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Silian Tallav
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  Silian Tallav 
< In the darkness, it comes for us all. >
Basic Information

Name: Silian Tallav
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak [Iridonian]
Homeworld: Iridonia
Hair: None [Head is shaved, if allowed to grow his hair would be dark brown]
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 234.lbs
Photo ID:

Celebrity Claim: N/A

< Though we are blind to its presence, it hunts us with determination. Never do we escape it. >
General Background

Affiliation: The Alliance
Current Rank: Padawan

Abilities Overview:
In concern to the Force, Silian has displayed remarkable vitality and skill in tasks that require a heavier hand. That said, his touch with more delicate matters is in serious need of refinement. Anyone with a bit of training can knock over a man with the force, it takes true skill to pull a single thread from his shirt and nothing else. Silian lacks the basic understanding, patience, and skill to perform such tasks. At his current level, Silian is reduced to brutish and violent uses of the Force.

In concern to his ability with a lightsaber, Silian has proven to be an exceptional student. He has taken up six of the seven forms of combat with intent of mastering each. He is still very far from such a goal, but has shown determination that does his species proud. Although he is capable of the first six forms, his skills naturally push toward the more aggressive styles and his defensive skills are in need of work. He seems to be best suited for Shii-Cho, Ataru, and Niman. Silian had shown some impatience at his progress though along with a quick temper. This observer is under the impression that he should not be allowed to take up the seventh form Vaapad for fear that allowing him to tap into those emotions may lead him to the Dark Side.

Known Force Abilities:
Lightside Force Abilities-
Control Pain

Neutral Force Abilities-
Force Sense
Enhance Ability
Enhance Senses
Breath Control
Force Jump
Force Speed

Darkside Force Abilities-

Known Forms of Lightsaber Combat:
Form I Shii-Cho - Intermediate
Form II Makashi - Beginner
Form III Soresu - Poor
Form IV Ataru - Intermediate
Form V Shien/Dejm So - Very Poor
Form VI Niman - Intermediate

Silian's Lightsabers:

Both lightsabers were made identically
Sillian's Lightsaber construction
  • Rubat Crystal
  • Standard Inert Power insulator
  • Ossus Dueling Lens
  • Blade Emitter w/ Shroud and guards
  • Double Off Click Switch
  • Daitium Power Cell
  • Pommel Cap
  • Hilt
No Modifications

< It comes when it believes we are weak, when we are ready. But never think for a moment, that it cannot strike when you are strong and healthy. >
Personal Background:

Likes: Combat, exorcise, excitement, power, victory
Dislikes: Quiet, waiting, peaceful settings, weakness, failure
Habits: Tapping foot or drumming fingers impatiently, locking doors three times, pacing.
Spoken Languages: Zabraki, Galactic Basic
Living Relatives: None
Silian is a born combatant. Naturally quick wits and an adaptable mind make him a quick learner and dangerous foe on the battlefield. He finds his peace of mind in the furious melody of combat and training, motion gives his body purpose which gives him mind direction to focus his thoughts. He doesn't much care for peaceful surroundings, though he can appreciate them as well as the next man, feeling they dull his senses and leave him off guard against attack. He is still young, and naturally impatient. He doesn't like to wait for someone to attack, or to find him, or for something exciting to happen. If given the choice he would like to be the one to go find someone, to start the attack, to bring the excitement to life. Obviously he has to control these feelings, else he'd just be running into every building making enemies left and right. He may not like waiting, but it is a part of being a jedi. Nothing he can do about it.

He has a love for art, though he often won't admit it, and enjoys examining paintings and architecture in his free time. People that know that much about him have managed to get past his defenses and can often call him friend. When meeting new people Silian is often very polite, well polite is the wrong word. It is better to say he has a very formal way of speaking. That aside, anyone willing to actually pay attention to what he says may be surprised to find a great deal of hidden sarcasm. This is especially true when talking to "superiors" outside of the select few that have earned Silian's respect. He doesn't respect people easy either, it is something earned not given. A man with a high rank and a long history is entitled to certain civilities when speaking to him, but not respect.

Silian does have a bit of a temper, but it isn't as volatile as most would expect. He keeps his anger in check through training, and anything he can't let out through exorcise he just bottles up. No use worrying about it if it won't change anything. Besides, what is the worst that can come from bottling up your anger?

< In the darkness, death comes for us all. >
Historical Background

Born on Iridonia, the harsh environment that the Zabrak called their homeworld, Silian was the son of a Zabrak merchant. Solluman Tallav, born of the collonies had fallen in love with Tessiv, a native Iridonian. The two were wed and from their union came Silian. With a father intent to have him educated and a mother intent for him to grow up strong as a warrior, Sillian was often stretched a bit thin between the two. Long hours spent in doors studying to make his father proud, and even longer spent outside playing with the other children of Iridonia. Though they did little more than explore and wrestle, the planet's rough terrain and dangerous predators ensured that the children grow up tough or not at all.

Silian could have been called a bit of a bully, or maybe the leader, of the group of friends he kept around him. His mother's encouragement drove him to try and be the strongest of the children, his fathers teachings made him one of the smartest. He wasn't very old of course, seven or eight years of age, so being the strongest eight year old on the block wasn't as impressive as you might think. But Silian lived a happy life all the same, he had a promising future at that. He could be a soldier or village leader if his mother had her say, or a successful merchant or scholar if his father had his. Silian didn't really care what he grew up to be, life was too good to worry that far ahead.

When he turned nine his father took the family for a trip to one of the colonies. It was Silian's first real experience away from home. The visit was short, but Silian was placed in awe of all there was to see outside their little village on Iridonia. It was on the way back to the planet that his world crumbled. Their transport ship was attacked by a group of smugglers on the run. Silian, unaware of the situation, awoke to the sound of a blaster going off several times. His father tossed him into a closet and sealed the door. The next time the door opened a Jedi stood there. The smugglers had been captured, but they had killed several people, including both of Silian's parents. It placed the child into shock... he couldn't remember all that happened directly afterwards.

All he knew for was that the jedi called him Force sensitive and sent him off to be trained, as he had no where else to go. He spent years just going through the motions of training. He learned that he personally hated smugglers and scum that went about just hurting people for no reason. That kind of hate fueled his efforts to be better than he ever was before. He wanted to be strong enough to stop something like that from ever happening again. his instructors told him to let go of those feelings, as hatred led to the dark side. He told them he would try... but hatred like that burns hot and is difficult to extinguish.

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Silian Tallav
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