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Tenbatt Riscin
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IC Info:

Name: Tenbatt Riscin
Alias/Nickname: Ten, Little TenTen (Derogatory)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Republic
Rank: OOC: Trainee IC: Staff Sergeant
Homeplanet: Coruscant

Force Sensitive: No
Force Powers: N/A

Non-Force Abilities: Tenbatts's lungs breath air and his heart pumps blood, although, like most of his organs, they are entirely synthetic, consisting of bio-fibers. The bone structure in his right arm and shoulder as well as left leg is constructed of high-strength, polymer-covered alloys, and hundreds of micro-gyros embedded in his joints give him a perfect sense of balance. Both his bones and organs appeared entirely Human when scanned, as does the flawless, cloned skin covering the cybernetic parts. His muscles, however, would not fool scanners—in order for them to provide him with greater strength, they are made of a material that scanned as an unknown tissue. Tenbatt's right eye hides advanced sensors, providing him with infrared, low-light and telescopic vision while the cybernetic part of his brain has locked-access memory which records input from his sensors, including audio recording. He also has an integrated, encrypted comlink for secure communications in his ear. Tenbatt's ability with languages is also impressive—he could read and write in both Basic and Mandalorian, while he could speak a variety of languages including Basic, Falleen, Huttese, Rodese and Ryl. He is ambidextrous.
In his career in the Republic Military Ten has received training a standard infantryman, orbital drop/rocket trooper, and a Special Forces Officer.

Specialty Training Includes:
~Combat onboard ships, though he also has training in zero-g combat, space survival and space-suit operation.
~Drops into enemy territory, establishing beachheads, performing reconnaissance and holding territory until reinforcements arrived.
~Street combat and finding ways to adapt the tough urban fighting environment to suit him and his forces. Trained in making do with whatever equipment he has and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, street fighting, demolitions and light weaponry.
~Specific combat conditions: arctic, aquatic, jungle/forest, mountain, desert and plains and using his terrain for the best tactical advantage in fighting.
~Secret agent and spy. He is adept at slipping through enemy lines and sowing seeds of rebellion on enemy worlds or sabotaging important installations and ships. Equally comfortable on abduction and rescue missions.
~Trained to pilot vehicles and ships to provide back-up and support for their comrades.
~Sensor operation and communications equipment.
~To acquire information in cases where the Republic Intelligence interrogators were unavailable because the prisoner in question could not be moved, the information was time-critical, or combat theater danger made using such an interrogator inappropriate.
~Acquiring important combat material from unorthodox sources.


Clothing: He wears the fuctional duty uniform of the Republic military which consist of cargo pants and a top with pocket on the brest and upper arms. His unit is displayed on his left arm and the unit on the right. He also wears a single hoslster when in uniform so that he is always armed. When out of uniform he goes for clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t interfere with his movement. But he always keeps several weapons concealed on his body. When on active assignments he either wears just his battle armor or wears said armor under his clothing.

Facial: Due to the surgery that reconstituted major parts of his body he appears younger than he really is. With tan skin and dark hair it is difficult to tell where he hails from which aids him in his SpecOps assignments. He keeps his facial hair trim and neat with a mustache/goatee. His light brown eyes though, if one pays close enough attention bely his true age.

Body: He has the muscular body of someone who has incorporated physical exercise of all types into his lifestyle at a young age. He bears a tattoo representing his first unit on his right arm, a tattoo he had to have redone when his cybernetic was installed in it s place. Other wise the cybernetics installed in his body leave no visible mark on his body and he appears to be your average normal human.

Standard Pistol: Krayt Claw Heavy Blaster
Standard Rifle: P-22-B Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Dissauder KD-30 Slugthrower
Standard Melee Weapon:
Secondary Melee Weapon: Torgarian Yil Sc’rath
Explosives: Usually Half a Dozen Grenades of Varying Types, but usually varies
Standard Armor:

Standard Gear:
-All other equipment is issued by the Republic before an assignment

Tenbatt, raised among military traditions, was brought up in a culture of strict discipline and devotion to duty, values he fully internalized. Though he entered the academy as a relatively brash young man, he quickly settled into the routines of discipline and stood out among his comrades for his military skill and devotion. Ten is always relentlessly honest with himself and openly considered and admitted his flaws; if one is pointed out to him, he took little or no offense but seeks to rectify it. he combined a willful strength with the well-trained professionalism of an military officer. Tenbatt will always be a passionate, fun-loving, committed man.

Tenbatt is known for his confidence in his skills, dry wit, bluntness, and his puick trigger finger. His ability to think up inventive and often extremely unorthodox solutions to problems on the fly proved to be a constant source of frustration to all enemies he encountered (and often his friends). He is known for being a hard worker dedicated to the cause, and for pushing those around him to excel as well. Inside, the losses of comrades affects him, and he knows and accepts that his number was coming up soon expecting to die in war and fighting all the harder because of it. However, he does have a circle of close friends, and Ten enjoys being around them as well as being known for looking out for the best interests of those around him.

Tenbatt preferrs to promote creativity in his soldiers, rather than merely punish their failures. He encourags his senior soldiers to express their own ideas and gives them reasoned consideration rather than ignore any outside ideas. Ten's command boosted the morale of his troops through victories, but also through his clear dedication to the cause of the Republic. Officers and soldiers serving under Tenbatt admire his lack of concern for personal glory, wanting only the defeat of the Republic's enemies and the establishment of peace. An excellent commander and an ingenious tactician, he fights hard to bring down the Empire and the Sith. He often put himself in harm's way to rescue a Republic soldier; on Togoria, he almost killed himself trying to save a pilot from her flaming fighter. Tenbatt is willing to admit defeat. Rather than stand proud and fight a losing battle, Ten knew when it was time to retreat, although those instances were few and far between, and in those instances he adjust his plans in later attempts.


The son of a Republic Army general and a Navy admiral, Tenbatt never had any doubts about what he wanted to be growing up. Even as a youth he was raised with the principles of a soldier. His parents, afraid of outside influences negatively influencing him had him home schooled. His childhood therefore was very sheltered having little interactions with other people his age. His most constant companions where tutors and nanny droids. But seeing as how that was all he knew he never had a problem with it and thrived receiving an above average education. In addition to his formal education he received training in the use of weapons and piloting to compliment his other lessons.

At the age of sixteen he left his parents household, not that he saw them enough to develop a true parent child connection, he signed up to join the army of the Republic. Even though his parents positions in the military could have guaranteed him a higher position he chose to join a regular infantry unit in order to establish himself and move out of his parent shadow.. He would spend the next two years with the regular infantry fighting in several battles against the combined might of the Empire and the Sith and witnessing the effects of their takeovers. In his heart he made a vow that he would become a better soldier in order to put an end to the corruption that he saw as a natural byproduct of the Empire/Sith Rule.

After establishing a solid record among the infantry he choose to join up with the Republics elite Meteor Corp. He was eighteen years old at the time and had no idea what he was truly getting himself into. But throughout the grueling training and demanding courses he excelled and still pushed himself to stay out in front of the other trainees. He passed the course at the top of his class and was inducted into the orbital/air assault unit with little fanfare past a data message containing orders that he was to move to join the Meteor troopers as soon as he completed training. Little did he know that his first combat assignment would be one that would cause him so much pain.

On a mission to Iridonia, a young Tenbatt-only 19 years old, met a Zabrak female named Ury’thal Agon. She was a technician on the Republic outpost there. There love was not destined to last though, as when the enemy attacked them in the form of mercenaries hired by the Empire. And in an assault on his base the first real love he had discovered was stripped from him in the explosion of a thermal detonator. The young man, while putting aside his emotions to combat the enemy, would never forget the Zabrak woman who had opened up his heart. As his unit was forced to retreat from the planet he vowed to end the death and destruction caused by his enemies, and issue in a new galaxy where people could live in peace.

His next vital mission would take him to the planet Adari. As he dropped planetside his pod and that of a Togorian squad mate were the first to land and two out of very few that had landed in the designated DZ. Immediately the two were set upon by Sith forces. Between the two of them not only did they establish a beachhead and LZ but as more troops were added to their numbers they actually began to push the Sith back. Until the Sith released one of their monstrous creatures made through Sith Alchemy. With No Jedi to aid them Ten and his Togorian partner rushed the creature with a reckless abandon. At the last instant he threw the Togorian, named Rakvul out of the way of the beast final charge. Although Tenbatt managed to kill it he was seriously injured. Tenbatt himself was captrued by the the Sith forces who surged forward to secure what they thought would be an easy target in the wake of the beast rampage of destruction but were forced to retreat.

This is where reports become unclear. Tenbatts own memories on the subject are a haze of pain and screaming. Thoughts of evil faces and gleaming red blades. Holovid recordings, mostly destroyed in the taking of the Sith base, show Tenbatt being tortured for information he refused to give. In the process the Sith cut off his arm and leg and damage to his head cause him to lose his right eye and ear. Couple it with the brain damage and it was a miracle and a testament to his fortitude that he survived as long as he did. As it was when his unit finally caught up to the enemy forces Ten was at deaths door from damaged organs and missing body parts. The Republic managed to defeat the Sith forces and evacuate the brave soldier to the rear lines.

Unlike the common line solider though Tenbatt’s parents had made quite a large sum of money in their military careers and had no problem spending it on their only child. Getting him released on medical leave they hired the best doctors they could find to fix his damaged body. But only time would heal his injured mind. During his rehabilitation he took a trip to the planet Cato Neimoidia.

Special Forces, the best of the best. Special forces were any fighting units trained specifically to undertake particularly difficult missions that could not be expected of regular troops, and their missions were generally of a more confidential nature. When selected for special forces, the troopers would go through another round of advanced training at a drop-camp. The trainees were taught advanced skills essential for special forces service, but the primary purpose of this phase of training was to weed out candidates lacking the drive to succeed in their missions. The standards in every area of training were high, and the drop-out rate was equally high.

Simply having been accepted onto a special forces training program was a mark of a trooper's superior qualities, and many failed candidates went on to have successful careers within the Republic military. But failure was not an option for Ten. For months he trained with the Special Forces, earning his place among them and receiving advanced training. His missions after he completed the course were exactly what he needed and his cybernetics time and again proved the edge he needed to stay ahead of his enemies. After a while he just accepted them as a natural part of him. He would stay with the special forces community for three more years after his initial training, but he never would have expected his last assignment.

SpecForce should not be confused with Special Operations (SpecOps) groups who participated in murky undercover missions that typically involved investigating, snooping and hectic seat-of-the-pants assignments with minimal input from Republic Command. There was a deep rivalry between the two branches. Although SpecForce members recognized the need for SpecOps, and some considered them capable soldiers, they tended to think of Special Operations agents as amateurs who relied on luck to complete their missions. Likewise SpecOps agents tended to regard their counterparts as a group of arrogant, over-trained grunts with over inflated opinions of their own importance.

Being attached to a special operations team was the last thing a twenty-four year old Tenbatt ever
could have ever wanted. Where for years discipline and structure had been all his, now there was discord and chaos. Well planned and executed operations turned into last-ditch rescues and adrenaline filled escapes. But like everything else Tenbatt did he gave it everything he had, moving up in the ranks and gaining recognition among his peers and superiors alike. Finally he was promoted to Leuitenant and given command of his own team, although in the special operations world command was a loosely defined thing.

After having been in charge for a little under a year now Tenbatt has begun to wonder what is in store next for not only him and his career, but the Republic as a whole. Does he have a place in the galaxy as it is? Or will he have to begin to look for a new place to fit himself into.
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Tenbatt Riscin
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Hello! I'm going to have to postpone adding your biography to the index, seeing that you have listened the character as a Lieutenant within the Republic. By the formation of ranks within the Alliance, as you may see here, those type of ranks fall under the Adept level. 
So, either send in a rank transfer (if there is one) for the character or change it, please, then I will be able to add it to the index.  

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Tenbatt Riscin
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Lol, its alright. I'd rather be enlisted anyway.

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Tenbatt Riscin
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Added to the bio index!