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  • Her bubbly sweetness of dark terror

~ The Happy and Mostly Innocent Childhood of Nessarose ~

  • Pirates and Candy! - Nessa spends an afternoon playing with Cordelia, Zane and Chloe.
  • Paradise Found - Mommie teaches Nessa how to dance ballet and then when daddie and Cordie come, Nessa runs away to help with Cordie's training and hides in Morgie's room until Cordie finds her.
  • Little Nessa's BIG Adventure! - out for adventure, Nessarose stumbles into Steph Zenima, who teaches the four year old how to handle a blaster.
  • For All Eternity - Nessarose behaves as a pimp at her parents' wedding and forces her big brother Alistair to dance with a list of ladies attending the wedding as per her wishes.
  • Time Off is Game On - Morgaine takes Nessarose to the amusement part and when things get out of control, Nessa takes care of Morgaine while Fallon takes care of Nessa.
  • Reindeer Games Gone Wild - 2011 Descension Christmas thread. Out on Correlia, Nessarose tries to protect her uncle Jonathan and then her sister Morgie by making a scene, and is eventually carried away from the scene.
  • Truly a Wonder, the Mind of a Child - Nessa fixes an old family problem and brings her parents close to Morgie again, thereby unlocking the first stage to 'fixing' Morgie and her force-phobia and junkie problems.
  • Pet Market Shopping Day! - After daddie lifted the pet ban from the house, Nessarose and Asteria go pet shopping! (list of pets to follow... someday.)
  • Tarko-se Valentines Ball 2011 - Nessa goes to the ball with Mommie and Daddie, and during the ball someone tries to kill mommie. Nessa gets upset and with the help of her cousin Fallie, the two begin to kill people at the ball that Nessa terms as suspects for trying to hurt her mommie.

    ~ Apprentice Training ~
    Ages 9 though 14

  • Silken Scarves - When Nessarose is nine years old, her parents agree that it is time to let her start training. Her mother teacher her Force Sense, which Nessa mostly practices with her pet Mooka, and after Nessarose turns ten, she is taught by her mother Torture by Chagrin. Nessarose develops a habit of leaving red scarves over the eyes of those she tortured through it.
  • Giving Sight to the Sightless - When Alistair comes home for a visit, Nessarose grabs him for some quality brother-sister time. Alistair teaches Nessarose Basic Telekinesis, Enhance Senses and Animal Control
  • Outgrowing the lap but not the heart - Nessarose finds her father on the porch of the Spira Mansion, absent of other family members. Excited at the idea of having quality time with her daddie, she rushes to him. Nessarose learns Force Choke, Telepathy and Healing.
  • It's only fair I get my turn - A sunny afternoon, Asteria and Nessarose are the only ones at home. Asteria uses the chance to teach Nessarose some neat powers (like Enhanced TK and Kintetite) and Nessarose learns Alter Elements (wind/air) on her own.
  • Interesting Tidbits - Staying at her mother's penthouse on Coruscant, Nessarose is thrilled when an old friend comes to visit, the former Emperor, Cameron Centurion. During the dinner Cameron and Nessarose decide to have a friendly spar so she could show him how much she's learned, and ends up learning the power Force Scream on instinct. Cameron promises to talk to Xander about going for a dragon hunt.
  • It's all about Family - When Nessarose's half brother, Coren, shows up on the doorstep after eight years, Nessarose lets him in. He a secret to her; that she is an aunt to a brand new niece, and no one else in the family knows about it yet.
  • Baby in Tow - Coren calls his mistress and their baby over to the Spira mansion, where chaos ensues. Nessa enters towards the end, takes her new niece (Eri'Anya) and tells her family they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have been behaving.
  • Fallie and Nessa strike back! - Nessarose spends the weekend on Coruscant with her cousin and best friend, Fallon deWinter. She tries to convince Fallon to go clubbing, and after a lot of back and forth arguing on the subject, the two agree to at least eat out, where Nessarose is attacked by a stranger who's body melts away the moment the two girls have her down. Upset, the two return to Fallon's place and work on calming down. Fallon teaches Nessarose Force Speed, Force Rage, Enhance Ability, and the two discover Basic Alter Image together. Fallon tries to teach Nessarose Force Jump, but Nessa's fear of being suspended in heights keeps her from being able to manage it just yet.
  • Never a Stray Peacock - Age 12 and 14 at the same time. Plot hole. This is technically after Eriadu, but before Nessa goes to Dathomir. Time loops, I loveth thee! Nessarose receives a lesson on Dathomiri history from her friend, Kari.
  • XIV - The Sun - The Dathomir Saga, part 1.
  • The River of Dreams - The Dathomir Saga, part 2. Hiking through Dathomir until she finds the Dreaming River, Nessarose meets Sanies, a slave of Serva's. She teaches him how to waltz and he teaches her how to track wild animals. When Sanies' spear is stolen, the two search for it and Nessarose is almost kidnapped by smugglers, taking a blaster shot to her leg.
  • Someone to Witch Over Me - The Dathomir Saga, part 3. Walking through the forests of Dathomir, Nessarose stumbles across her Aunt Izzy, who learns of the happenings of the day before. The two make it to Singing River clan, where Izzy's adoptive mother, Tala, helps heal Nessarose's leg and questions her about her upbringing, which leads to Nessarose's first steps in the path of the Witches. From Isobel, Nessarose learns the following spells: Arrows of Fire I, Tempest I, Spell of Focus, Weather Sense and Shield Spell.
  • A Witch's Tale - The Dathomir Saga, part 4. The final day on Dathomir, Nessarose finds her sister Lauda. The two embark on a journey to where the rancors are, and Nessarose learns Spell of Communication, Force Blanket I and Force Crush I.
  • Sweet, Sugar, Candyman! - Age 14. Out on a quest to fill her pockets with candy, Nessarose stumbles across a woman girl who turns out to have been her daddie's apprentice. The two start to have their fun together, but Nessa has to leave abruptly as she's called home.
  • Sith Arts Academy - Coruscant Meet Up - Nessarose sneaks away, unchaperoned, to Coruscant, where a social meet up of the Sith Arts Academy is happening. She learns the taste of shrimps, meets a few people, and develops her first crush on Philip Guycharde, from whom she ends up fleeing after giving him a kiss.
  • Coruscanti Nights - Having practically run away from Philip's yacht in the previous thread, Nessarose is followed by two men in an alley. An unlikely local tries to save her, only to find out that she is quite capable of saving herself as she kills both men. Asking the unlikely local, Lee, leads to a newfound friendship.
  • The Battle of Eriadu - Nessarose travels to Eriadu on a mission from her mother; to collect intelligence at the governor's mansion near the capital, and make a quick exit once war breaks out. Everything starts according to plan, but Nessarose finds herself captured by the rebels, nearly dies, rescued by Cameron Centurion and eventually hauled off planet by her mother.
  • The Power to Deceive - After the events of Eriadu, Nessa's daddie calls her in, and teaches her how to perform the False Lightside Aura Sith Spell.
  • What has happened, Cannot be undone
  • Panic at the Opera - Nessarose travels to Doan to see her favorite performance group do a rendition of Carmen. Unknown to her, the Crown Prince of Doan is sitting in the booth next to her, and there are some terrorists in the audience who don't like him very much. Nessarose helps the prince to safety and the two become friends, ending the evening with hamburgers and square dancing.
  • Well... This is New - A new neighbor moves into the apartment right across the Coruscanti penthouse and Nessarose is quick to make friends with him, until she discovers that he's the bastard son of her godfather, Cameron Centurion. The two kill pirates and make their way to a bottom level Coruscanti cantina where shit hits the fan.
  • Conversations with Daddie - Following the events of "Well, this is new", Nessa's father picks her up from the bottom levels of Coruscant, and the two have a talk on their way back to the penthouse.
  • I Should Have Killed Him - Several weeks after "Well... This is new," Cameron finally gets back to Nessarose about the voice message she left him concerning his bastard son. Nessarose goes to Cameron's place where he proceeds to scold her for how she handled the situation, and then the two travel to Diomedes' house, where Nessarose attacks Diomedes without any mercy, stopping only because of Cameron's command.
  • Small World, Big Planet - Shortly before her 15th birthday, Nessarose accesse the family files and papers, looking over her family tree. She realizes that many family members are gone, not in tuoch with her and this bothers her. A conversation with her daddie about his brother, Mark Starkiller, leads her to learn a little bit of the two's past. A few days later, Nessarose finds Mark Starkiller, and links herself to him.
    ============================= 15th birthday =============================

    ~ Knight Training ~
    Age 15 and thereafter

  • My Greatest Mistake - Nessa's 15th birthday, trilogy, part I. Nessarose meets her uncle Jonathan for brunch, hoping she has what it takes to fix the tears in her family and to bring him to them again, or at minimum get him to apologize and repent for what he did to her mother years ago. However, when Jonathan attempts to rape her, things take a turn for the bad and Nessarose tries to dominate his mind, not realizing that by doing so, she had just made her uncle more dangerous than ever.
  • All Summer Long - Nessa's 15th birthday, trilogy, part II. Trying to unwind from meeting her uncle Jonathan, Nessarose goes to the beach part on Corellia, where she meets Lee and Kraig. Still upset over what had happened that morning, Diomedes suddenly shows up on the scene and gives Nessarose a forceful kiss while he holds her down with the Force. Unable to deal with the day anymore, Nessarose Force Screams and accidentally raptures Kraig's eardrum. Nessarose, Lee and Kraig leave the party, headed for the nearest hospital.
  • Trial of the Ancients - Nessa's 15th birthday, trilogy, part III. The pre-dawn after her birthday, Nessarose is summoned to her father's work shop, where she goes through the Jedi Knighting Trials in Sith fashion. Nearly dying several times, she ends up passing them all, and her father declares her a Sith Knight.
  • A House Divided, Comes Together - Receiving a surprise visit from her Uncle Mark along with half siblings Jason and Brumhilda, Nessarose is thrilled at first at the family reunion, but when it quicky turns sour, she ups and leaves.
  • Brotherly Love - Nessarose fulfills a promise she made to her half brother Coren, and gives him a training session with the Force before she heads off to Thule, and alone the way finds the side of her personality which can get jealous at times.
  • Sith Arts Academy, Year 1, Fall Semester - It's the start of the year at the Sith Arts Academy, and Nessarose finds herself surrounded by so many friends and family that she wonders how it's any different than being at home. A few meet ups occur, but nothing of note happens.
  • In the Still of the Night - Nessarose is visited by her friend Lee Zhen, who cooks her a dinner and fills her datapad with information that would help her get her combat control better under the belt. She spends the night on his ship and he gives her a kiss on the lips when they part.
  • School? SCHOOL?! - Nessa's experience at the Academy becomes more interesting after Diomedes Antares, the boy she'd almost killed a year before, shows up on campus. Events included (but are not limited to) an unwilling orgasm in the class room, several fights to the death, destroyed friendships and new alliances. Nessarose learns Enhanced Force Sense and Animate Animals.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Having been informed that her godfather, Cameron Centurion, has left The Sith Imperium, Nessarose is violently struck with the fear of losing him once more. She calls him up and demands a meeting, and he comes to Thule.
  • Crazy, Crazy, Crazy for you babeh -
  • Did you want fungus with that? - Meeting her friend Kraig on Felucia, the two travel to see some archeological place and Kraig confesses his attraction to Nessarose, who pretends it never happened.
  • Insurrection I - Sent by her mother to the Sith Temple on Byss for a Sithmas Ritual, Nessarose comes across the Kissai. For reasons unknown to her, Diomedes Antares is there too, as is her brother, Alistair Starkiller. The three nearly die as they escape the crazy monks. In an attempt to save Diomedes, the skin of Nessarose's hands melts and she breaks her left shoulder. She gets her first driving lesson.
  • What the... - Following the events of Insurrection I, Nessarose is safely at home after having brought both her brother and Diomedes with her. In a series of events that none could have foreseen (except perhaps Cameron because he's a shmuck), something happens between Diomedes and Nessarose, but it interrupted by her sister, Morgaine. Diomedes leaves and in her pain, Nessarose blows most of her room up (aka learns Combustion).
  • Big Brother - After Diomedes' departure in the events of What the..., Nessarose freaks out and takes her brother's credit card to pay for a new room and to have it built before their parents arrive home. The two have a fight and eventually Alistair agrees not to tell their parents about what happened between Nessarose and Diomedes.
  • Children of the Night, what a Lovely Mess They Make - Her parents arrive home, and Nessarose learns the horrible truth of the events of Insurrection I. Namely, that this was a test for her, to see if she was worthy to join the Kissai. However, as the test was interrupted, no answer exists, and along with it, the chance to try again has vanished as well.
  • Footloose and Fancy Free - Depressed over the happenings of What the... and Children of the Night, Nessarose takes a ship to Coruscant to get some shopping done, where she meets Talia, one of her father's pupils, and the two girls decide to make shopping fun through havok and chaos. Nessarose teaches Talia telepathy.
  • Malediction - Invited to the Master ceremony of her friend, Nessarose has too much on her mind to care too much about what is going on, as long as she can remain as far as possible from Diomedes.
  • A Harsh Lesson - Keeping her word to the promise she gave Alistair in Big Brother, Nessarose discusses a few aspects of her life with her father, and asks him to relieve her of the no dating before 16 rule, to which he agrees.
  • The Butterfly Effect - Terrified by what is happening to her body when certain urges rise, Nessarose flies to Dathomir, to meet the only person she thinks could help her, her friend Sanies. In the process of attempting to gain control, Nessarose blows a few walls up, and the two realize that he could not help her with it at the time.
  • Mini Empire of the Mind - On campus, Nessarose finds a wallflower by the name of Caiera who has managed to make it into advanced age and deep into the second semester without any Force training. Excited at the opportunity, she takes the girl on as her acolyte, but too soon discovers that the level in which Caiera cannot distinguish her own made up believes of self importance makes her just not worth the effort. Nessarose walks away.
  • Barabooboo - Guided by the Force, Nessarose realizes that the crystal she will construct her light saber with shall be Barab Ore. She travels to Barab I to find it, and meets a moronic Jedi and her aunt Jocasta. A fight breaks out, Nessarose survives, grabs the ore, and gets the fuck back to Thule.
  • Find my way by Moonlight - In an event that is not unlike Alice in Wonderland, Nessarose's dreams are visited by her mother, who takes her on strange adventures through the realm of the dreaming, and gives Nessarose her first lesson in Dream Walking.
  • Early Dismissal - Confused, Nessarose tries to live life as usual on Thule, but finds it impossible. Diomedes shows up, intent on telling her his true feelings. While the L-word is never spoken, it becomes clear that the two share mutual feelings towards one another and Nessarose loses her virginity to Diomedes. When he parts, she makes him promise to return soon.
  • Innocence Lost - Traveling to Muunilist to confront Cameron, Nessarose finds herself unable to remain angry at him. Cameron reveals to Nessarose that he has wiped Diomedes' memory of her and while teaching her how to conceal her presence in the Force, he instills her mind with images of a happier future for the two teens, which Nessarose believes to be a Force Vision.
  • Beauty School Dropout -
  • All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward -
  • Striking the Hornets Nest - Invited to Phurya, Nessarose foolishly accepts, only to discover the Emperor of a planet nearly annihilated by Diomedes merely wants to use her to get intel on Diomedes. She weakens him in something too tiny to be considered a dual, and leaves the planet.
  • Runaway - Nessarose finds a ship to take her to the Unknown Territories, and ends up being stranded on Fhost.
  • The Castle of the Bones - The journal of Nessarose, detailing most of the four months she spent on Fhost, fighting to survive and training in her growing powers and abilities.
  • Ohhh Children - Cameo appearance. When Cameron Centurion dies on Firrerre, Nessarose feels it through the Force. It hurts does not even begin to describe it. Occurs during The Castle of the Bones.
    ============================= 16th birthday =============================
  • Wild Space Territories - Nearing physical and mental exhaustion on Fhost, Nessarose hears Diomedes' voice and thinks herself to be dreaming. But sure enough, a moment later he is on the planet, and sweeps her off of it into a week of near honeymoon state in which Nessarose is the happiest she can ever remember being. The happiness is not to last though, as Diomedes returns her to her family on Coruscant and all hell breaks loose. Nessarose must choose between her family and between Diomedes who she sees as family as well, and leaves Coruscant with her heart's choice, resulting in being disowned by her family.
  • Was it really worth it? - Nessarose and Diomedes travel to Hoth so that Nessarose could pick a few of her items up before the two set off to Naboo, when they discover that her sister, Asteria, is on the planet as well, waiting to see them.
  • Nabooan Sunset - Recovering from the events of Wild Space Territories, Nessarose has moved to Naboo with Diomedes. On one of her afternoons alone, she travels through the forests near the estate, where she meets Darth Cerrabus, a masked Sith who by his own admission is attracted and likes to cause pain for the greatness of the Sith. He tells her that despite this, however, she is a different kind of a puzzle, and tries to offer comfort. Before he departs, he gives her an encrypted comlink so she may always contact him in time of need.
  • Market Day - On Naboo, Nessarose encounters her uncle Mark Starkiller, accompanied by two other Jedi, Antares Marclonus and Jela Starfire. For a moment it seems as though the relationship between Nessarose and Mark would come to an end as well, but Jela saves the situation and the two begin to talk again. Mark attempts to convert Nessarose to the lightside, without much success. When Jela is later attacked by a duros, Nessarose takes it personally and begins to combust the droids he brought with him.
  • Where do we go from here? - Three months after the end of Wild Space Territories, Nessarose and Diomedes wake up to what seems to be another perfect day. A dark cloud looms over them as Diomedes reveals that the two would travel together to the unknown regions and Nessarose suspects a trap, and things take a turn for the worse, resulting in him leaving Naboo without a goodbye as she remains on Naboo.
  • You Kept Secrets From Me - motherfucking fluid timeline. This is after Ashmedai meets Nessarose on Coruscant, but before Nessarose does anything or leaves Naboo. Deal with it. Asteria visits Nessarose on Naboo to ask her questions about Ashmedai and confront her about having kept it as a secret. But the conversation that had started seriously quickly turned into happier things.
  • For a taste of the greatest adventure - Wandering aimlessly on Naboo, Nessarose meets Alexandra (Sasha), whom she ends up training in return for several boons.
  • Nabooan Sunrise - Meeting Cerrabus again, he and Nessarose embark on a trip, that ends up opening more questions than it does in giving answers.
  • Not so little anymore - Having spent enough time on Naboo alone, Nessarose travels back home to Coruscant. At the Sith Palace, she finds her father, and the two cry and embrace and talk. Nessarose fears that she would not be able to convince her father to give Diomedes the Imperial pardon she asked for, and the two go to the Penthouse, where Nessarose is shocked to find the mental state of her mother and calls two of her siblings for backup.
  • Save Me From the Dark - Nessarose meets with Asteria and Alistair to discuss their mother.
  • The Lady and the Tramp -
  • The Circus Train - Nessarose stumbles into a stranger, but nothing of interest comes out of it.
  • So Familiar - On Coruscant, Nessarose meets Ashmedai, her great great grandfather, who's removed Cameron Centurion from life. She attempts to bring him back and learns a few things on her inheritage. Ashmedai takes Nessarose to Endelaan, where she finds Diomedes after a month and a half of being apart, and finds him changed. She also meets his half sister, her half cousin, Isabella Centurion. All through the visit, Nessarose's faith in the ability of having a future with Diomedes is tested time after time, until the two resolve that she would remain on Endelaan with him.
  • Halloween Masquerade Ball - Arriving from Endelaan with Diomedes, Nessarose attends the Halloween ball dressed as a Goddess of the Earth. Things seem to go almost sour at first as she realizes Diomedes and her father are under the same roof, yet the two discuss things and for a moment, everything seems to be perfectly well. However, after the two teenagers dance the Lambada, the arduer raises its head and in an attempt to feed itself, it takes control of Nessarose's body and tries to kill Diomedes.
  • Time to Chat - Following the Halloween Masquerade, Diomedes takes Nessarose back to Endelaan to get more clarity on the Arduer within her. From Boadicea, the two young Sith learn that Nessarose has been 'blessed' with a beast that thirsts on any form of pleasure and grants her a great deal of strength and the ability to connect with practically anyone. Diomedes and Nessarose don't agree with the assessment of it being a "gift". Before they could leave Endelaan, Boadicea ordered the guards to attack them - driving them from Endelaan for what would likely be a considerable amount of time.
  • The Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - Nessarose is on Coruscant with Diomedes when she feels abrupt changes all around her; her father dies, her mother vanishes, and the Force begins to tug at her. Asteria visits her.
  • Le Figurante - Following the tug of the Force, Nessarose travels to the inner core, where Cameron finds her. The two discover that it is not the Force that was calling her, but a crazed group of monks hiding, claiming to be collectors of gifts and curses. The fight ends when the Arduer takes over, and a massive orgy happens atop of Nessarose as she consumed the blood and the flesh of the monks, only to snap out of it in complete and utter horror.
  • Save a penny for the ferryman - Flying back to Coruscant after the events of Le Figurante, Nessarose tries to find peace with Diomedes, but none is to be found when he goes crazy and attempts to kill himself. Nessarose saves him from death, but his body is now comatose.
  • We're off to see the wizard! -
  • A Hunting I Shall Go -
  • Falalala, lalalala! - Sithmas 2011 thread.
  • My Rage Keeps Me Going - Traveling to Corellia to meet her brother Alistair for the first time since the fall of the Imperium, and tries to cheer him up. Through the conversation, Nessarose comes up with an idea as to how to locate their mother, and using the Seeking Spell, the truth learned is one harsher than either of the siblings imagined.
  • There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate -
  • Mean Girls - Nessarose takes Fallon for a night of fun after Fallon tells her she's engaged and that Nessa is going to be the wedding planner. Fun is cut short though as the Arduer raises its head.
  • Nightquest -Waking up in the middle of the night, Nessarose calls her apprentice Sasha through the Force, and explained to her that she wishes to raise the spirit that resides within her. Unknown to her, the spirit is none other than Naha'va, a former apprentice of Cameron Centurion, and she has no plans on remaining dead. Nessa has a Force prophecy, and with Dio, the three leave for Kamino.
  • This is a Thread Title -
  • Unification - Traveling to Taris, Nessarose sees the new Empire that is beginning to form in the Outer Rim. Taken aback with it, she tries to stir up a crowd against it without much success. Later that night she and Diomedes attend the ball of the new Empire and Nessarose dances with an old enemy.
  • I have some questions - When a new mud baby discovers what he is, he calls Nessarose in and she answers, bringing him up to date with who and what he is. The two agree that Nessarose would train him, once she finishes taking care of some business.
  • Hunting the Hunters -
  • Welcome back to Paradise... Or Not - The second Dathomir trilogy, part 1. Nessarose asks Serva to give Sanies the day off, and the two spend it together, making up for lost time. Nessarose invites Sanies to Endelaan and he agrees, saying that he will ask her for a favor once they are there.
  • Witchie Demeanors - The second Dathomir trilogy, part 2.
  • The Day the Magic Died - The second Dathomir trilogy, part 2.5
  • Anywhere but $*#($@ here - The second Dathomir trilogy, part 3.
  • Never kill a boy on a first date - The real second Dathomir trilogy, part 3.
    ============================= 17th birthday =============================
    The Sanguine Potestatem

  • Mirror, mirror -
  • You Can Fool the World but Not Your Sister - Mid "Mirror, mirror," Nessarose feels the Force Call sent by her brother, but she cannot come to it.
  • Embrace Me - Nessarose emerged from the room of mirrors, and her eyes have turned to green, the mark of power within the Family of Darkness. She seats herself on the throne of Endelaan and must prove herself worthy of being their Sorceress Queen.
  • Giggledust & The Ice Princess -
  • Malevolent Intent -
  • Never mistake the power of... Of us! - Persephone, an amazon, is contracted to kill Nessarose. But instead of just die quietly, Nessarose grabs the woman and recruits her entire planet to TSP's cause.
  • The Swap of Ages - Nessarose is established on Endelaan, and her mother lands on the planet, pregnant. Nessarose decrees that her mother will carry the pregnancy to term, after which Nessarose would make the child disappear from thoughts of any and all.
  • Pomp and Circumstance - Nessarose travels to Nishr to get the Shiny back back from her father's apprentice.
  • HA! Found you! - Following the Force to Ilum, Nessarose finds Kari, weak and absent most of her memories. Nessarose claims Kari as her own.
  • Background Noise -
  • Sexy Naughty Bitchy - Nessarose recruits Ayrill Cognito into TSP.
  • New Generation - Nessarose picks her slave, Sansha, up from Corusant, and takes her to Endelaan.
  • New Life - Nessarose introduces Sansha to Endelaan.
  • To Endelaan - Sanies sends his and Lauda's son, Mirus, to Endelaan, to help Nessarose out and to receive training in his path as a Sith Warrior.
  • Welcome to your New Life - Following Mirus' arrival on Endelaan, Nessarose begins his training. However, things quickly turn sour as Mirus' ego and attitude come in the way of his training.
  • Baby Steps - Nessarose begins Amarant's training.
  • Blinded by Chains - Nessarose introduced Amarant to Endelaan and gives him training through the Force.
  • Hunted - Back on Coruscant, Nessa is unaware of TGE people coming after her. Feeling lonely, she tries to contact her father, yet he does not answer, and she decides to leave the planet for the time being.
  • Stalking the Wolf - Visiting the Sith Temple remains on Coruscant, Nessarose comes across Maryn Skaara, who ends up bending the knee for the Queen of Coruscant.
  • The Pointy End - Nessarose introduces Maryn Skaara to Endelaan, and Mirus takes her training over.
  • The Return - When Mirus returned to Endelaan, two weeks after Welcome to your New Life, his training under Nessarose continues. They use the time to talk, plot for Ilum, fix shit between them, and make other plans for the future.
  • Grab the Gems! Kill the Heroes! - Ilum takeover. Nessarose runs the operation, the old Jedi Temple is built into a new Sith Temple and a message against Adrianna Fiore is broadcasted on the HNN.
  • Unholy Birth - An ancient queen rises from the depths of Endelaan. Unimpressed, Nessarose kills her.
  • Blood Pacts and Magic - TSP and WoD shake hands and form an alliance.
  • Blade and Soul - Aeval turns to Nessarose, and tells her that it is time to summon Mirus to the Circle of Catechism, his Knighting Trial on Endelaan. By participating in the trial and ceremony as part of the crowd, Nessarose learns how this is done.
  • To the Window! To the Wall! - Mirus and Nessarose spend the day studying Sith Alchemy and learning more about Endelaan.
  • Have a drink on me - Nessarose goes to a bar and stuff happens and her writer is too lazy to write down the summary.
  • The best things in life are free -
  • How Futures Are Made -
  • Ponieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees - Enjoying a cool morning on Endelaan, Nessarose and Mirus decide to go and hike in the great fields. Nessarose tells Mirus about the importance of Warriors and their horses, and Mirus claims his Horse; Riven.
  • The Curse of Clan Zeresh - Returning to the Forbidden Temple after Mirus claims his horse, Nessarose is informed that Clan Zeresh has been placed under quarantine, because they are under a new plague. Quickly, the two make their way to Clan Zeresh, where they realize everyone would die before dawn. They relocate the people, but the plague still resumes, and even Nessarose is caught in it. They discover that the plague was started by a child called Caballah, who was up for being sacrificed, as all Force Sensitive children of the Clan, dubbed as 'ill in the head'. Nessarose raises the skeletons of all the dead children and re-places the Clan under quarantine, giving them fifteen years of solitude to clean their act up or be exterminated. Mirus, against his will or knowledge, ends up adopting Caballah.
  • The Fractures of Reality - Aeval teaches Nessarose the Shatterpoint ability.
  • The Circle of Seers - Nessarose learns Battle Precog and Force Vision, by the hands of Aeval.
  • Pride and Glory - Summoned by the Ancient One, Nessarose learns how Warriors are truly made, and realizes she has the power to return Mirus back to life after he dies.
  • Return to Childhood -
  • Like Father, Like Son - Diomedes returns to Endelaan, causing the greatest joy Nessarose has known in months. However, things quickly turn sour with the appearance of Maximus, and soon mdae even worse as Nessarose tries to cause Shery a miscarriage, something that creates enemies between TSP, Shery and Cameron.
  • The Other Side -
  • Once More, With Feeling - Nessarose and Diomedes and their lovers' quarrel.
  • Let's Make it a Night - Nessarose and Diomedes go to a ball, courtesy of TGE. Yet things quickly turn sour when politics are brought into the mix.
  • A Bright New Day -
  • Dark Rituals - Summoned to Taris for a diplomatic meeting with the Galactic Empire, Nessarose demands an apology for the words their Emperor had said about her father some months prior to that. Unbeknown to the Empire representatives, she merely does this to test their characters, and decides not to strike any alliance of sorts with them.
  • Dark Rituals Aftermath - Nessarose punishes Mirus for having given out TMI to the Empire during Dark Rituals.
  • Stop Running, Start Fighting -Bringing fuel cargo to Endelaan, Nessarose comes across an interesting girl who turns out to have quite a few of things that could play for Nessarose's benefit, and she recruits her into TSP.
  • Dominion of the Flesh - Mirus calls everyone in for the news of the takeover of Zonama Sekot but then changes his mind. Nessarose is left trusting him even less.
  • Challenge Accepted - Crystal comes to Endelaan with Isabella in the aim of killing Diomedes, and succeeds. Nessrose is crushed and almost dies too.
  • At your service - When Nessarose wakes up, she learns that she is pregnant.
  • Once More into the Fray - Cameron arrives on Endelaan and all prepare for a potential battle. Yet things change when Nessarose tells Cameron that she is pregnant.
  • You will receive no further favors - Arriving on Wayland with Cameron, Nessarose sets her eyes on the artificial womb that would grow the clone of Diomedes for her. Yet things take a turn for the worst as she tries to bring him back from the dead, and she is stopped by Ashmedai.
  • Children are our future - Nessarose purchases the Sacred Child orphanage, and her intentions are very far from pure.
  • Hamburgers for the Apocalypse - TSP runs a skirmish on Rattatak, led by Nessarose.
  • Always on the run - Visiting Coruscant, Nessarose learns the fate of what happened to the Coruscanti Penthouse, and meets someone who looks exactly like Diomedes. She breaks down, and the two have lunch together.
  • Unscheduled Visit - Cameron arrives on Endelaan, telling Nessarose to have TSP ready for an attack on Firrerre within the month. She tells him of Dio and is met with general apathy.
  • Row, row, row your boat - Nessarose gives the task of building the Endelaan dockyard to Razelle Breuner.
  • Like a bad penny, always showing up -
  • Glow in the dark -
  • Who cares about Endelaan -
  • Sorrow into treasured gold -
  • Hard on the knees -
  • Don't let the bed bugs bite - Nessarose walks into Diomedes' dreams, and they have a very bitter conversation.
  • Healing fractures in the soil - Nessarose travels to Ossus in the hopes of finding a cure for the Arduer from the Jedi Healers, but ends up getting baked with a Jedi Knight and kidnaps her.
  • Good guys, bad guys and explosions - Nessarose invites the Jedi to Derra IV to pick Leori up, and a short and underwhelming fight occurs between the Sith and the Jedi who arrive.
  • Broken Compass - Nessarose turns to Maximus and asks him for advice on the situation between her and Diomedes as she contemplates taking the Belladona plant.
  • How bittersweet the taste - Nessarose kidnaps Diomedes and brings him to Naboo, to the house in which he grew up until his mother died. Slowly, she recalls upon the dark side of the Force within him before taking him as her prisoner to Endelaan.
  • Last full measure - Nessarose brings Diomedes back to Endelaan, where he reclaims his place.
  • Frost -
  • Schedule to keep -
  • I'm home... - Mirus returns to Endelaan.
  • Alchemy at its finest -
  • Dogs ain't cats - Nessa recruits Eshebala to TSP.
  • Diamond Dogs - TSP takeover of Durace, great success. Nessa almost crashes her ship multiple times and the first outpost on the planet is built after a short attack by killer birds with claws.
  • Ninja stole my ship! - Having heard praise from Aeval, Nessarose joins a little heist with Domino, which ends up with her owning a new ship, and Nessarose no longer broke after spending the money on the planetary shields.
  • Warrior Warden of the Ice - After seeing Domino during Ninja stole my ship, Nessarose offers her the position of Warrior Warden of the Ice.
  • Time out, wait what? -
  • Corellian Strip Tease -
  • Hobo brawlings -
  • Where you wanna be depends on where you wanna go -
  • Planet sized condoms for the masses - TSP faction purchase. Nessarose kidnaps a Chiss from Thule, brings him to Endelaan to design shield generators for her, and along the way gets help from Amarant and Domino in getting the required pieces.
  • The Plague - Nessa, Diomedes, and Raz, watch while other things happen.
  • Night of Kodesh -
  • Deliverance on the rocks -
  • Family Matters -
  • Sculptures in Ice -
  • Passion -
  • Welcome to the hellmouth - 2012 Halloween.
  • Out of gas -
  • Warrior Red -
  • Meet your newest employee -
  • Borrowed without permission - TSP faction purchase. Razelle gets blueprints for TSP's fleets, and she and Nessa go to Dathomir to ask Anna Sachae if she'd be willing to build them. She's very willing.
  • Bow before a war, call it religion - TSP takeover of Kalee.
  • Circle of Catechism -
  • Circle of Power -
  • Undoing Ruin - Nessarose is on Corellia when BDK takes it over. As she prepares to leave, she's approached by one of the semi staff people of the orphanage, Chase, and the two leave the planet together.
  • Now Beginneth our Lesson - Nessarose trains Chase.
  • Diamond Eyes -
    ============================= 18th birthday =============================
  • What a view -
  • Umbra of Obscurum -
  • Blue Bombshell -


  • Burn it to the Ground - 15 year old Nessarose attends the first gig of her nephew Zane.
  • Reflections - Jedi Nessa.
  • Do Not Fail - Nessa writing the NPC of Aeval, Nessa herself is not part of the story.
  • Corporate Enterprises - Nessa writing the NPC of Lady Santhe.
  • Kenntnisse sind Macht, Ich brauche beide - NPC'ing Aeval.
  • Just some warrior that I used to know - NPC'ing Aeval.
  • Ritual Misery - NPC'ing Aeval.
  • Investigate this - Regina

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