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Aria Santori
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Name - Aria Santori
Profession - Jedi
Rank - Apprentice
Species -  Human
- 17
Height - 5' 6''
Weight - 104 pounds
Appearance -  Shoulder length black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes
Distinguishing marks - None
- Dathomir
FamilyDarren Santori (Father) / Alexi Santori (Mother) Both living.
Sometimes too nice for her own good, can act childish at times, and all and around just your average good girl.
-  When Aria was just a few years old, her potential with the Force began to manifest itself, and her parents tried their best to keep her hidden at home as the Jedi did not have en Enclave on Dathomir at the time, but worried that travelers that saw her might feel that she was Force-Sensitive and take her away. All their efforts were in vain, as she was found by chance by a passing Jedi Knight and was sent by her parents to Naboo after the Jedi was not allowed to take her, hoping she would be able to blend in on Naboo and not be discovered. All that was undone when she by chance wandered into the Jedi Enclave on Naboo and was instantly picked out and her training begun.
Strengths - She has devoted herself to studying long hours in the Library of Theed, and took the time to learn many things about common practices within the Galaxy, as well as enriching her understanding of her native Dathomir, as told from an outside source. As such, he learns quite easily when reading, and understands spoken instructions equally well. Her ability with the Force is such that through meditation, she can control a vast number of things, and can move things quite easily.
- She sometimes lets her mind get too over inflated and fails to see what is right in front of her at times, as such, she has been reprimanded on several occasions by her various Jedi teachers in allowing her thoughts to wander while she is meditating.

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Aria Santori
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