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Garin Rial
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-Name- Garin Rial

-Profession- High Commander, Confederate Alliance

-Species- Human

-Age- 30

-Height- 6'1

-Weight-  200

-Appearance-  Garin has the physical build of a human male who engages in regular intense physical training. He has brown hair and green eyes, and usually maintains some degree of facial hair, but has gone clean shaven on some occasions. Garin carries himself with a confident step, which is often misinterpreted as a cocky swagger, and is rarely seen without

-Distinguishing marks- Thin scar from left shoulder to upper left chest

-Homeworld- Bastion

-Family-  Jarik Rial (Deceased) - Father; Cerith Fel (Deceased) - Mother; Mara Fel - Grandmother (Deceased)

-Personality- Garin has a tendency towards the bravado that always seemed to exist within his family, and also the idealism that permeates through that line. He believes in a greater good and justice, but he also feels a strong desire for vengeance against the Sith, whom destroyed his family. This is somewhat indicative of his darker side. While capable of being merciful, and often is, Garin also has a ruthless streak in him. Combined with his strong sense of duty and purpose, it can lead him down a path where he is willing to do anything to keep fighting, no matter the cost. Even still, he tries to remain as grounded as possible, and when he does make mistakes, he accepts, even when they are pointed out to him, and attempts to rectify them.

-History- Garin Todr Fel Rial was born on Bastion in less then desirable circumstances. His father was killed in battle only weeks before he was born, and the young infant and his mother, Cerith, were forced to leave the planet in the wake of the Sith Empire expanding. Hiding on a number of Chiss outposts in the Unknown Regions, Cerith did her best to raise her son properly. Garin never went to any proper academy or school, but was instead taught by a number of trusted tutors, who gave the boy intense lessons in both classic subjects and those he, as an heir, would be required to know. Cerith was one of a handful of Imperial Knights that still remained after the victories of the Sith Empire, and took it upon herself to train the boy. Garin grew up in a galaxy where he had little opportunity for play or relaxation, as almost every waking moment had to be dedicated to training him to step in as the leader of the family, which wasn't a small responsibility by any stretch of the imagination.

Cerith was one of the most vocal members of the Fel loyalists advocating joining the Confederate Alliance. When they did, the two movements combined, and Garin found himself opportunities he hadn't yet thought possible. His knighting ceremony took place when Garin was 19, and it was expected he would continue to train in the ways of the Force, but part of the rebellious streak that had defined so many of his ancestors was very much alive in the young man, and he quickly joined the Confederate military as a starfighter pilot. After all, being raised on stories of his grandfather, great-grandfathers, and great-uncles, being a pilot was something of a lifelong aspiration for Garin. He completed his initial training and was assigned to a combat squadron, flying a few missions before receiving news that his mother had been killed by Sith during a recon mission into the Core. Suddenly the last heir to the line, Garin found himself in an awkward position. He wanted to continuing fighting against the Sith, especially now, as he felt the flames of vengeance lick at his heard. The Confederate High Command, though, decided he was too important to be on the front lines, and quickly transferred to the pilot training school, where he could use his knowledge and skill to teach rookies, and remain safe from Imperial fire.

However, Garin wasn't content to remain sheltered. He had continued with his studies even as pilot, and he was more dedicated than ever to continue the fight his ancestors had begun against tyranny and the Dark Side. One night, Garin was in his quarters, and the next, he was simply gone. As a testament to the Confederacy's desire to keep him well hidden, few people knew Garin by face alone, which he used to his advantage. Under a false name, he enlisted in the Confederate marines. His combat abilities, which he learned as part of his Imperial Knight training, served him far better as a marine then they ever had as a pilot. In two years, he was transferred to special forces, and it was only then, when meeting with a Confederate intelligence liaison, that his identity was discovered. Despite being somewhat shocked and exasperated with his ruse, the powers that be decided to let Garin continue on his current path, making a deal with the young man.

Like most compromises, it left everyone fairly unhappy, but it was acceptable. After four years in special forces, Garin was pulled out and put in a position of leadership as High Commander of the Confederate military. At thirty, it was an obvious political move, and an attempt to give legitimacy to the Confederacy. After all, it had been an alliance between the remnants of the Galactic Alliance and Garin's second cousin that ensured the survival of both sides. It seemed only fitting that the last of the line be put in command of the fight to reclaim the galaxy from the Sith. Garin, however, was not the armchair commander some had hoped, and certainly not the puppet others might have desired. As soon as authority was given to him, he began a slew of new initiatives aimed at strengthening the Confederate military and eliminating as many weak links as possible. The result was more of a focus on hit and run campaigns, and a removal of all but the most hidden of presences in the galaxy proper. While is overall plan lacks a certain amount of cohesion, it is hard to argue that under Garin's leadership, the Confederacy is poised to take its first truly proactive steps against the Sith Empire.

 -Strengths- Trained as an heir to a royal line, Garin is well versed in a number of intellectual subjects, but truly excels as combat tactics. He has been taught diplomacy, but his blunt way of speaking and his rough edges can cause him to forgo such niceties when his patience wears thin. As a commander and politician, he can be shrewd and cunning, looking as many steps ahead of an opponent as he possibly can, often sacrificing smaller victories in favor of the grander scale.

Garin is also a fully trained Imperial Knight, taught by surviving members of that order, and, as such, is well trained in the Force and lightsaber combat. His service as a member of the Confederate special forces and navy gave him a in depth knowledge of combat, piloting, and the skills which are associated with those. Garin takes pride in keeping his skills sharp, practicing against human and droid opponents, and in simulations, whenever possible.

Martially, Garin is a highly proficient lightsaber duelist as well as a skilled marksmen. Rarely is there a time when he wears his lightsaber without having his blaster at his side as well. He also knows the hybrid martial art style taught to special force soldiers, which he practices less as a combat tool and more a recreational hobby.

-Weaknesses- Garin has a tendency to be impatient, occasionally ignoring what is most tactically sound in order to follow what is more expedient. While this has, in some instances, allowed him to confuse and take advantage of enemies, it has also resulted in him making mistakes. While he does his best to learn from them, there is a certain brash and arrogance to the man which he is consistently unable to remove completely. He is also a stubborn man, almost completely unwilling to deviate from any course of action he deems proper.

He is also, as discovered during a tryst in his early twenties, allergic to bothan fur.

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