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Freya Skieldas
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Basic Info 

Birth Name:  Freya Skieldas
Alias:  Freya
Age:  21
Gender:  Female 
Birthworld:  Zeltros
Homeworlds:  Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, Zeltros

Legal Status:  Citizen of Zeltros
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  N/A
Occupation:  Mercenary

Affiliation:  Factionless, currently
Rank:  Trainee

Personal Skills:  Freya can speak and understand Basic and Zeltron, and she can understand, but not speak, Hapan and Huttese.  She is a practitioner of the Noghri unarmed fighting style, Stava, as well as a practitioner of the K’tara style, but her best skills are with a sword, either dual-wielding, two-handed, or a single blade.  She's also a fair hand with a blaster. 

Personality:  Freya has the stereotypical Corellian’s cocky, devil-may-care attitude towards life, as well as her innate Zeltron love for the pleasures in life, both the simple ones, and the more refined ones.  Because of this, most, if not all, of her fellow mercenaries have referred to her as a “bed-hopper,” she is nearly as empathic as her Zeltron kin, as well as sharing their sexual appetites.  There is nothing she won’t do once, and it is quite common for her to do it again…and again and again and again, as well.  If she wasn’t a mercenary, her colleagues would say she’d be very well off in a pleasure house, but as it is, her appetite for sexual activity is nearly unmatched by anyone else they’ve ever met.

Hobbies:  Bar brawls, cantina fights, honing her unarmed and melee combat skills, and sex, sex, and more sex.

Physical Characteristics
Avatar:  Sophia Myles
Height:  5'6" 
Weight:  135 lbs.
Hair Color:  Blond / Red / Whatever she likes at any given moment
Eye Color:  Black

Possessions:  Personal clothing (changes depending on the planet and the situation), twin vibroswords in scabbards on her back and a retractable quarterstaff in a thigh-sheath.

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Freya Skieldas
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Added to the bio list

And yes, the history is acceptable. Bios are not mandatory here and you can write whatever you want in them