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Kazama Kevin
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Race: Human
Homeworld: TatooineAge: 39Height: 5'9"Weight: 135 lbs.Hair Color: BlackEyes: BrownAffiliation: Jedi ExileRank: MasterAppearance:Physically Athletic with a fair muscle tone, but not so much as to slow him down.  Tanned skin.  Asian features with most of his height coming from his leg length.
Personality:Kevin possesses the mild calm expected of any Jedi Master, but he is also warm and hospitable.  Not overly friendly like some Jedi can be, Kevin acts more like an elder to those around him.  Despite his age, a vast wealth of wisdom and intellect is contained within and he bestows it upon others when necessary.  Though an exile now, Kevin still has his Jedi habits, mannerisms, and ethical code of conduct and duty.  He helps the helpless, fights against crime and oppression, and educates others along his path.  Currently Kevin has no long term goals or ambitions, simply to leave his life peacefully until the day fate calls upon him again.
History:Kevin is one of the few exiles from the Jedi Council to ever make it to master rank before his exodus.  In truth, Kevin could have avoided his exile, but he personally endorsed because of events that lead up to his fathering a child with a Sith Lordess.  Though the child was killed by his mother, Kevin elected not to hide the truth from the council.  Kevin was never a model Jedi and often defied the council, but his own personal code of honor along with the loss of his child drove him to tell the Jedi Council the truth.  Kevin had even served on the council at one point so the council was prepared to offer leniency, even amid many objections, but Kevin himself insisted on his exile and surrendered his lightsaber, though he has long since crafted a new one.
During Kevin's knight and padawan days Kevin had an excellent record of service, mostly in combat roles.  Though he never followed council orders to the letter, and often disobeyed them entirely, his decision making skills, methodology, and pure heart kept him on the path of success as a Jedi.  Kevin was always emotional during his knight days, but it a was a trait he prized where other Jedi condemned him for it.  Being one of the strongest empaths the Jedi Order had ever encountered it was nearly impossible for him not to be emotional.  Kevin's empathy was so strong that some aspects of it he never fully learned to control.  The emotions of others always found their way into Kevin's head no matter how hard he tried to shut them out.  It was only when he learned to embrace his talent that Kevin was able to realize his full potential.
To be continued...
Strengths:Empathy, Lightsaber combat, generating and countering energy attacks
Weaknesses:Lack of emotional control, lack of complete control of his empathy, telekinesis
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Kazama Kevin
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