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Malya Helindan (WIP)
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Name: [/b]Malya Helindan

Gender: [/b]Female

Age: [/b]148

Race: [/b]Eldorai, a race of humanoids hailing from the far rim world of Kaeshana.

Birth Place: [/b]Kaeshana

Physical Characteristics: [/b]Malya is a reasonably average Eldorai specimen; she is about 5’8” with long dark hair, and formerly had blue eyes. Like all her race she is pale skinned, dextrous and very quick when needed. The most distinctive characteristic she possesses is the pointed ears of her race, which are extended about an inch from a similar human subject.

Malya is not unusually strong physically, being about the same as a human female of the same height and build. She does suffer from the common Eldorai trait of low pain tolerance and being lightweight for her size.

As a result of the trauma of the last few years she is even more underweight than usual, and often doesn’t eat for several days at a time. She is thin enough for her ribs to partially show through her skin.

Psychological Characteristics: [/b]Malya Helindan is what could be described as a ‘troubled soul’. Her life has not been especially kind to her, and her mutilation and torture did not help her already fragile mental state.

As a Jedi, Malya is expected to display discipline and control over herself and her abilities. Unfortunately racial predestination and her experiences have made her somewhat temperamental. She is prone to outbursts of anger when thwarted, and can be quite scornful of others she perceives as being inadequate. This is in many ways a cloak for her own personal issues, where she maintains a tough outer shield to give the appearance of confidence in herself and others. She has something of a vendetta against the Sith Lord Darth Shadow who blinded her, and against the Empire in general. Malya has a long memory, and will remember slights long forgotten by others.

However, to offset these somewhat negative characteristics, Malya is also honourable, generous, loyal and dedicated. She seeks knowledge, and has an interest in ancient arts and texts such as those found in the Jedi Order’s archives. Malya also has a keen sense of morals, and will act in the way she thinks is best even if it goes against the commandments of the Jedi Order.

As a person Malya is quite personable, but is very reserved, and does not express her inner thoughts to many people. She also does not like to reveal her own history, and expressly discourages what she sees as pity from others.

Malya has an overriding dislike of criminal elements, and does not favour government intervention.

She is quite religious, believing in the Goddess Ashira, a native to her race. She does not feel this is incompatible with the Force, and thinks they are inter related.

Alignment: [/b]Neutral Good verging on Chaotic Good

Affiliation: [/b]The Jedi Order.

Occupation: [/b]Jedi Knight. Though she is ostensibly a Padawan, she has shown incredible potential in the Force.

Side of the Force: [/b]Light sided, tending to grey.

Favoured Weapon and Attire: [/b]Malya was not especially proficient in melee combat even before she was blinded, and afterwards it has been something which has continued. She carries a single orange bladed lightsabre about her person, and usually no other weapons.

She tends to prefer clothes which conceal and cover her. Her preferred attire is usually a grey or white robe of vaguely Jedi cut, along with soft trousers and tunic underneath. She does not wear any jewellery or other ornamentation. Over her eyes she wears a strip of cloth, more for the benefit of others, so they don’t have to look at her empty eye sockets. She does also wear a standard Jedi utility belt.

Favoured Force Powers: [/b]In addition to using the Force to see, Malya has other applications for it. The most common of them is using the Force to sense the presence of others nearby, and to sense their moods and feelings. This is not mind reading, and does not manifest as telepathy, but allows her to tell in general terms what a person’s intentions are.

Malya is not very good with telekinetic Force powers, reserving them only for lifting objects. She has no control over more uses such as manipulating switches or throwing objects.

Malya has had to use the Force once before to protect her from extreme heat, and was able to do so effectively. However, her skill reflecting blaster bolts is limited also.

Strengths: [/b]Malya is intelligent, strong willed and has a powerful command of the Force. She is also proficient in many languages including being able to understand Huttese and Wookiee languages.

Weaknesses: [/b]Malya is not a very effective fighter, especially at range. She has skills with a lightsabre, but would not be able to defeat a strong opposing duellist. Her occasional flashes of anger make her vulnerable to the temptations of the Dark Side. Ever since her blinding she has had to use the Force to ‘see’, and must concentrate to do so. At other times she is effectively and literally blind.

‘D&D Stats’: [/b](If she was a level 1 character allocating points.) STR: 10 DEX: 16 CON: 10 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 12.

History: [/b]Malya Helindan was born on Kaeshana during the middle years of the first Galactic Empire, though the planet was not widely known at this stage.


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Malya Helindan (WIP)
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