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Sehas Cred
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Basic Information

Name: Sehas Cred

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Arkanian

Affiliation: The Alliance

Rank: Padawan

Master: [To Be Named]

Physical Appearance

Height: 1.63m

Weight: 52kg

Eye Color: White

Hair: Short cut white hair

Physique: Quite slim and little more muscular then average

Skin Tone: Pale Tan

Distinguishing Marks: Left hand fingers except thump replaced with cyborg enhancments.

Other Information

Equipment: Training Lightsabre, belt with simple crafting gear, eye protection glasses.

Abilities: Very able in crafting and tinkering. Highly inteligent with technology related things for his age.

Force Powers

* Basic Healing (Self)

* Basic Telekinesis

* Enhance Ability

* Enhance Senses

* Force Sense

* Force Jump


Age 0: Born in the planet Arkania. Three Fingers from his left hand replaced with cyborg enhancments by his parents most likely.

Age 1: Found Force Sensitive and brought to Jedi Order for training

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Sehas Cred
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