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Sage Seidon
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   -General Information-
Name: Sageous "Sage" Xi'dian Seidon
Alias: N/A
Title/Rank: Jedi Knight
Homeworld: Corellia [Legal Citizen]
Race: Half-Mandolorian
Affiliation: Jedi Order/ Alliance
Age: 26

   -Physical Stats-
Avatar: Chris Pine
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs
Build: Rock-hard muscle tone/ Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Baby Blue
Scars/ Tattoos: N/A

Father: Ri'Xander Seidon (Deceased)
Mother: Suri Seidon (Deceased)
Siblings:  Benedict Seidon (Deceased)

Master: Obi-Wan Skywalker [Trained on Sithlore.]

Force Abilities [Can use the majority of Apprentice/Knight powers. Only the core powers that are primarily used are listed.] 

      Basic Healing (Self)
      Basic Telekinesis
      Enhance Ability
      Enhance Senses
      Force Sense
      Breath Control
      Force Jump / Force Leap
      Force Speed
      Force Persuasion
      Meditative/Hibernation Trance
      Control Pain
      Force Healing (Self)

      Battle Precognition
      Enhanced Force Sense
      Enhanced Telekinesis
      Force Deflect
      Healing (Others)
      Force Healing (Other)
      Mind Trick

Color Crystal: Royal Blue
Power Crystal: Sapith
Focusing Crystal: Mephite
Switch: Lock-on
Miscellaneous Modifications: Pressure-Grip, Water-Proof Casing

   -Lightsaber Forms-
Form I: Shi-Cho [Mastered]
Form II: Makashi [Trained -Intermediate Practitioner] 
Form III: Soresu [Trained - Expert Practitioner]
Form IV: Ataru [Mastered]

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Sage Seidon
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