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Selara Velos
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Selara Velos
Birth Name:  Selara Vira
Age:  16
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Coruscant
Homeworld:  Coruscant    
Racial Heritage:  Devaronian

Legal Status:  Coruscant citizen   
Relationship Status:  Single   
Living Situation:  Coruscant
Occupation:  N/A
Family:Mother:  Alita Velos (adoptive)Father:  Rylan Kordel (adoptive, MIA)Older Sister:  Isis Velos (adoptive)

Affiliation:  Factionless, currently
Rank:  Apprentice

Personal Skills:  Selara can speak, read, and write Basic and Devaronese and is a decently-skilled computer slicer.  She has no training in ranged, melee, or unarmed combat (other than her burgeoning skills with the Force), but compensates by simply being faster than her opponents, allowing her to evade, outmaneuver, and outrun them.

Personality:  Selara tends to keep her opinions to herself unless asked for them directly, but she is not shy, simply quiet.  Despite living with her adoptive mother on Coruscant for her entire life, she still does not understand the vast majority of non-Devaronian races, and is awkward around them, especially if she encounters individuals in positions of power.  The only exception, of course, is her adoptive mother.

Current Activities:  None.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Magnify Senses Telekinetic Strike
Neutral Knight -Alter Elements - Air 

Physical Stats 
Height:  5'6”
Weight:  124 lbs.   
Hair Color:  Black  
Eye Color:  Purple

General Appearance:  Selara is decidedly well-endowed for her age, and generally makes every effort to hide this fact by dressing in loose, yet comfortable clothing.  Despite her attempts to fit in, her chin-length black hair, which is often gathered at the nape of her neck, and her red-hued skin, make her stand out more than she likes.

Possessions:  Personal clothing that includes robes (left, black and red color scheme), a Thinsuit, and a single Versafunction88 datapad.

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Selara Velos
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