)
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense, Force Healing (Self)

Force Healing is used to rapidly accelerate the natural healing process of another person’s body, enabling the Lightsider to heal bones, flesh, and even internal damage, and purge toxins, poisons, and aid in the curing of diseases and viruses.

Force of Peace Aura I
Prerequisites: Force Empathy

When there is a feeling of unrest not only amongst themselves, but others as well, A Lightsider Knight is able reach out to those in a 25 ft vicinity including themselves and up to 5 other people and/or animals and emanate an immediate surroundings of warmth, serenity and calmness. Thus assisting those in a state of turmoil to feel more at ease with themselves and what is occurring around them.

Added by: Adrianna Fiore

Force Stun
Prerequisites : Force Spark

A light side power that temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted enemy. It is used when is a Lightsider faces a large number of opponents or if they wish to disable an enemy long enough to flee from or apprehend them.

Mind Trick
Prerequisites: Force Persuasion

The ability for a Force User to alter the mind of another sentient being, making it easy to persuade, deceive, or distract them. This ability is far more successful on the weak minded and can the rationale of the request can drop dramatically.

Master Level Powers

Neutral Powers

Alter Environment
Prerequisites: Alter Elements (One element at a time), Enhanced Force Sense, Mastered Telekinesis

A Force User who can Alter Enviroment can manipulate nature at its worst, displaying a high level of control, accuracy and intensity with the element they have studied and trained in.
Air elementalists can now create hurricanes and tornadoes, and cause devastating effects.
Earth elementalists can now create golems, earth constructs, reshape the landscape, and alter magnetic fields.
Fire elementalists can now create fire out of air, using it as a destructive weapon.
Water elementalists can now create water orbs out of thin air, cause hail storms and create tsunamis.

Astral Translocation
Prerequisites: Mental Translocation

Astral Translocation makes the Force User’s body go limp, while their life essence moves through the astral plain to view things they could otherwise not see. Unlike mental translocation, in the astral plain, a Force User may interact with others who use this power. However, they can still not directly affect the material world. If the Force User’s body is destroyed, the Force User’s soul remains on the astral plain as a Force ghost.

Art of the Small
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense

Using the Art of the Small, the Force User may shrink their presence within the Force into a microscopic size. While in this state, the Force User may alter anything that possesses mass (themselves or other substances) at a molecular level, turning them into something different. Although powerful, the ability can be devastating, and takes a long time to properly control. Special attention must be given to the details, so that the Force User would not accidentally alter themselves into someone or something that will not be able to change themselves back.

Force Absorb
Prerequisites: Force Deflect, Mastered Telekinesis

Force Absorb enables the user to absorb harmful Force attacks. This energy must then either be dissipated in some manner, or it becomes harmful to the Force User, causing injury and, in more severe cases, death. It was said to be a rare ability among Force Practitioners.

Force Cloak
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense

Force Cloak enables the user to bend light around their body like a cloaking device, enabling them to hide from the sight of most other beings. However, this ability has no effect on droids or any species capable of seeing in the IR spectrum. This power does not hide your presence in the Force and any user is susceptible to being sensed.

Force Concealment
Prerequisites: Conceal Alignment

An advanced technique of Conceal Alignment, Force Users who master this ability can hide their presence within the Force from other Force Users entirely. However, this ability requires a lot of focus, and a Force User cannot perform any other Force Powers while doing it.

Mastered Alter Image
Prerequisites: Enhanced Alter Image

Enhanced Alter Image allows the Force User to alter all the things mentioned in precious levels of Alter Image. At this level, all the Alter Image changes could be held until the Force-user fell unconscious, lost concentration or went to sleep. However, a Master level Force Users skilled in Enhanced Force Sense had a chance to see through this disguise which resulted in a contest of skills between the two Force-users.

Added by: Shery and Fallon deWinter

Mastered Telekinesis
Prerequisites: Enhanced Telekinesis

Telekinetic abilities far beyond the average Force User, enabling complex feats such as pulling a capital ship down to the surface of a planet (the ship must be within eyesight), levitating a building, or unleashing a massive telekinetic wave capable of destroying an entire attacking force. This ability, when used to a degree as described, results in exhaustion and can only be used sparingly.

Memory Rub
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense, Force Persuasion, Telepathy

Memory Rub uses the Force to erase or alter the memories of others. The victim can fight back if they are aware but if not the victim loses memories at the whim of the caster. There is a chance that the victim could gain their memories back if the user does not do a good enough job of hiding spots in the victims memory.

Midi-Chlorian Manipulation
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense, Art of the Small, Mastered Telekinesis, Shatterpoint

Midi Chlorian Manipulation is the ability to create, maintain, or save life through the influencing of midi-chlorians to a certain degree. However, without further expanding the knowledge into one of the Specially Permitted Master Powers, this ability does little and its effects do not last for more than a handful of seconds.

Prerequisites: Enhance Force Sense

Shatterpoint allows the Force User sense “fractures” or “faults” in the Force; points where the fate of the galaxy or of the user can be influenced or altered by actions. When applied in physical terms, this skill could be used to find the cracks and fault lines of objects, enabling them to channel the energy of the Force into these flaws and crack and weaken objects.

Lightside Powers

Force Light
Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense

When used against any individual powered by the Dark Side of the Force, Force Light weakens the opponent’s connection to the Force. With this power a Lightsider could also purge or contain dark side manifestations, whether in places, spirits, or even living persons, by channeling the Force into blasts of light-side energy.

Force of Peace Aura II
Prerequisites: Force of Peace Aura I

When there is a feeling of unrest not only amongst themselves but others as well, a Lightsider Master is able reach out to those in a 50 ft vicinity including themselves and up to 10 other people and/or animals and emanate an immediate surroundings of warmth, serenity and calmness. Thus assisting those in a state of turmoil to feel more at ease with themselves and what is occurring around them.

Added by: Adrianna Fiore

Prerequisites: Force Stun, Telepathy, Mind Trick

A Lightsider technique that utilizes the Force to induce a powerful dizziness and nausea onto their enemies, in order to completely incapacitate them without doing physical damage. A victim hit by this power becomes overwhelmingly sick and without quick action or proper defense the victim will be rendered incapacitated.

Prerequisites: Enhanced Force Sense

Moricho is the ability to suspend an enemy’s biological functions, including their breathing and heart rate almost to the point of suspended animation. This can be done either to the user or to an individual target. Given the nature of this ability it is potentially dangerous and can result in death.

Special Master Level Powers

Force Resuscitation
Prerequisites: Art of the Small, Midi-Chlorian Manipulation, Shatterpoint

An extremely rare Force Power that allows the user to bring the recently deceased back to life. The user of this technique floods the Force through the fault lines perceived in an individual, these lines and points working on faults in the bone and muscle to revitalize the entire body. The user influences the Midi-chlorian's within the user to restore life into the body, if the target in question has no Midi-chlorians or has been dead for longer than 1-2 weeks unpreserved then they can't be brought back.

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Han Skywalker (WIP)
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