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Asteria deWinter ~ Threads
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Age 3
Mister I'll Make a Man Out of You - Asteria wanders through the estate, finding her father and brother while Alistair is given his first lesson in how to use Force Sense. She taps into the same skill with him and promises to practice her powers.
Age 17
Remembering the Prologue - Her mother is called for a mission on Hoth and Asteria decides to join. In their two days of travel, Shery reveals to Asteria a painful part of the past in which Shery and Xander were almost too late to save their daughter, and teaches Asteria Telekinesis, Force Persuasion, Force Sense, Force Choke, Force Healing, Telepathy, and Kinetite, and gives her a first lesson in Dream Walking. (credit to Mom for the description)
Snowhite and the Seven Skels - Second part of the story. Asteria and her Mom arrive to the residence of Victoria who invited Shery to Hoth to find the woman dead before they're attacked by Skels and Asteria is kidnapped and taken to the Princess and Prince with the intent of being sacrificed so the two could have a child. Left alone with the Princess, she plays the game of showing off powers with her before they start a Force battle that ends with Asteria killing her before she crystallizes the corpse and leaves it there.
Pet Market Shopping Day - After Dad has lifted the ban on having pets, and with the arrival of a Pet Market on Spira, Asteria and Nessarose head out to pick out their new animals with Mom's credit card.

KNIGHT ERA 18 - 29

Age 18
The next Lady deWinter - Upon her eighteenth birthday, Asteria spends time with just her mother who gives her two gifts - a voice card for her droid, the title of Lady Asteria deWinter and makes her Sith Knight.
If your friends don't dance, well they're no friends of mine - Asteria meets Angelo on her trip to Coruscant and has coffee with him.
Obsessions Burn Deep - Weeks after her Knight promotion, Asteria seeks her mother out with the request to learn more powers. Throughout the day, Shery teaches Asteria Force Scream, Force Levitation, Enhanced Force Sense, Farsight, Torture by Chagrin and the element of Earth.
Power for Power's Sake - Asteria seeks her father out and through out the afternoon, ends up learning Force Empathy, Force Comprehension, Shatterpoint, Psychometry/Telemetry, Intuitive Aptitude (Technopathy), Alter Element I: Fire and Sith Alchemy (Mechu-deru).
Halloween Masquerade Ball - With Angelo at her side, Asteria travels to the Masquerade Ball on Necropolis, only to get overly distracted by her date and not quite reach it in time.
Never Get Me Out of Your Head - Having learned how to speak telepathically, Asteria practices on Morgaine.
Age 19
Angel's Kiss -
Age 24
It's only fair I get my turn - Having known that her baby sister has been trained by both of their parents and her big brother, Asteria decides she wants to help in her sister's training. During the day, she teaches Nessarose Enhanced Telekinesis and Kinetite.
It's a fine day for guests... - Receiving an invitation by William Carter, Asteria travels to Procopia.
Too Long - With is return to the galaxy, Cameron comes to visit Asteria and after a brief conversation, she asks him to teach her the element of Air since it's something she can't learn from either of her parents. During a hard training session, instead of just learning one element, Asteria advances her water element just as she brings the new one to the same level.
Age 26
It's all about Family - As Asteria prepares to leave for a short trip to Coruscant, she finds Coren with Nessarose in the kitchen on Spira.
Baby in tow - A stranger woman knock on the doors of the manor, bringing a baby with her. While Asteria has no idea who it is at start, the sight of what her big sister is attempting distracts her from even questioning the new presence at first.
Age 28
The Battle of Eriadu - While the Imperial soldier take over Eriadu, Asteria follows her mother due to which she nearly handled a Jedi but is drawn back from it, send to investigate the last city under attack while Mom goes to find Nessarose.
A House Divided, Comes Together - After already dealing with Coren's presence and that of his daughter, Asteria feels the presence of Jedi in the house one morning while feeding her horse in the zoo, only to find Brumhilda, Jason and Uncle Mark there. The idea of it all detests Asteria and here and there pokes about it, making sure the three are well aware of the fact that she doesn't want them there. Eventually, it reaches the level in which Brumhilda calls Eri'Anya a devilspawn at which Asteria defends the child.
Age 29
Was it Really Worth it? - After having spoken to Alistair and her mother over what happened on Coruscant between her parents, brother, Nessarose and her friend Diomedes, Asteria travels to Thule to wait for her sister where she finally meets the boy that has steered so much trouble and speaks to her sister about all that had happened.
Disposable Heroes - The visit to Thule was brief but just as Asteria had promised to Nessarose, as well as to herself before that, she traveled to Spira to be with her father. She found him in meditation and in a brief conversation, managed to convince him to get some real rest.
Red Sand - Feeling the pull by the Force, Asteria arrives to Tatooine where she finds Sara and receives more training. From her cousin, she learns how to better use Enhanced and Mastered Telekinesis and teaches Sara to use Enhanced Force Sense as well as Alter Elements and Alter Environment for Air and Fire.
Just Like Your Father... - After all that happens, Asteria returns to Muunlinst to return to her duties, during which time a stranger arrives to the High Port, taking out the security before she faces him. The man refers to himself as Ashmedai and tell her that the deWinter line does not begin with the grandparents her mother killed. He also reveals to her that her Godfather is in fact her cousin and tells her how he perished. With the history lesson over, with Asteria still needing to confirm it with her mother, Ashmedai tells her to leave because he will destroy the High Port. Asteria tries talking him out of him but hearing his long lecture on why he's doing it, stops arguing and travels into orbit from where she broadcasts a message of warning, moments before it actually happens.
The Moment of Truth - Having heard from Ashmedai about a possible family her mother comes from, Asteria travels to Coruscant to meet her mother and confirm this new information and is also warned of changes coming to the galaxy.
You kept Secrets from Me, Little Sister - After learning that Nessarose knew the truth about Ashmedai and Cameron, she travels to Naboo and discusses the fact that her little sister kept the secret from her.
Save Me From the Dark - Nessarose summons Asteria and Alistair to the penthouse on Coruscant, revealing to them that their mother has Dementia. After a brief conversation where Alistair supports their father's decision to clone their mother, Nessarose insisting that their mother doesn't want it and Asteria just wanting to have her mother with them still, the three siblings part ways.
The Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - She receives a message from her father to gather all finances of the Imperium and reach Coruscant to meet the Dark Lord and the head of the Imperial Intelligence. On her way there, Asteria is struck by intense pain, causing her to learn that her father had died. On the core planet, she first sees Alistair and then Nessarose before traveling to Spira to check up on Morgaine and Cordelia.
Movement in Shadow - During a normal work day at the Red Lady, Asteria is visited by the revived Cameron with whom she shares a pleasant conversation that involves a number of topics such as her training, activities and Angelo before her Godfather leaves her.
Just Another Day in Paradise - Young man Demetrius enters the Red Lady is welcomed by Asteria. After a polite conversation, he is paired up with one of the finest employees she has before it turns out he's actually broke and the two engage in a brief conversation in which they learn they are related. The two cousins have a small conversation again, insulting each other before ending it abruptly.
Search for Something More - Asteria receives Amelia Chase.
Grandma, why do you have such big teeth? - Asteria goes home only to discover her mother there burning down a secret room. After a brief conversation, she learns that her mother is taken over by her ancestors Boadicea with who she ends up force dueling. While she manages to hold off a certain amount of attacks, a distraction caused by Simon's arrival causes Asteria to get hit by Force Lightning after which Boadicea departs.
Death is only the Beginning - Following the battle with Boadicea, Asteria learns her father is alive when he visits the mansion. The two spend time together, with him learning about what had happened between her and the woman possessing their mother and they have lunch together.
Come into my Castle - Taking a lunch break on Coruscant, Asteria meets Reon Memnoch.
You Can Fool the World but Not Your Sister - Returning to work after meeting Reon, Asteria gets hit by Alistair Force Call causing her intense pain and anguish that he sent out into the Force, making her lose her balance and requiring assistance from her employees.

MISTRESS ERA 30 - unknown

Age 30
It is not Everyday One Masters Himself - After all her hard training, Asteria is offered by her father to be mastered on Spira.
Giggledust & The Ice Princess - Asteria gets a peculiar invitation by Nessarose which leads her to Endeelon.
Grab the Gems! Kill the Heroes! - During the takeover of Ilum, Asteria travels on the Giggledust with Nessarose.
Blood Pacts and Magic - Asteria accompanies Nessa to Dathomir for a diplomatic meeting with the Witches.
Unholy Birth - An Ancient Queen awakens on Endelaan.
Dark Rituals - Asteria accompanies Nessarose to the meeting with the Empire.
The Other Side - Messaged by Sara Arkelion, Asteria travels to Seranno to meet her cousin and takes Nessarose with her.
Once More into the Fray - Cameron arrives to Endelaan for an attack.
Mistress of the Spira Mansion -
Mother knows best - Asteria comes to visit the Penthouse to check up on it but ends up running into her Mother for the first time since Boadicea had first taken over her body. The meeting between the mother and daughter does not end well and the two exchange words very much unlike them. Hurt by what she hears, Asteria's element of ice takes over before she shuts off all her emotions and takes in the rest of what she hears without any real reaction. She then learns of the small baby in the house which by the glow in her eyes, she recognizes as her Mother's daughter which very much matches the affection she is given. Before anything else is said, Asteria turns to leave, only to hear that Nessarose had attacked their Mother and because of it, her Mother shares no kind words for Asteria, the Sanguine Potestatem and her youngest sister.
Sporadically - After a long day with the Red Lady, Asteria returns to Spira where she finds a very pregnant Nessarose.


Reflections - Following the deaths of many loved ones, Asteria's pain becomes so much that it drives her insane which triggers a sort of defense mechanism in her mind, causing her to forget everything. To be more specific, due to the immense pain she felt, Asteria closes down to the point of falling into a catatonic state most of the time along with her blocked out memories. Much of her self-training her entire life which was about shutting down all that could hurt her ends up leading to this state. Angelo looks after her. With his help, she has moments of clarity even when she doesn't remember everything.

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Asteria deWinter ~ Threads
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Era of the Red Lady
Age 31
Age 32
Empress Herself Couldn't Find Them This Good - The Red Lady prepares for a Virginal Sacrifice in its main establishment.
Change - Asteria returns to Endelaan after a successful virgin sacrifice event, only to find Angelo packing to leave.

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Re: Asteria deWinter ~ Threads
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Neutral Powers
Basic Telekinesis
Force Comprehension
Force Empathy
Force Persuasion
Force Sense

Darkside Powers
Torture by Chagrin


Neutral Powers
Alter Elements: Air
Alter Elements: Earth
Alter Elements: Fire
Alter Elements: Water
Basic Technopathy
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Choke
Force Scream

Darkside Powers
Basic Sith Alchemy
Basic Sith Sorcery
Aura of Uneasiness
Force Drain


Neutral Powers
Alter Environment: Air
Alter Environment: Fire
Alter Environment: Water
Mastered Telekinesis
Darkside Powers
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