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Alita Halcyon
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Basic Info
Full Name:  Alita HalcyonAge:  21 (42)Gender:  FemaleBirthworld:  Dathomir (Corellia)Homeworld:  Dxun
Legal Status:  Dxun residentRelationship Status:  SingleLiving Situation:  DxunOccupation:  N/A
Affiliation:  Witches of DathomirRank:  Knight/SpellweaverFormer Affiliation:  The Sith Imperium
Personal Skills:  Alita can speak and understand Galactic Basic, and can understand Mandalorian, but not speak it.  She is fairly-skilled with wielding a single-bladed lightsaber in combat, as well as the Force.
Personality:  Alita is half-feral from living on Dxun by choice, with only the native predators to keep her company.  She has little use for any sentients she considers "civilized," which is to say the majority of people; she is of the opinion that people who call highly-populated worlds like Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa home, are asleep, unaware of their true natures.  The wilderness is her home, no matter the planet; the less-developed and less-populated it is, the more comfortable she is.
Hobbies:  Hunting those she thinks will provide a challenge, and dominating any native predators on whatever world she is on, bending them to her will completely.
Physical StatsAvatar:  UnknownHeight:  5'4"Weight:  140 lbsHair Color:  BrownEye Color:  Yellow/Amber
Possessions:  Her single-bladed red lightsaber and personal clothing (such as it is).
Known Force Abilities:Apprentice Level -Animal FriendshipBasic TelekinesisEnhance AbilityForce SenseTelepathy
Knight Level -Body AdjustmentEnhanced Force SenseForce ScreamTapas
Known Witch Spells:Apprentice Level -Mountain SenseNight SightSpell of Healing IWeather Sense
History:  Born an orphan on Corellia, Alita survived on her own in the streets of Coronet City until the age of 15, when she crept aboard a light freighter.  Leaving the ship when it arrived at its destination, she encountered two dark individuals on that world, the name of which she does not remember.  Managing, somehow, to track one of the people to their shared destination, she soon learned the reason for her unerring sense of direction - she was capable of using the Force.  Leaving that nameless world with the pair, who she soon learned were husband and wife, as well as Sith, Alita soon came to call the world known as Korriban home, as she received training in the Force.  She remembers little of those days, save that her Master, Maize Wayne, Knighted her shortly after her attempt to kill, or at least injure him with a group of tuk'ata she had dominated and bent to her control, failed.
Not long after she was Knighted as a member of the then-Dark Sith Order, she vanished from the face of the known galaxy.  She reappeared roughly twenty-two years later, returning to Korriban once more - albeit in a very different body; she had no knowledge of how she physically died, but her spirit, her soul, had been reborn into the infant body of a Nightsister of Dathomir.  Leaving that world at the age of seventeen, feeling a pull towards another location, she allowed her magic to guide her.  Upon setting foot on the surface of Korriban once more, her memories of her last life slowly trickled into her mind until she was completely reawakened to who she had been.  Reclaiming her Knight-hood didn't take long with her old, and at the same time, new knowledge of the Force, though she soon departed from Korriban once more, vanishing again in pursuit of her own agenda, an agenda even she doesn't fully understand.
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Alita Halcyon
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