Author Topic: Chat quotes that make you rofl  (Read 14910 times)

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Re: Chat quotes that make you rofl
« Reply #240 on: 10/04/13 13:22:11 »
[20:18:16] Anna Razberry Boo: Will they have sex with -my- characters?
[20:18:21] Anna Razberry Boo: :3
[20:18:42] Nessarose deWinter: pirate and mermaid
[20:18:44] Nessarose deWinter: hot bestiality
[20:18:57] Anna Razberry Boo: She can grow legs!
[20:19:01] Nessarose deWinter: I WANT HER IN FISH FORM
[20:19:05] Anna Razberry Boo: OKAY
[20:19:06] Nessarose deWinter: TOONA HAS NEVER TASTED THIS WONDERFUL
[20:19:23] Anna Razberry Boo: Honestly, she wouldn't have any problems with that. Because she's more comfortable with a tail.
[20:19:44] Nessarose deWinter: and scarr would run her fingers along that tail... gently, the nail barely scraping
[20:19:46] Nessarose deWinter: and look for a hole
[20:20:14] Anna Razberry Boo: Ever seen a fish squirm? Also, are mermaids capable of having goosebumps?
[20:20:33 | Edited 20:20:56] Nessarose deWinter: it's called scalebumps, you insensitive privileged cis-race'd twat.
[20:21:08] Anna Razberry Boo: Hehe.

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Re: Chat quotes that make you rofl
« Reply #241 on: 01/12/16 19:38:43 »
In voice, via Google Hangouts, we're both drinking (so any creative errors are to be expected.)

Nick:  Apparently the actor who played Jar-Jar Binks still doesn't like the criticism from fans.  He said "it stings."
Me:  Laughter.
Nick:  Don't play the character!  He should delete the script.  "What am I even doing with my life?  Is this really worth the paycheck?"
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