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Bran Janus
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Name: Bran, Janus

Gender: Male

Race: Corellian Human

Age: c. 27

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark

Height: 182.5cm

Weight: 84kg

Distinguishing features: Heavy brows, pale complexion


Bran Janus is mercurial. One moment he'll be a shy and humble person, but the next moment he could turn into a cold killer, detailing how he's going to pick apart your flesh. He's consumed with a hunger for power and will take it in any way and form possible.

He'll lie when it suits him, but he's not a pathological liar. If you know what he is, he'll stop trying to restrain himself on your behalf. Bran has severe betrayal issues. He's convinced everyone is going to betray him at some point, and as such doesn't make friends that easily, even beyond being a killer. Bran needs attention like most people need air. Fear. Love. Hate. Respect. Whatever. It doesn't matter as long as his presence evokes some kind response. Trying to avoid forging friendly relations with other people takes at least two of those things off the list. 

If you do something for him, he'll do everything to do the same for you. If you hurt him, he'll return the favor, with interest. If you keep your word when he's not expecting you to, he'll love you forever. Mostly because while he doesn't give his word often, he always keeps it, and since it's such a great gesture for him, he assumes it's the same for others, and makes him more likely to trust them. 

The smiles and laughs he has made so far could be described as grim, mirthless, crooked, bleak, sinister, or even almost mad. 

Because of his unpleasant upbringing, the constant sense of danger, and multiple attempts on his life, Bran has become solitary, suspicious, and practical. He is always wary of everyone, from strangers to his closest friends, and his suspicion makes him dislike taking chances, especially for the sake of others. He would not hesitate to defend himself or whatever he held dear, no matter the cost to others. He is practical to the point of ruthlessness in this regard, killing anyone he deems a threat with minimal hesitation or remorse, and an attitude that is almost casual. 

Bran is also very intelligent and strong-willed. Because almost everything in his life has been stolen from him he regards what he has as his sacred property. Perhaps because of his indomitable will, Bran is also quite stubborn on occasion. Whenever he makes a decision, nothing can change his mind. 

Another aspect of Bran is that because of his early upbringing, he can be very polite and well mannered at times. And usually is whenever he is not among the underworld. He is also somewhat introverted and extremely egocentric. His own life he values above all others.


Because Bran considers himself to be more important than others, he often disregards the feelings and suffering of others for his own sake. 

However, Despite his ruthlessness, and his love of power, Ryan is not sadistic or parasitic at all.



Twin DE-10 Blaster Pistols
Size: ~25cm, Mass: 1,3kg, Effective Range: 100m, Fire Modes: single, semi-auto
Magazine: 50, Ammunition: blaster powercell 
-Stopping Power Similar to the 'Razor'
-Dallorian construction allows rapid fire without overheating

Melee:Beskad Saber


On the planet Corellia, a group of construction workers stumbled across a male child in an abandoned warehouse. He was only a year old. They took him to the local orphanage as none of them had the money to support an extra child. A few months later a rich aristocrat by the name of Rovan De Coucy was looking to adopt a boy into his family. Ever since the aristocrat's wife died he had been regretting the fact that they had only had one child, who was already a grown man. He was lord of the De Coucy fortress, an impenetrable castle-like manor that occupied several square miles for the housing alone. He was, in a word, extremely wealthy. The De Coucy family had always prided themselves on being not one for titles. No sirs, no king, no senator. They were simply the Lord of Coucy. And were a proud family, with a history of independence from being sub-servant to any noble or alliance. 

This Rovan De Coucy had come to the orphanage seeking someone who could take up his mantle after he was gone, for his only son had proven to be full of avarice and corruption. His son had no knowledge of his father's intentions and was currently off-world. So, seeking one young enough to be groomed, Rovan found the boy among the youngest there. The child was very young and there was no record of his father or mother, no birth certificate, nothing to his name. He was perfect for Rovan's purposes. 

So it was that Rovan chose this boy to be his successor. He took him home and within two years the boy had begun to learn the knowledge of the galaxy from a private tudor by the name of Carulus. Rovan was not the typical lazy aristocrat. He was the definition of activity. Always here and there. And Rovan was an emphatic supporter of martial skills, as well as civilized learning. His motto went "The Learned Man may know much, and the Armed Man be much, but the Learned Armed Man is one to be feared." So Carulus was contracted by Rovan. 

Carulus was a former mandalorian, who had found more interest in the arts, science, and history than most mandalorians. However, he also had the martial skill of a mandalorian. Carulus had had some difficulties with the Mandalorian leaders and was politely asked to leave. He has never discussed what the reasons were that made him leave. He did agree to teach the boy, as the price offered was not inconsiderable. And Mandalorians always have a weak spot for money, which Rovan had in plenty. 

Under the tutelage of the mandalorian, Bran grew up to learn about the history of the galaxy, the politics of it, and the science of it. He also learned how to use various weapons. By the time he was ten, Bran had become capable of wielding all manner of pistols and daggers. It was clear that Bran's favorite weapon were the blaster pistols. He especially enjoyed wielding two DE-10 pistols of Carulus' and seeing how fast he could draw them. Bran enjoyed Carulus' teaching and loved to hear the stories Carulus told. 

Carulus in turn, was fond of the young boy. He was an extremely fast learner, both in the physical and intellectual. Carulus had already taught him enough of politics, history, and science that he would do very well as the Aristocrat's son. He was already better educated than eighty-percent of the population in the galaxy. Carulus had high expectations of this young boy. He knew that Bran would be someone. Carulus had never seen someone with such will-power as this boy. Bran would never back down from a challenge, but he was also smart. Sly, actually. Not that the boy was a liar. If Ryan gave his word on something, it was to be trusted. You just had to make sure you had his word. 

In his fourteenth year, Carulus taught him how to forge a saber, handcrafted. It was a very ancient skill, and one that went back in Carulus' family a long, long time. Eventually, when he deemed Bran capable, Carulus brought out some beskar ore. He told Bran of the tradition in his family of having the young men forge their own blades. If properly made, a hand-forged saber could be better than or equal to a machine-forged blade. Bran's physical appearance had changed much during his lessons in forging swords. His wrists had already grown strong from swinging swords and his fingers calloused from throwing knives and hatchets, but the swinging of a hammer increased his physical development by tenfold. By the time Carulus was ready to have him forge his own blade, Bran's muscles were like iron. His upper-body strength was unparalleled by any human boy his age. 

Bran forged the blade. He toiled over it for many days. Until finally, two weeks after he had begun, it was finished. The sword shone darkly, made from the strongest metal in the world it could stop any weapon it could block, even a lightsaber. From then on he practiced with Carulus. The method of fighting Carulus used was different from that typical of a mandalorian. It was all about timing and using your opponent's strength against him to conserve your own energy. Once you gained a knowledge of your opponent's strengths and weaknesses through defensive fighting, then you could go on the offensive. It took an enormous amount of work to get the timing down, but Bran slowly grew to get the hang of it. 

Things were not to go on like this forever in Bran's perfect little world. Rivar De Coucy shattered it. It was the day that the former heir came home and found Bran living there that things turned sour. Rivar had had no knowledge that Ryan even existed as part of the De Coucy family. Now that he knew, his anger was felt by all the household of Rovan's mansion. Rivar made it clear that he would be the one to inherit the Darr household. Rovan denied him that. He said that he would be changing the will on the morrow. Rivar would never be the Lord de Coucy. 

Rivar had other plans. Bran woke with a start. He heard a long drawn out cry. Then Carulus came running into his room with a large satchel. Bran was confused and asked Carulus what was going on. Carulus simply replied that Bran needed to grab his belt and sword. On his belt he had twin holsters for the DE-10 pistols he carried and the beskar saber hung on a sheath at his back. Hurriedly, Bran buckled the belt on and strapped the sheath to his back. Bran grabbed the satchel as Carulus urged him through the window and into a speeder. Bran asked what was going on, again. Carulus only replied that Bran had to go away, far away, for Rovan was dead. Bran had to leave and he could never return. Korr took the controls of the speeder in his hand, gave one last look at Carulus. And sped off into the night. In his dark eyes there began a dark intent that would grow with each passing year. His face set in a determined scowl, Bran left, knowing he would come back some day.

As soon as he could, Bran got a bounty license from the Imperials as well as the Alliance and several smaller system governments. Bran disappeared for several years after that, coming in and out of the records occasionally. Imperial Intel has gathered intelligence that suggests he was involved in multiple smuggling activities as well as working for the hutts from time to time. 

Six years later, Bran returned to the Coucy Manor. Where he strode into the room and proclaimed Rivar as murderer of Rovan. Rivar laughed at Bran and stated that the boy still needed to learn a thing or two. Bran asked for Carulus. Rivar said that Carulus was gone, long gone. Bran knew he did not have enough evidence to take Rivar to a trial. It enraged him. Bran told Rivar that he would kill him. Rivar only laughed. 

Several weeks later, Rivar was traveling in an open speeder when the row of seats he was sitting in exploded into flames and the driver had to crash-land. A thorough investigation proclaimed that it was not an accident, but an assassination. The cause of the explosion was attributed to some sort of rocket projectile fired from high above. It could've been any speeder passing that day. They went over video footage of the surrounding area, but cameras could not simply hang in the sky, and so they never found the assassin. Bran found his revenge. 

Over the years his body had been honed until his reflexes were faster than the blink of an eye; his strength overwhelming; and his agility astounding. But these were not what made him special. It was his sheer ability to survive through almost anything, as well as his cunning duplicity. For he was never here he seemed to be. He reappeared on official records a couple years later as a military contractor. A hired mercenary willing to do almost any job. He remains so to this day. 

Recorded during an interview with an anonymous contact

Unidentified voice, possibly Barabel. 

“Ssoo, you wissh to hear of Bran? [hissing noise, possibly Barabel laughter] Thisss one will tell you of hizss travelsss. After he kiilled the man called Rivar De Coucy he went to all the cornersss of sspace sseeking death. He felt losst. No purposse in life remained for him. But death would not come to him. Well thiss one rememberss him sspeaking of hiss bounty on a hutt family. Thisss family of huttsss had angered another one ssso they hired a bounty hunter...Bran. From what I have heard he ssimply walked into the houssess of these huttsss ssseeking an audience with them. But he killed the gate guards, then the interior guardss and ssslaughtered all within the building. He had no care for hiss own well being. Like thiss one sssaid, death did not come to him. Bran ssseemed angry that he had not died and did not collect the money offered by hiss contractorsss. Insstead he attacked them, ssstill ssseeking to die. They were massssacred in their ssurprisse. All but one died. Unfortunately for Bran, or maybe he ssaw it asss fortunate, thisss one was very rich and hired many huntersss to kill Korr. They did not know of Bran'ss abilitiezss and foolissshly sssought to kill him each on their own. Thisss izs where Bran’sss legend as a killer ssstartsss. Bran faced them all and killed them all, but he did not come out unssscathed.

Hizss woundsss were almosst fatal and ssstill he wazss pursued by huntersss. Sssoo he fled to a planet far away. I do not know itss name. There he had someone, someone from his childhood, who nursssed him back to health. I believe it to be hiss mentor, Carulusss. He wasss one of the few people Bran actually cared about. Sssoon the bounty hunterss found him. Caruluss and Bran made one final ssstand. Caruluss perished on that planet. However, Bran survived. He wasss very wroth with the lossss of his mentor and went on a killing ssspree of all those who hunted him. 

Whaat more can thisss one tell you? Hizss reputation as a killer increassed. Thozse who sssought to collect the hutt bounty died beneath hizss weaponzs. Sssooon the hutt could find no more hunterss to kill Bran. Ssoo he tried to flee, but Bran became the hunter and sstalked hiss prey across four sssytemss. He finally put an end to the hutt and found himssself without a bounty upon hiss head. Sssoo Bran’sss life hass been up to thisss point.”

Intel Report:Bran was the adopted son of a wealthy Corellian aristocrat. His adopted father was murdered as was his adopted brother. He lives a life as a mercenary going by the name 'Janus'. He is known for his duplicity and tenacity. 
The Force:Though he doesn't know it, Bran is a Force Sensitive. His personality suggests that his primary aspect of the force would be in Transformation, or the altering of the world around. His secondary aspect would most likely be Reinforcement, or the enhancement of the physical body. 

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Bran Janus
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