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Sheedon "Shift" Jaam
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Character Information:

Name:  Sheedon Jaam
-Alias:  Edeon ; Shift

Species:  Shi'ido
-Gender:  Male
-Age:  60

Homeworld:  Lao-mon

The Character

Personality:  Like the multi-facet sides of a rainbow gem, Sheedon has many sides to his personality.  To some he's stone cold, calculating, with an unstoppable mentality once his mind is set.  To others he's a sarcastic jokester with a smile on his face and a laugh escaping his gut even while he's ending their life.  To others still, he's a kind and considerate, passionate type.  The only thing that has ever been said with certainty about him, is that you won't ever truly know him, and live to tell the tale.

If one were to describe him, the best identifier would have to be an actor.  In whatever form he's seen in, he truly is that form.  Whether it be a type of being, an object, or even  a combination of both, he does his best to become the part wholeheartedly.  Despite that fact, his inner self is always jovial.  Sheedon's self-appointed role in the galaxy is to inspire mirth; to all those he doesn't happen to be hunting at the time.  Although, if given a choice, even they would experience joy and laughter.  He has an incredible appetite for experiencing the galaxy, and tends to lean toward a Casanova-esqe personality in the presence of beautiful women of all species.

    General: [li]Cunning - Sheedon's wits and common sense almost seem to increase in times of desperation.[/li] [li]Physique - Despite being able to skin shift any additional needs, Sheedon trains his body to keep up with his lifestyle.[/li] [li]Judge of Character - Being a bounty hunter isn't easy.  Sheedon has worked hard to learn how to read beings.[/li] [li]Swordsmanship - Working with his physique, Sheedon has spent a good part of his 60 years (not quite an adult for a Shi'ido, but old enough to master in many species) learning how to wield blades.[/li] [li]Dexterity - The art of wielding two blades in combat takes more than knowledge of each blade and strong swings.  Sheedon is nimble, and his hand eye coordination are near flawless.[/li] [li]Marksman - Sporting blasters for intimidation would lose its effect if Sheedon didn't practice shooting with a passion.  His speed and accuracy are equipped more toward duelist firing than precision targeting.  A good frame of reference would be a sharp shooting cowboy versus being a trained and tried soldier.[/li] [li]Mechanic - Sheedon is a superb mechanic, able to modify his own ship at wholesale costs through his own labor.  He has also been known to dabble in weapons mechanics.
    Racial:[/li] [li]Skin Shifting - Though still very young and unable to shift into most non-humanoid species and objects, Sheedon has practiced hard to shift into various humanoids (or variations of a current skin shift) with quick precision.[/li] [li]Telepathy - Sheedon makes use of his telepathic abilities so much that it's second nature.  With almost every mind that comes in his presence, he unconsciously makes subtle suggestions regarding him.
    Force:[/li] [li]Danger Sense - Sheedon's precognition has been a huge factor in his life almost since birth.  It's not pinpoint accurate yet, but it's helpful.[/li] [/list]Weaknesses:
      General: [li]Alcoholism - Where there's drinking, there's Sheedon; Though his tolerance is amazing when compared to some species, too much simply is too much.  He's been known to "jump-shift" at the wrong times when under the influence.[/li] [li]Cigarras - Though his species type doesn't seem to cause him to become addicted, Sheedon often smokes cigarras.  He finds them soothing, especially during a long hunt.  As a consequence his telepathy often has to assist his skin shifting in making the after-smell disappear from his body and clothing when he's trying to conceal his identity.[/li] [li]Foot in Mouth Disease - Sheedon can make is mouth as large as his skin-shift calls for.  The side effect is that it only allows his mouth to hold an even larger than normal foot in it.[/li] [li]Hopeless Romantic - Saving the heroine and being the hero is an ever present obstacle when ensuring the success of a job.  That, and the occasional "affection" from the girlfriends (and on a few alcohol assisted occasions, wives) of his partners, superiors, and employers.[/li] [li]Hot Head - Sheeden is rather quick tempered about certain subjects.  Species bashing, mistreatment of slaves, and general impolite behavior toward women have been catalysts in some rather memorable bar fights.
      Racial:[/li] [li]Curiosity - As with most Shi'ido, despite their many years exploring the galaxy, Sheedon is very curious by nature.  That trait has gotten him into more than one close call.[/li] [li]Name Calling - Sheedon takes extreme offense to being made fun of for his species.  He has been known to take half pay on a bounty that called for alive-full price, dead-half price when the target referred to him as a "Skin thief".[/li] [li]Telepathy - Though his innate telepathy is strong, a negative consequence of his habitual usage of it is that he sometimes attempts it on a resistant species without even realizing it.[/li] [li]Vanity - When not in his natural form (which is almost always, even when sleeping) Sheedon tends to shift into more attractive, and thus more noticeable, versions of species  that the job calls for.  He doesn't think of himself as ugly in his natural state; he just tries to look the best of the best when not himself.  This happens especially so in the presence of beautiful women of most species.[/li] [/list]Appearance:  Sheedon's natural height is 5'11", his weight around 190lbs.  He has a slightly elongated cranium and his skin is pale blue.  His toned frame is rather out of the normal standards of his species because of his intense physical training.  He often refers to himself as a less stuck up, better looking Chiss.  Currently he is able to skin shift into most common humanoid species, with no permanent style for any.  His appearance, even the slightest details such as eye skin, hair color, freckles, male, female, reflects whatever the situation calls for.  Publicly, he has only been identified (by anyone of notable interest) as a human male with dark blond hair and tan, Caucasian skin.
        Natural Form: [li]Natural Form 1[/li] [li]Natural Form 2[/li] [li]Natural Form 3[/li] [li]Natural Form 4
        Main Human Form:[/li] [li]Human Form 1[/li] [/list]-Clothing:  He has multiple attire, fitting the job, the location, even the species.  When in his most common human skin, he has a crimson trench coat.  Under that, he wears a small variety of vests with button-less over-shirts on top.  His pants generally consist of form fitting trousers to give him flexibility.  He has a few pairs of tall boots to compliment, and always wears a sash for flare.  Topping off his wardrobe are a pair of thin but supportive gloves; a pair for each pair of his boots.  Where pockets might be in his trousers, are actually quick-seal flaps that allow him to get to the skin underneath.  He maintains his datapad, com-link, and vibro-dagger inside of his body.  His rapier and blasters are all kept clipped to his belt.

        The History

        Born in the Wilds (Early Youth, 20/Under) -  In the deep jungles of the planet Lao-mon, a rain forest covered planet in the Unknown Regions, the Shi-ido made their homes.  Predators of every shape and size also called the great jungles their home.  In the outside galaxy, wars raged and battles were fought, but on the planet Lao-mon that meant nothing.  Life and death was a constant happening, a beautiful and vicious circle.  In one small village, Sheera Jaam and Goodon Jaam preened over their new babe.  He was their first, so they named him for each of them.  Sheedon Jaam would one day grow into a proud Shi'ido, able to hunt, fish, and defend for the village whole.  For now the two parents were simply proud that he existed.

        Sheedon was truly a wonder, always searching for new ways to get into trouble either in the village or in the areas of the jungle nearest the village.  He was too little to be taken on hunting expeditions, and two young to defend the village from predator attacks.  Instead he had to get all of his youthful energy out in other ways.  Shi'ido were shapeshifters from birth; they didn't grow power, it was simply their genetics.  As such the children would often see who could do the most with their gifts.  They would compete for skin color changes, to see who could follow the pattern and add their own in each round.  As they grew older and their ability refined itself, they began playing more challenging games.  One such game involved shifting into another child's skin and attempting to use telepathy well enough to be welcomed by that child's parents.  The longer one could carry the feint, the better chance of winning.  Sheedon usually came in first or second in these games.  With nothing to do but learn to hunt, fish, study basic and mathematics, he had ample time to play.

        As the years went by Sheedon began to grow impatient to see the world.  He wanted to know every part of the jungle.  He wanted to see all the different lifeforms, to study how they lived their own lives.  His explorations would take him further and further into the jungles.  Often, Goodon would have to find him and bring the boy back.  He was in his late teens now, still only a child by Shi'ido culture, but his mind was increasing faster than his patience could keep pace.  So it was that on his 19th year, when a Chiss trade transport flew over the village, Sheedon didn't miss his chance.  A much larger village with a small spaceport was only a few hundred kilometers away from the Jaams' own village.  Sheedon packed what little he had, a small datapad with family holos, some various dried foods, and made his careful way out of the village.  It would be the last time he saw his parents for many years.

        Growing up Shi'ido (Early Adolescence, 40/Under) - For quite a few years, Sheedon worked with the Chiss trader that he had stowed away with.  While paying his debt off by helping the trader with manual labor, cleaning, and any other service needed, Sheedon was taught how to fly, how to navigate, and quite a bit about the mechanics of starships.  Once the debt was paid, the trader offered Sheedon a permanent spot on his crew, but Sheedon had too much he wanted to see.  He spent a few more years living with the Chiss, who were surprisingly decent to Shi'ido.  During those years he worked in repair shops, hangar bays, anywhere that would teach him skills while he worked.  Sheedon was thrilled at the work he did.  Everything was so new, so alien.  While disguised as a Chiss mechanic in one employment, he was hired on as a co-pilot and chief mechanic of a transport ship that made runs out of the Unknown Regions.

        He stayed with that job for a year, then said his goodbyes at Bakura, closed the accounts he had for himself, and used the saved earnings of nine years worth of random jobs to buy himself a small ship of his own.  It was just a hunkered up transport that needed work to even get it off the ground, but he was hooked.  Throwing himself into the work, he did a few odd jobs to pay for replacement parts and got the ship to fine condition.  Leaving a cantina one day to head to his brand new working ship, Sheedon caught sight of a wanted flimsi.  It was for the capture of a thief who had robbed a few shops, and the reward, little though it was, would pay for a hyperdrive upgrade.  Sheedon knew right at that moment, this was his calling.  He could find things, he could hunt, could gather, could fight.  His village had forced their young to adapt to a hostile world.  And Sheedon was especially advantaged in this since, since for all intents and purposes, he was nobeing, anybeing, and everybeing.  His next stop was a weapons shop.  Spending the rest of his credits on a state of the art vibrodagger and a rusty old Model 434 heavy blaster, he went to work.

        It took a few days to track the thief down, with Sheedon having to learn as he went.  It came naturally though, as if something were assisting him.  He could track any beast on Lao-mon, and the concept was the same.  Instead of checking tracks and cracked branches, he went searching for mass credits being spent, places where someone may be feeling generous.  He tracked the thief to a nicely built bar establishment, spending credits like crazy.  He skin-shifted into a fellow Bakuran before heading in, then made good use of his telepathy to impart a strong need to to give back the credits before "they" came.  The job went flawlessly, and Sheedon was hooked.  He spent the next year studying everything he could about bounty hunting, famous bounty hunters, the Bounty Hunter's Creed, and continuing to do small jobs when there wasn't a bounty.  At the end of that year, Sheedon having just turned 30 years old, he was finally ready.

        The next six years were a pleasure cruise for Sheedon.  He had his own ship, upgraded through various jobs, bounties, and there was no where in the galaxy he couldn't go.  His own people would have called him a reckless child, which of course, he really was, though he would never admit it.  To humans and most other species, Sheedon was a twenty-something year old human who was in peak condition.  What they didn't know, and what always made him chuckle, was that he wasn't even in the prime of his life.  He had many more years just until he was an adult to his own people, and many, many more good years after that.  Around his 37th year, Sheedon was given an admission into a privateer gig near the Hapes cluster.  Having never done it, and wanting to experience everything, he readily jumped on the chance.

        Life on the Wild Side (Late Adolescence, 60/Under) - For the next eight years his name, Edeon Jaam, grew in reputation.  He could out run, out fight, and out live all the competition, and he always seemed to know when he needed to do what.  He knew of the Force, and had studied long about the theologies of it and many other religions over the years.  After a time, he started to realize just what his extraordinary capabilities were due to.  For years he had seemingly known when something bad was about to happen.  Problems, puzzles, obstacles, seemed to fall into place when Sheedon cleared his mind and focused on the outcome.  On a few small occasions Sheedon seemed to know before-hand whether a battle would be won or lost.  He gained quite a bit more credit to his reputation by knowing when to fold, and when to go all-in.

        He researched for over a year on the Jedi and Sith religions again; finally he found what he had seen.  It took another long set of months, searching, purchasing, bribing, and bartering, but Sheedon was able to get his hands on an extremely rare "holocron" as the Jedi called it.  He lined up a, retired would be a good word for it, Jedi to assist him in its use.  Within a few weeks, the holocron was open, and Sheedon had the answer for why his blades seemingly grew in power as he fought.  The holocron also gave much more information on the Force as a whole, and he was hooked.  Sheedon had another experience to learn all about, dissect, and upgrade.  Life was so full of wonderful surprises!  The Force project was placed on the back burner, save for practicing the small techniques he now knew he possessed.  In the mean time, Sheedon continued to privateer, finally deciding to retire and let his name fade out of the lime light (and many bounties) after another decade.

        In a life of crime living to, and retiring at, 53 years old was a celebratory event; especially after such a successful and lucrative career.  For Sheedon, though, it was a minor nuisance.  Now he had to find another way to spend his time, which was rather annoying.  He was still a teenager in his own species, still full of reckless youth.  Sheedon placed most of his account funds into various investments, stocks, and trades.  Realizing that what he might just need was a trip to the old home front, he dusted off his old ship and went back out into the Unknown Regions.  It had been many years, but his memory was just fine and he had quite a few new flight charts from his glory times.  He held quite a few "un"charted paths within the Unknown Regions, Hapes cluster, and the Core.  Finding his way back to Lao-mon was just another day in space.  Sheedon soon arrived at the spaceport village close to his own home village.  Deciding it best to arrive without all his decadence to gloat with, he walked the old paths back to the village.  Fear of the predators lost its power when one had a decent sense of danger, and a rather fine arsenal backing them.

        He spent the next two years with his parents, making amends for his departure, giving back to his own kind.  He hunted, he fished, he defended the village.  Regaining the pride that his parents always held in their hearts for him, he knew he had made the right choice.  The galaxy would always be there, but his mother and father were over three and four hundred respectively.  He made a new vow that anytime he should leave, he would come back and visit at least once every two years.  His parents took the vow with grace, saying that he would soon be full grown, and he had already proven himself worthy of the title.  Leaving them on good terms, Sheedon went back out to the black of space.  For the next three years he went back to bounty hunting, remaking his name and reputation as "Shift" Jaam.  He traded in his old ship, working a black market deal for a top of the line Gladius-class light freighter.  With his constantly watching the trades and stocks, Sheedon had worked a small enough fortune to safely modify his ship and still have enough to live on and keep working.  The next two years of his life have been spent doing small bounties, fixing up his ship, and continuing to raise his reputation.


        Faction:  Fringe
        -Branch:  Bounty Hunter / Privateer
        -Rank:  Not Applicable

        Force-Sensitive?  Yes
        -Force Powers:
          Force Practitioner (Neutral) - Knight [li]Far Sight[/li] [li]Force Comprehension[/li] [li]Force Sense
          Shi-ido Racial Abilities:[/li] [li]Shape Shifting - Under 100 Years (Able to shift into humanoids of near mass and very few types of non-humanoids and objects)[/li] [li]Telepathy - Similar to the base Force Telepathy though it ties more into pushing Force Empathy outward.  Able to project false impressions to most species.[/li] [/list] -Saber Form: Long blade and Parry weapons ; Loose form of Jar'Kai - Self taught


            Melee: [li]Duelist Vibrorapier - (Refer here for image)[/li] [li]Vibrodagger - Standard 9" blade.
            Ranged:[/li] [li]Model 434 "DeathHammer" heavy blaster pistol - Modified to current era, custom grip.[/li] [li]Bluebolt Blaster - Standard[/li] [/list]Items:Com-link, Datapad, Stun-cuffs, Travel duffel w/ Extra storage separators for easier access

            Ship:  Gladius-class light freighter
            - Alias:  Quick Catch
            - Modifications:
            • Backup Hyperdrive - Class 10
            • Cells for up to 4 Prisoners and Force-cage for 1 Force prisoner.
            • Fire-linking of the current stock heavy quad lasers cannons.
            • Ion Cannon
            • Military-grade Sensor Array.
            • Military-grade Shields.
            • Sensor Mask and Jamming Systems

            - Speeder Bike:  Quickfire speeder bike, locked down center in cargo bay.


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