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Samael, The Destroyer
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Samael
Age:  16
Gender:  Male  
Birthworld:  Barab I  
Homeworld:  Nar Shaddaa    

Legal Status:  Nar Shaddaa citizen   
Relationship Status:  Single 
Living Situation:  Nar Shaddaa 
Occupation:  Mercenary  

Affiliation:  Alliance
Rank:  Trainee   

Personal Skills:  Samael can speak and understand Basic and Barabel.  He can also understand, but not speak, Dosh, Huttese, Rodian, and Shyriiwook.  He is skilled in the use of heavy weapons and heavy armor in battle.

Personality:  Samael is a solitary individual, preferring to do things his own way even when it isn't the wisest course of action.  He works well enough as part of a team, provided you don't get in his way too often when he lays eyes on the target.  His first reaction for every problem is to find a solution that involves shooting it to death.  Repeatedly.  And then making sure it's dead by either shooting it one or two more times . . . or tackling it into or even through a wall if necessary.  Repeatedly.

Activities:  Hunting things with big guns. 

Physical Stats
Avatar:  N/A  
Height:  6'0”  
Weight:  300 lbs.  
Hair Color:  N/A  
Eye Color:  Silver  
Skin Color:  Tan / Grey  

General Appearance / Possessions:  Samael is a powerful-looking individual; he's bulkier and shorter than a typical Barabel, giving him more mass and weight, but less height.  He can usually be found wearing a custom-made suit of Matrix armor, with two of his weapons strapped to his back; a single Heavy ACP Repeater, a single Stouker concussion rifle, and his third weapon, an MM9 rocket system, worn on his left forearm.

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Samael, The Destroyer
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