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Mahrk Reist
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General Information:

Name:  Mahrk Reist

Age:  28
Gender:  Male
Birth world:  Zeltros
Legal Status:  Single
Living Situation:  

Affiliation:  The Sith Remnant, The Red Lady
Rank:  Apprentice - TSR
Occupation:  Escort

Physical Appearance

Avatar:  Matthew McConaughey
Clothing:  His attire ranges from the black tie affair to flare rave to beach going and more.  Mahrk is almost always working, which means his outfits may change three to twelve times in the course of one day.  When clothes are needed.

Species:  Zeltron
Height:  6'1"
Weight:  212lbs
Eye Color:  Ice Blue
Hair Color:  Brown with a light hint of reddish gold
Body Shape:  Athletic
Skin Tone:  Crimson gold
Distinguishing Marks:  Mahrk has an image of a Phoenix spreading its wings from shoulder blade to shoulder blade with a fiery tail traveling down to stop at the small of his back.


Mother:  Tariah Reist
Father:  Jash Reist
Spouse:  None
Siblings:  None
Children:  Hopefully never
Other family:  None

Character Information:

Personality:  Charismatic, wild, insatiable.  These are just a small few of the many words to describe the Zeltron Mahrk.  True to his genetic heritage, Mahrk does not believe in depression, allow anger to be a part of him, or acknowledge any fear.  While this would normally hinder a Sith, his lust for pleasure, love, and even happiness, have been known to far exceed the capabilities of one who would gain power from simple anger.  Mahrk constantly wants to experience new things.  Even the thought of settling down will send him binging and partying for a week straight.  He is able to calm his wild side enough to study, though his training is almost a second in his priorities to his career.
Strengths:  Aside from his Sith background, Mahrk's career with the Red Lady all but hinges on his personal appearance and physique.  And though he would only brag about it to those who asked, he's damned good at his career.  Mahrk excels with lightsaber combat, enjoying the aerobic art form of Ataru and the powerful offensive techniques of Shien / Djem So.  He's a fair shot with a blaster, though he would only ever use one if there were simply no other choice.  Or if asked to by his master and/or employers.  His other strengths involve a combination of his genetic heritage, such as skills with his pheromone production, emotion projection, and amazing empathic abilities.  Using the traits gifted to him by his species, Mahrk rarely needs the Force to seduce or lure.  He saves his connection to the Force for much higher callings.
Weaknesses:  Even having two livers Mahrk's body has a hard time keeping up with his alcohol intake.  Just like he gains so many natural blessings through his species, he also carries the negative.  Mahrk's lust for, well everything, is almost unparalleled in its vicious need to be sated.  While generally able to maintain a calm visage, his natural lusting is close and powerful enough to an addiction that when it goes unchecked he may become uncontrollably violent.  Not angry, just violent.

Force Abilities:
Force Sense
Enhance Ability
Enhance Senses
Force Empathy
Basic Telekinesis

Basic History:

Bio:  Mahrk was born on his species' home planet of Zeltros.  Great education systems, amazing cultural development, and most importantly, intergalactic entertainment.  These are what created the basis for Mahrk's childhood.  The Red Lady was a predominant feature in his life from an early age.  Prostitution, as well as so many other of life's finer points, was completely legal on Zeltros, which made the Red Lady a thriving business with multiple facilities all across the planet.  Earning a job early in his life with the company, Mahrk worked his way up from simple clerk duties to general prostitution.  His

Age 0 - Mahrk Reist is born as a result of a trist between Jash Reist and Tariah Navey.
Age 3 - Jash Reist and Tariah Navey are married.  Tariah Navey becomes Tariah Reist.
Age 4 - Mahrk shows signs of force sensitivity; mistaken for early awareness of racial abilities.
Age 6 - Mahrk is enrolled into standard education.
Age 7 - Mahrk shows increased force awareness, preludes of Enhance Ability are seen.
Age 8 - Mahrk shows constant use of Ability increase; racial empathy and Force Empathy intertwine.
Age 10-14 - Mahrk is enrolled in top credit early education.
Age 15 - Mahrk shows signs of telekinesis; results in petty theft and dis-enrollment of education.
Age 16 - Mahrk leaves the Reist residence and gains employment as a part time clerk for the Red Lady.
Age 17 - Mahrk begins studying advanced uses of his innate gifts with experienced Courtesan.
Age 18 - Mahrk leaves clerk duties and assumes full time prostitution employment.
Age 19 - Mahrk learns the values of manipulating the Force to assist in his career development.
Age 21 - Begins taking Escort employment as well as current prostitution.
Age 22 - Leaves for Coruscant as full time Red Gent escort.  Gains employment at Coruscant establishment.
Age 23 - Begins studying the history and philosophies of the Sith.
Age 25 - Builds his first Lightsaber.
Age 27 - Mahrk studies advanced techniques of seduction and persuasion.

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Mahrk Reist
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