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The Texal Family Tree
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The TEXAL clan or alternately the TEX clan was a mixed bloodline family that extended from multiple planets, especially the Outer Rim. Many of its prominent and most well-known members throughout its history were soldiers, Mandalorian warriors, bounty hunters, and mercenaries by trade. The earliest ancestors descended from members that belonged to the Taung species that migrated to Mandalore from Coruscant and formed the first Mando'ade  many eons ago. Gradually - with inter-species breeding and  the extinction of the Taung - they would mutate and by the time of  the Mandalorian Wars it was replaced by a predominantly Human ancestry from then on. The very few of the bloodline that bred with other species (such as Chiss or Twi'lek) are not unheard of but extremely rare.

The very first bounty hunter within the clan was Raxino'vel Texal, or Rax-Tex as he was known, during the Great Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic. He especially rose to infamy during the Cold War that followed.

During the Mandalorian Civil War, the clan found its way back to its Mandalorian roots with Ran-Tex, who would later go on to serve the Separatist Confederacy during the Clone Wars.  His son and daughter would unfortunately become orphaned with one becoming a feared and notorious bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War and the other a Mandalorian mercenary.

A series of events during the reign of the Fel Empire would spawn an artificial generation of the Texals - imperfect clones of Max-Tex created as a mercenary unit known as the "Hunt Project".  They were eventually defeated by one of their own, a true copy of the original labeled "Hunt-21".  His grandson, Vanden Texal, has since taken the reigns.

Taungs that originally carried the 'Texal' name  |  |  Vorik'vu Texalramir--+--An unknown Human female (Unknown time)  |  |  Raxino'vel Texal--+--Vivica Cro Texal  (The Cold War/The Old Republic Era)  |  |  Eventually, Ran Texal--+--Alice Sura Texal  (Clone Wars/Galactic Imperial Rule)  |  +-----------------+  |  |  Maxoril Texal (Max-Tex)  Azina Texal (Az-Tex) (Galactic Civil War/New Republic Era)  |  +---------------+  |  |  Drex-Tex  Hunt-21 "Max-Tex II" (clone)  |  |  Vanden Texal (Van-Tex) (Post-Legacy)
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The Texal Family Tree
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