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Filip 'Chibs' Telford (WIP)
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Filip 'Chibs' Telford
Age:  36
Gender:  Male  
Birthworld:  Naboo  
Homeworld:  Nar Shaddaa    

Legal Status:  Nar Shaddaa citizen   
Relationship Status:  Single 
Living Situation:  Nar Shaddaa 
Occupation:  OOC: Trainee, IC: Sergeant Major

Affiliation:  The Alliance   
Rank:  Trainee   

Personal Skills:  Chibs can speak Basic with a Scottish accent.  He can also understand, but not speak, Huttese, Rodian, and Shyriiwook.  He is skilled in the use of demolitions, heavy assualt weapons, sniper rifles, pistoles and knives.

Personality: Chibs is a very solitary and religous man, he takes comfort in being alone most of the time, he has a strong hate for the empire as they are responsable for the death of his wife and children, he doesn't trust people easily and has been known to go cowboy on missions and nearly get himself killed. He has a very direct  and to the point attitude and a twisted sense of humor. His nick name came from the scars on his face as the very word Chib means scar or knife, and he leaves his mark on Imperial officers by giving him the same scars the empire gave him before they left him to die.

Activities:  Sharpening his blades, keeping his guns clean and in running condition, making bombs. Useing all said items on Imperial's. 

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Tommy Flanagen  
Height:  6'0”  
Weight:  210 lbs.  
Hair Color:  Burnette but greying  
Eye Color:  Blue/Grey
Skin Color:  Tanned

General Appearance / Possessions:  Chibs typically wears black jeans and engineerign boots with sleeveless tshirts, hooded jackets and a leather vest with a grim reaper as a patch on teh back. He keeps a pair of Enforcers on him that are in shoulder holsters, and a random variety of throwing knives spread across his body. His hair is usually combed abck and he's typically wearing his sunglasses, if theya re not on his face their around his neck. He owns a custom speeder bike and has a back back full of ammo and explosives equipment.

(More to come later)
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Filip 'Chibs' Telford (WIP)
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