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Xan Lightlance
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General Information:

Name:  Xan Lightlance

Age:  25
Gender:  Male
Birth world:  Taris
Legal Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Standard Apprentice living quarters, Jedi Enclave,


Affiliation:  The Alliance
Rank:  Padawan - Lieutenant Colonel
Occupation:  Jedi

Physical Appearance

Avatar:  Craig Horner (Age 33-) / Andy Whitfield (Age 34+)
Clothing:  When at the Enclave (until the Trials are complete) or in formal ceremonies/functions, traditional Jedi Apprentice robes are worn.  When on missions, he is generally seen in a nonchalant blue tunic and leather vest; a pair of brown common loose trousers, and knee high durable boots.  His forearms are covered by leather guards.  No matter what apparel he is in, he keeps a leather bound necklace on at all times; the end of which is one of the teeth of a rancor that killed his master.  He keeps it not for attachment, but to remember his worst mistake and learn from it.

Jedi Padawan Appearance
Jedi Knight Appearance.

Species:  Human
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  183lbs
Eye Color:  Sky Blue
Hair Color:  Brown
Body Shape:  Athletic
Skin Tone:  Caucasion
Distinguishing Marks:  Various small scars as a result of natural healing, without bacta treatments.


Mother:  Fayja Lightlance
Father:  Zandor Gage Lightlance
Siblings:  None
Spouse:  None
Children:  None
Other family:  None

Character Information:

Personality:  Honor, Duty, Family, Herd.  These are the core fundamentals that Xan lives by.  They are by no means natural to him, though he follows their inherit traits as well as his discipline will allow.  They are a Korun cultural foundation, one he has studied as profusely as the famous Jedi who was born an orphan in one of their clans. 

In his own case, Xan has adapted these to life as a Jedi.  Honor and duty, maintaining obligations to himself and to others.  Acting with integrity, working hard, obeying his masters.  Family, the Jedi Order.  Caring for the Order, teaching those younger than he, defending them at all costs.  Herd, the Alliance.  Upholding the tenets that formed the government.  Ensuring that civilization is not lost.  Peace through that civilization.  Justice to keep that civilization strong.

Xan is stubborn.  Fierce.  He trains with his masters hard, and trains himself harder.  He doesn't want to be the best.  He simply wants to be the best he can be.  Do or do not, there is no try.  For him, there is no quit either.  If he really had to be honest, there is no 'do not' either.  There simply is Do.  He doesn't go looking for a fight, but when one finds him, he doesn't hesitate.  If all the choices lead to a fight, he'll go into it with a hundred percent, and enjoy every moment of it.  Despite the callousness of his ideals, he maintains a positive approach to things as often as possible.  He's as quick to smile as his arms are to flurry.
    General: [li]Self Awareness - Xan is completely honest with himself.  When a mistake is made, a predjudice found, or a need to explain away a problem, he forces judgement upon himself with simple realism; he tends not to be his own best friend as a result.[/li] [li]Determination - When his mind is set to a task, there is no quitting.  That task will be completed, no matter what it is.[/li] [li]Swordsmanship - Xan has studied Form VII, Vaapad since his earliest days of actually learning lightsaber combat.  Form I is taught to all beginners as their first form, and every apprentice is shown each of the forms as a means to developing their skills uniquely.  Xan and Vaapad simply meshed.  His personality and past experiences have created a liking, even a desire, to fight.[/li] [li]Combatives - His Lightsaber's Form does not entail only skill with a blade.  Vaapad is a state of mind.  When he does not have, or need a weapon, he is the weapon.[/li] [li]Iron Will - Force suggestions, Jedi Mind Tricks, whatever you want to call them.  They're a crutch.  When you have a lock-jaw, steel-eyed stare combined with Jedi patience, and a tendency to call bluffs before they're thrown, the Force doesn't need to give you a crutch all that often.
    Force:[/li] [li]Naturalist - Xan's physical prowess and the currents of the Force have always been quick to communicate.  In enhancing his abilities and utilizing telekinesis, he has surpassed most of his fellow apprentices, and even sizeable handful of knights.[/li] [/list]Weaknesses:
      General: [li]Stubborness - Where there's fierce determination there's usually fierce inability to give in as well.  Though it works to his advantage quite often, Xan's stubborness has been said to be his biggest flaw.[/li] [li]Vaapad - While the seventh form of lightsaber combat a powerful form, the most powerful in raw combative skill, it is not just a form.  As stated earlier, Vaapad is a state of mind.  Xan constantly rides the edges of anger, desire, the blood fever.  He enjoys fighting, wants to win.  His self awareness is a must in this sense, even in the middle of combat.  Still very young in his training, Xan is quite suseptible to the pulls of the Dark Side when giving himself to Vaapad and the Force.[/li] [li]Trust - He has little trust in himself, and therefore, in others.  Since the death of his master, Xan has had to start from ground zero.  He is learning to trust himself and others again, but only time can truly heal that wound, and time does not work fast.
      Force:[/li] [li]Light Side - As a side effect of studying Vaapad and his balancing the edge of Light and Dark, Xan has had endless trouble learning fully Light Side techniques.  As his mastery of Vaapad, and of himself, grow he will be able to give himself more to the Light.  It may be a long time before his mastery is complete, though.[/li] [/list]
      Abilities and Equipment:

      Force Abilities:
      -Basic Telekinesis
      -Enhance Ability
      -Force Sense
      -Force Jump / Force Leap
      -Force Speed

      Visible Color: Pearl White in normal phase; Violet in dual-phase
      Color Crystal: White Krayt dragon pearl
      Focusing Crystal: Jenraux
      Dual-Phase Crystal: Opila
      Hilt: Dual-Phase equipped
      Switch: Lock-on
      Miscellaneous Modifications: Concealed Latch on inside, accessible through the Force (Releases seal on the hilt to allow for removal of Power cell), Water-Proof Casing

      Lightsaber Forms:
      Form I: Shii-Cho [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form II: Makashi [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form III: Soresu [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form IV: Ataru [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form V: Shien / Djem So [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form VI: Niman [Trained -Novice Practitioner]
      Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad [Trained -Intermediate Practitioner]

      Basic History:

      Bio:  Xan was born and raised on the planet Taris, a city-world much the same as Coruscant.  Though not necessarily wealthy, he did grow in an above-middle class environment.  His father, Zandor Gage Lightlance, was a local Taris Security Force official.  Zandor was a street fed when his son was born, having decided a life of law enforcement was preferable to the hectic and life of politics and major corporations; both of which were the foundation of Taris.  Xan's mother was a different story altogether.  A beautiful woman of proper stature, Fayja Lightlance was a political official.  She balanced her career and her parental role rather well, maintaining a smile at home and at the office.  Something she did despite the lies and deception, placating and compromising that tied in with politics.  His parents found a way to make time for him while juggling their adverse schedules.

      Something Xan would always note, was that despite resenting them for most of his early life, he felt they had been great parents.  Most of his resentment with them stemmed from an inability to communicate.  His parents sent him to expensive private schools while still a toddler, and well into his elementary terms.  His force-sensitivity developed early and the repercussions of not realizing what was happening often caused him grief.  Aside from being overly empathetic at times, his gifts would generally give him an advantage over his fellow students; which in a school environment meant that he would constantly be at a disadvantage.  He was naturally faster than his friends in competitions and he could catch onto school work easier.  The other students would tend to become jealous, stating that he was purposefully trying to do better than them.  Tensions would inevitably rise, and Xan would find himself on the losing end of a fight.  Needless to say, the force didn't teach him to fight, his own bruises and black eyes did the job just fine.  By the time he was nine, his parents had settled on him going to public schools.  He was being thrown out of private schools too often for them to afford.

      For two years of his public school life, Xan found an interest that earned him a bit of non-fist fighting respect.  Swoop racing.  Taris was known throughout the galaxy for its professional swoop racing.  What it was not known as well for, was its "inner-city underground" racing.  He was a natural.  His latent affinity with the force heightened his reflexes, gave him an idea of how to race that surpassed many who were twice as experienced.  Where once he was ostracized for being faster than his peers and better able to catch onto situations, he was finally finding a place for himself.  His friends during the time called him "Chance".  It was said that he earned the title for taking on impossible odds.  People twice his size, experience, and history of being violent when they lost, it didn't matter.  He would compete and he would win.  He did lose some of the time, but not many.  When asked, Xan tends to recall that time of his life as most exhilarating.  The narrow misses, the rear clenching wins.  Being caught up in fights had made him stronger and faster.  Racing had made him believe he was invincible.

      At the age of eleven, his life completely flipped upside down.  It was a memory that he would never forget.  Outside of school one afternoon, Xan was in yet another ordinary fight.  What seemed to be different for him was the fact that he wasn't losing or coming out equally hurt; he was winning with more ease than he should have been capable of.  That fact made him arrogant during the bout, and his memories of the many times he was forced to fight for simply being himself made him angry.  He pushed his opponent into the wall of the school, though his hands hadn't made contact.  His vision began to grow cloudy.  He snarled.  A man in a brown robe rushed in from seemingly nowhere and stood in between Xan and the beaten opponent.  Xan looked into the stranger's cowled face with a rage that he hadn't known was within him.  The face that stared back held nothing but sorrow in it's eyes.  His rage wilted, his adrenaline flooded away, and Xan fell to his knees in tears.  The man knelt in front of him and wrapped him in a fatherly embrace.  Xan wouldn't know until days later that his would be savior had in fact been a Jedi Knight.

      The Jedi, with approval from his masters and Xan's parents, took him to Dantooine.  Upon arriving he knew that he was truly home for the first time.  That same Jedi Knight, who was almost a Master himself, became Xan's master and mentor.  His name was Trey Nomun.  He became more of a father figure to Xan than a mere instructor.  Under his tutelage, Xan was taught peace.  The knowledge to harness the force wisely and control what Xan had already been tapping into inadvertently for so long was presented.  Xan had always been fast, the force affecting his physical capabilities the most.  What he hadn't known before Master Nomun, was how fast he could become.  He took slowly to the more mundane training of the Order, such as meditation.  What he took to with the ease of a man extending his own limb, was the art of the lightsaber.  In his hands, with the force flowing through him and the world frozen in time around him, Xan was truly one.

      Twelve years past under the tutelage of Master Nomun.  The time went by at light-speed, with so much training and studying keeping Xan far too occupied to grow bored.  During that time, one lesson that Master Nomun would reiterate constantly beat itself into Xan's mind.  "Do not suppress that hate of yours, Xan," Master Nomun had stated, "Let it flow out of your body peacefully, to make room for the peace in your soul.  If you suppress it, it will only press harder.  Let it flow out."

      Over the years, those words kept Xan true to the way of the Jedi, despite his tendency to dance on the border of his emotions.  Even with the death of his master, Master Nomun's words kept Xan from falling over the edge.  During those twelve years, Xan never quite lost his childish ideas of invincibility.  He and his master were Jedi, neither could die because they were one with the Force.  His dream was crushed when reality finally came calling one mission.  The orders had been simple:  Head to Dathomir, track down a rogue Jedi before she could cause harm, and bring her back peacefully if at all possible.

      While tracking the Jedi, Xan and Master Nomun ran afoul of a small war between two Dathomiri Witch clans.  The plan became Master Nomun attempting to negotiate the situation while Xan kept his mouth shut.  The plan failed miserably.  The two clans attacked one another with the duo caught in the middle.  They were making due, if slowly, until Xan got carried away and separated from Master Nomun.  The latter took a rancor's fist to the back of the skull while avoiding the force casting of two witches.  Xan knew his folly immediately, somehow sensing the loss of his mentor and second father.  His training and Master Nomun's words kept him from losing his soul to the anger that wanted to boil over and rip into each of the disgusting opponents around him.  He let the anger flow out, while allowing the Force to guide his spirit and his lightsaber.  In the end he was able to make it out of the fray, and came back in the aftermath to recover his master's body.  Performing a small pyre funeral for his beloved mentor, Xan was preparing to head back to report when their original quarry attacked him.

      Her odds were good, all things considered.  A lone Padawan who had just cremated his master versus a trained and accomplished Jedi Knight; if she hadn't underestimated his mentor's training and his own inability to back down from a challenge, she may have stood a chance.  With the mission complete Xan left the forsaken planet to report the events.  He celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday alone that year.  During the next year, while awaiting a new master and preparing himself for the Trials, Xan studied.  He meditated, spoke with the Force, contemplated all that he had learned.  All he had faced.  All he had lost.  The culmination of these studies resulted in the crafting of a new lightsaber.  Normally a Jedi's second attempt at a lightsaber takes place after they become a Knight; Xan's communions with the Force had spoken differently for him.  With permission from the Council, the not-so-young-anymore Padawan was allowed a mission of his own.  The mission would be self-exploratory, the objective being simply to learn more about his connection with the Force.

      That mission took him across the stars to Tatooine.  While meditating in his small cabin during the hyperspace journey on public transport, Xan had what Jedi call a Vision.  A gift of sight from the Force.  One of the first lessons Jedi receive is that the future is always in motion.  Yet the vivid details locked his consciousness to the scenes as if he were truly living them.  He saw a young man with a blazing white light above his head.  The young man is standing atop the corpse of a monstrous dragon, nestled in a sea of flame.  One hand is raised over the man's head, connecting with the brilliant white fire.  The other is cupping a silvery orb that contains an entire galaxy within its depths.  The scene shifted, Xan could see more of the details.  The man had his face, though his hair was longer.  In the closed hand raised high above his head was a lightsaber.  The lightsaber looked similar to Xan's own, with only a few variances.  The hilt-grip was a little thicker, which signified a use of the more offensive styles of combat.  Suddenly, as if magnified ten fold, Xan could see the details perfectly.  A ring just above the grip shifted as if on its own, and the brilliant white glow shot almost double its length and created a piercing violet light that encompassed the entire sea of flames.

      Xan woke to find that he was in Mos Eisley in the small room he had been allowed to rent.  His budget while undercover for the sake of this mission was quite low.  It would allow for meager transport, meager accommodations, and ration refills.  This was more than he could have asked for.  Jedi do not value material things.  The mission took him soul searching through the deserts of Tatooine, seeking the place where one of history's greatest Jedi had grown up.  His mission would also take him to the remains of the home of another great Jedi.  His mission was to contemplate the life before the fame of Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, and Clone Wars General Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.  Xan would not complete the mission as per mandate.  He was attacked while traveling near a rocky region by a band of Tuskan raiders.  He went through great pains defending himself against them while attempting to let them all leave with their lives.

      Reaching a standstill, the Tuskans offered him a negotiation.  In exchange for safe passage through their desert, he would follow a tradition of theirs.  He would kill a full grown krayt dragon and return with its inner pearl.  If he could accomplish the feat without use of his lightsaber he would gain their respect.  The choice was made for him when they introduced the beast instead of having him track one.  He and the dragon fought violently, the dragon instinctively to kill him, him to fight for his life.  A Jedi doesn't go looking for a fight.  A Jedi studying in the ways of Vaapad doesn't mind finding one.  The Tuskans allowed him freedom as promised upon his victory.  They also gave him the pearl, as is the right of the tradition.  

      Xan did not return to the Enclave until just after his twenty fifth birthday.  His mission had been successful.  Clipped to his belt notch in its usual place, was his new lightsaber.  He had fashioned it over the corpse of a dragon while surviving a sea of flame.  Xan realized, not for the first time, just how right his old Master had been.  The Force truly was all knowing, if perversely cryptic at times.
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