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Crixus Ordo
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Name: Crixus Ordo
Species: Human (Mandolorian)
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 210lbs

Profession: Mercenary/ Bounty Hunter/ Journeyman Protector

Physical Appearance: As an adult, Crixus Ordo stood 6‘0‘’ tall. He was garbed in traditional Mandalorian (Beskar) armour with a string of trophy scalps at his shoulder. Despite his weapon-laden suit of armour, Crixus is a subtle hunter and relied as much on his cunning and intelligence as on pure muscle and combat skill. Speaking with a raspy, gravelly voice, but still retaining his Ordoian accent.

Some considered him to be the best bounty hunter in the Galaxy. Ordo was often found to be very cunning and witty like his father, but at a much more emphasized level. Throughout the many years of his career, Ordo developed a strong sense of justice, moral obligation, and adhered to his own code of honour. He took only certain contracts that agreed with his own beliefs and brutal justice. But to those few, he whole-heartedly devoted all of his magnificent skill should the occasion call for it. This led him to believe in a quick, clean kill.


Battle Weapons:

Preferred Weapon: EE-3 carbine rifle,

Secondary Weapons:
Westar-34 blaster pistol
Czerka ZX miniature flame projector
BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser
Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket
fibercord whip
Knee Pad Rocket Launcher-

Vehicles of choice: AIAT/i gunship
The Adenn Kad



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Crixus Ordo
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