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Naberia Decuir
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.::. Force Witch .::. Progenitor .::. Dathomirian .::.  

Biographical Information

.::. Name .::. Naberia Lilith Decuir
.::. Gender .::. Female
.::.Age .::. Nineteen Standard Years

.::. Height  .::. (4'11") Naberia stands the shortest in height from the rest of her  relatives. Often, she masks this -- as she refers to as an ailment -- from others by over accentuating her neck or by different footwear.
.::. Weight  .::. (115 pounds) Naberia is toned in stature and her weight is reflected by her muscle mass due to workout regiments and training, despite the smallness in her height.

.::. Eye Colour  .::. Naberia's eyes are a heather-grey; those of her people depict that  the tincture of her eyes are due to the shadow over her soul and the darkness in her Force aura. Whether there is truth to such has yet to be  proven or disproven.
.::. Hair Colour  .::. Naberia's hair is two-toned; the locks beneath the top canopy of hair are of a chocolate brown and the top layer of hair is covered in a light chestnut - both of which shimmer in hues of black and cinnamon beneath the sunlight.
.::. Skin Colour .::. Bronze; sun-kissed; natural tan.

.::. Force Sensitive .::. Yes

.::. Pets .::. Rancor - Lunatique

.::. Property .::.
- Chateau de le Miserie (home)
- Dragen (male slave)
- Handful of Shock Collars (comes with match leashes)
- Crystal Ball * (used for decoration; used during readings for travelers)
- Tarot Cards * (used during readings for travelers)

* These instruments are used to deter others knowing of her clairvoyance or her abilities in the Force

Physical Statistics

.::.Strength  .::. Naberia does not have the physical upper body strength others may have. However, she posses a decent amount of potency with her legs. This  comes from her rigorous Rancor riding and taming escapades.
.::.Dexterity  .::. Naberia is known for her "gymnast" abilities and is rather limber.  In order to maintain this part of her physique, she  often spends time in the forests climbing the trees and acrobating between branches that are close by.
.::.Constitution  .::. Naberia believes in taking from the land as far as food is concerned as she is consciously mindful of what liquids and solids are taken within her body. She avoids fried foods and diners and lives a typically veganesque lifestyle.
.::.Intelligence .::. Naberia is fluent in other galactic languages  and dialects besides Galactic Basic-- Rodese, Hapan, Paecean.
.::.Wisdom  .::. Naberia is head-strong with a "free as the wind" personality which  causes many of her decisions to be premature without forethought.
.::.Charisma  .::. Naberia is an extrovert; being an observer of others, she often tells someone what they want to hear to get her way or to cause others to trun against one another.

.::. Skills .::.
  • Horticulture
  • Red Ball Organist
  • Clairvoyance
.::. Lightsaber and Lightsaber Form .::.
  • Type: Single-Bladed
  • Colour: White
  • Specs: Dragite crystal
  • Miscellaneous: Vibration lens, Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse, Thumbprint gauge
  • Form: Ataru

.::. Personality  .::. There is nothing colder than a female who wishes to see everything  burn; Naberia  is an observer - from the beginning, she waits and watches, studying others, profiling them until satisfied. This talent, as she refers to it, allows her to delve into the minds of others to ensure her and family's safety, even glimmers the fears and weakness to be preyed upon for her own insane amusement.

Naberia is a religious fanatic who takes her Dathomirian culture seriously and to the extreme. In order to give thanks to the Force and to past ancestors, rituals are held with the slaughtering of animals usually by a dagger and then chanted over. There is a strong belief that  everything is driven by fate and that everything will return three-fold. Family is also of the utmost importance to her.

Naberia is also a malignant narcissist--
Malignant Narcissism:
Malignant narcissism is a syndrome consisting of a combination of aspects of narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder as well as paranoid traits. The malignant narcissist differs from narcissistic personality disorder in that the malignant narcissist derives higher levels of psychological gratification from accomplishments over time (thus worsening the disorder).Because the malignant narcissist becomes more involved in this  psychological gratification, they are apt to develop the antisocial, the paranoid, and the schizoid personality disorders.The term malignant is added to the term narcissist to indicate that individuals with this disorder tend to worsen in their impulse controls and desires over time.

.::. Strengths and Weaknesses .::.
  • Determined
  • Punctual
  • Sense of Humor
  • Curious
  • Neat
  • Malevolent
  • Uncertainty
  • Prideful
  • Envious
  • Possessive
.::. History .::.

Depictions of the Past


Many had yet to come to know what mysteries laid within the wildness that had been the planet. Ransacked with wild beasts, not many survived... except the Decuirs. Their story had been vast and enriched with history, but this is where it all began with her, their matriarch--  Naberia Decuir. Alone and without any true family, the young woman had found herself without anyone to rely upon except herself. This would not  be the only battle she would endure here. Naberia's life was about to drastically change.

Sprawled beneath the veridian canopy of the forest, flickers of sunlight  had awoken the Decuir. It was like an usher, bring her into the next phase of her life; she couldn't remember how she had gotten into the thicket or why. Where had she been before now? Her head throbbed as she tried to remember the past, even if it was fresh memories and to no avail nothing had come. Everything had been a daze as she drew her dirt clattered body from the ground with lithe fingers deftly plucking away the debris clustered upon her shirt.

In trance, unbeknown it had been due to the call of the Force, Naberia had begun down the unbeaten trail of the forest. There had been a siren's call, a darkness that engulfed her. There was nothing to see, her sight done white, until she stopped upon the Frenzied River. There was nothing... no people, no settlement, just open land. The Force had a  destiny for everyone-- this was hers.

Oh glorious Present

After time had passed, the Chateau de la Miserie had been established beneath the waterfall along the outer-rim of the Frenzied River. This would prove the become the ancestral home to the Decuirs from one generation to the next. There was much promise to this location and as memories had come back to Naberia, so did the visions. Other inhabitants  had been found - renegades, prisoners, Force wielders just as it was prophesied to her. Through them The Coven was formed.

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