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Aria Preston-Starkiller
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Name: Aria Rose Preston Starkiller
Avatar: Danielle Campbell
Names Known As: 752-1649, TBD (William will name her at some point, and that name goes here!)
Birthplace: underground KytoP cell on Rusaan

Aria is, by time of birth, supposed to be about 6 months older than Morgaine. However, she is only physically aged to about 16. This is due to her time spent frozen in carbon as a captive of KytoP. However, mentally, she is as a very deadly infant.

Physical Attributes

Eyes: Blue/Blue-Hazel
Hair: long, wavy to straight, dark brown/almost black
Height: 5'
Weight: 97
Build: some muscles, but generally toned and malnurished

Connections (More to be added, I'm sure ...)

Father: Xander Starkiller (semi-estranged ... it's complicated)
Mother: Alexia Preston (semi-estranged ... its even more complicated)

(Insert siblings here ?)

Owner: William Carter (holee cow ... couldn't be more complicated)


Aria is a feral child, meaning the lack of human contact and education of almost any kind (the former was directly neglected) led to a complete lack of independance and social morale. This has resulted in more of a wild animal than a girl. She can't speak, and does not know how to communicate. Her entire world is based on the primal survival instinct. As she is learning and growing with William though, a fierce loyalty will also be prevalant.


At 8 1/2 months pregnant, Alexia Preston was silently abducted from Coruscant by a KytoP cell operating in the inner core. She was raised with strict protocals for having contact with her keepers. Aria was tattooed with an identification number, and trained to kill.

When she began to get older, KytoP began freezing her in carbon. This allowed for transfer from place to place, and for "storage" without maintenance like feeding and being guarded. This kept her physical form younger than she shuld be after a time.

When the orders came to have her killed, a man named Kerrington decided to defy the orders and sell her into slavery instead. She was purchased by William Carter, and remains in his custody.
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Aria Preston-Starkiller
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added to the bio list!