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Cordelia deWinter
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.: Cordelia Isis deWinter :.

.: Title :.
Bought by her father as a giftLady Starkiller
.: Faction Affiliation :.
Rogue Sith

.: Force Rank :.
Sith Knight

.: Species :.
3/4 Human and 1/4 Shi'ido

.: Age :.
Thirteen (present) | Twenty-six  (Zane's Kidnapping)

.: Height :.

.: Weight :.
100 lbs

.: Appearance :.
Hair: Dark brown 
Eyes: Silvery-Blue

.: Playby :.
Teenager : Ryan NewmanOlder at 26 : Olivia Wilde

.: Birthplace :.

.: Living Situation :.

.: Family :.
Mother:  Shery deWinter
Father:  Xander Starkiller

.: Siblings :.
Sisters:  Morgaine deWinter, Asteria deWinter, Nessarose deWinter

Brother: Alistair Starkiller

Half-sisters: Brumhilda deWinter, Lauda Cavataio, Aurora Starkiller, Aria Starkiller

Half-brothers: Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller

Children: None

.: Other family :.
Uncles: Mark Halcyon, Mercutio Starkiller, Jonathan deWinter, Alexander deWinter

Aunts:  Kailey Starkiller, Isobel Starkiller, Leilah Starkiller,

Great aunt: Jocasta Starkiller

Cousins: Anubis Starkiller, Tanisis Starkiller, Caiera Starkiller, Merlin deWinter, Arachne deWinter, Jace deWinter, Fallon deWinter, Natalie deWinter

Nieces: Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller

Nephew: Zane Starkiller

.: Personality :.
Cordelia is very much a filial daughter, the picture of filial piety. She is good to her parents, she does her best to engage in good conduct befitting of her status and stature not only just towards her parents, but also in regards to the social interactions. She tries her best to not be rebellious; show love, respect and support; display courtesy. She has a father complex, in the terms that she cares for the emotional well being of her father, so much to the point that she makes it an effort to make anyone ‘suffer the consequences’ of making her dear father unhappy.

.: History :.

.: Strengths :.
Cordelia is a prodigy, able to wield the Force in such a manner never seen before at such a young age. Though her specialties lies in those of the mind, she is her father's daughter, seeking to be just as powerful. As a passive ability, Cordelia is a Clairvoyant. She can see visions of people by thinking about them. She can also see glimpses of what that person is doing. She can locate any person upon whom she concentrates after seeing a holopicture or image of her intended target. She can then indicate the person's location on a holomap.

.: Weaknesses :.
At her young age, this feature only works with complete focus and is restricted to the planet she is on.

Age 0 - Born on Spira
Age 13- Began training with her Mother and Father, focusing all of her entirety in training and studying at home.
1. Paradise Found [Complete] Training with scrying and Force use.
2. Dream a little dream [Complete] Initial dream walking training
3. For all Eternity [Complete] The wedding of Xander and Shery
4. Pirates and Candy  [ Her part complete ] A time to play with her nephew, sister, and Chloe Draclau
5. Onions   [Complete] -Advanced dreamwalking training.
6. For Father I do All - [Complete, Knighted ] Trained in Force spark and was knighted making her the youngest Starkiller offspring to reach such an esteemed position at her age.
7. As I walk through the Valley of the Jedi, I will be Evil Incarnate - A special one on one trip with her father to Ruusan

Age 26- Nephew Zane is kidnapped. 
8. No one to call, everybody to fear  [Complete ~ her part ]- Zane Starkiller is kidnapped and Cordelia tries to scry for him. She is unsuccessful.  Time passes and Zane's whereabouts are still unknown.

Cordelia Isis deWinter
Lady Starkiller
~ . + |:. ~

Apprentice Force Powers
Alter Elements (fire)Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Senses
Force Comprehension
Force Sense 
Force Empathy
Far Sight

Torture By Chagrin 

Knight Powers
Enhanced Force Sense
Force Spark
Mental Translocation

Dreamwalking (primary and secondary training ~ still needs final 3rd phase)
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Cordelia deWinter
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