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Name:  Domino
Species:  Twilek
Homeworld: Coruscant
Family: None, runaway
Age: 27

Rank: Captain/Knight

Appearance: Blue skin, lithe yet strong muscles from years of dancing. When not at the clubs or work she wears loose cargo pants and a tight fitting top. Domino likes to go barefoot whenever possible.

Personality: A child at heart, she loves having a good time and won’t hesitate to crack a joke or have some fun unless the situation is against it. She is very self-driven, however, and when committed to a goal she’ll put aside all else to focus on it.

Background: “Hi, my name’s Domino, and I’m a graceful swan that dances for pervy men in an upper-city club called The Black Rose on Coruscant. But that’s ok; they tip me well and sometimes bring me gifts hoping for more than just a few dances. After work I either go out partying or home to my cat Mr. Tibbs.

“It’s just us two here; I ran away from home a long time ago because of ‘family issues,’ I don’t really want to talk about it. I suppose I’m lucky, not many runaways end up as well off as I am. I have a job I love that pays well enough for a nice apartment, and I can practice coup de vitesse all I want at a nearby martial arts dojo because I can get the instructor into the club for free. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s as close to it as possible. Or, at least it was, for recently I’ve got caught up in the struggle between the Empire and a terrorist group calling themselves the Rebel Alliance. Now my life’s in constant danger!”

After being mistaken for a Rebel agent while working at the Rose, Domino was rescued by the real agent, Maelion Liates. After Maelion completed her mission and bombed Domino's apartment she gave the Twi'lek a choice, either join the Rebellion or be left to fend for herself as a lone fugitive. She chose to join and now puts her talents to use as a spy and infiltrator for the Rebellion. Since then she's shut down Kaut's defense guns, paving the way for an Alliance attack, stolen intelligence, partied, assassinated, greased palms, watched, and drink half of her fellow rebs under the table. Domino tries to avoid Jedi due to her force sensitivity and her unwillingness to develop it. And, once they see the MPs drag her in after a night of drinking, most Jedi agree that it's for the best.

However her unwillingness to train in the force didn't help her when captured by William Carter the Lord of Tapani  and sith master. While on a mission to saboage his flagship he sensed her presence and forced her to become his apprentice before sending her back to the alliance as a double agent. Since then Domino has played both  sides of the field as carefully as she can while data mining hundreds of terabytes of Alliance secrets

Coup de Vitesse-(French for blow of speed). A fusion of several western and Oriental martial arts, where emphasis is placed on offense and speed, resulting in a very brutal and effective style. Non-cannon.

Force Powers


    [li]Basic Telekinesis[/li][li]Force Sense[/li][li]Enhance Ability[/li][li]Kinetic[/li][li]Telepathy[/li][li]Force Persuasion[/li][li]Far Sight


      [li]Battle Precognition


      Silent Whisper- A YV-545 Light freighter Domino purchased at a police impound auction. She then spent a good deal of her savings from working with the Alliance giving it a complete overhaul, upgrading both its capabilities and interior comfort. It now has 2 quad laser cannons, 2 concussion missile launchers, a retractable repeating blaster on the underside, much stronger shields, ecm, and sensors, as well as a class 0.7 hyperdrive. The interior remodel has brought it in line with a personal yacht's comfort levels with larger suites, a lounge with a large wall projector, reactive lighting, and a nicer interior in general. Interior security and backup on missions is provided by a trio of Droidekas kept in the small workshop in addition to the ship's own 'Superflow V' droid brain that sometimes acts as a type of protocol droid, responding to verbal commands and being able to judge when the ship or it's owner are in danger and taking action. Alternatively, small wall terminals could be used to input commands. At the time of purchase and renovation Domino intended for it to be both a place for her to live and a way to preserve her wealth in the event of an asset seizure.

      The Ronin- A Namana class light cruiser that Domino stole with the help of Nessarose and Schism mercenaries. Other than it's upgraded weapons to the more expensive dual versions and white based paint job with green detailing, the Ronin is just like a stock Namana cruiser without the extensive customization of the Silent Whisper. Its ship compliment consists of 12 XJ5 X-wings painted in Alliance colors, 2 Lambda shuttles, 1 Sentinel class landing craft, and the Whisper when Domino is in residence.

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Sorry for the late reply - but you were added to thelist a few days ago

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This isn't a list of equipment that Domino carries on her at all times, it's simply a preferred list to let me quickly find the related pages.

Lightsaber- Yellow blade x2
Glass knives
Garrote wire- Concealed in a chrono.
Flash bangs
Mini Grenades
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