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Name: Sirul
Age: 23
Species: Shistavanen
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5'10" (On two feet)
Weight: 180 lbs

Military Duty Status: Retired
Rank: E-4 (Retired)
Years Active: 5
Position: Scout
Unit: 2nd Special Operations Group, Alliance Navy

Sirul is a Shistavanen of average height and a rather muscular build. His coat is coal-black and in right light can appear to have tinges of brown. It is a bit shaggy, but not by choice, it is simply genetics. He keeps his coat very clean and bathes often, after all who wants to look like a dirty mongrel? His eyes are as black as his coat, giving him the appearance of either having very small eyes or just really none at all. His teeth are long and sharp, they resemble that of a predatory animal. Five long years of Special Operations have kept Sirul incredibly fit, his form is lined with very solid muscle.
Sirul, despite his ferocious appearance, is really a nice guy. He is a veteran of the Alliance Naval Special Operations Force and is very proud of it. For having such a feral appearance, Sirul is quite intelligent. He only scored a few points off on his entrance exam into the Navy from becoming an officer, something he doesn't really regret. (He hates paperwork.) Even though he is Force Sensitive, he doesn't see himself better than anyone else in anyway, and he has seen while fighting the Sith what can happen if one chooses the Dark Side of the Force. The Shistavanen has seen, harsh, bloody combat in his five years and he doesn't usually like to talk about it. Even though he is retired from the Navy, he still keeps a respectful attitude towards anyone that has authority, something that was drilled into his head and can not be removed.

Sirul was born on Uvena Prime to Clan Karsul, a clan known throughout the Galaxy as Scouts. The clan made a name for itself while helping the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. For the better part of two decades Sirul lived on Uvena Prime with his clan. He was trained in basic scouting skills and eventually was sent off to join the Alliance Military.

When he reached the Alliance Capital, he immediately took an interest in the Navy, long having had an interest in Space. He signed up at the age of 17, missing only three points on his entrance exam from being enrolled into a Naval Academy. During his Basic Training, he distinguished himself well enough to be recruited into the Alliance Naval Special Operations. The training was incredibly rigorous, and several times the young Shistavanen nearly broke under the pressure, only to be rescued from the breaking point by a young Sullustan named Boola. The two became quick friends and as luck would have it, they were put into the same unit, 2nd Special Operations Group. Sirul was put as lead scout and Boola was placed as a heavy weapons expert.

The 2nd Special Operations Group was one of the first units to be deployed against the New Sith Empire during the war and they saw fierce action from the beginning. Sirul had no idea what he was getting in to. They were about to fight the most evil, cunning and determined force that had ever been seen. The 2nd Special Operations Group was deployed to an Outer Rim planet that was the border between the majority of the Outer Rim and the advancing New Sith Empire. The planet had an Alliance base staffed by a unit of Alliance Army Reservists. It had been deemed relatively unimportant before the war, but that had quickly changed when word got out that the base had been assaulted. The objective was to extract any surviving personnel, eliminate hostile forces and destroy the base, What the 2nd Special Operations Group didn't know was that they would be outnumbered two to one.

Specially cloaked dropships landed the 2nd S.O.G. on the dark side of the planet only four kilometers from the base's perimeter. As the team advanced, Sirul and two other scouts were sent to find enemy positions and eliminate any patrols that would hinder the advance of more troops. When the first patrol was spotted, Sirul and the two scouts were forced to use knives to take them out. Under the cover of darkness, Sirul for the first time learned what it was like to kill someone. The memory of slicing the neck of the Sith soldier was something he would never forget. As they moved on and eliminated more patrols, Sirul sort of got used to killing. Eventually they scouted out positions and learned the horrible truth, they were outnumbered. When they reported back to their C.O., all hell broke loose. Unknowingly they had been followed by two Dark Jedi and as they reached the 2nd S.O.G., a large group of soldiers came bursting out of the brush with the two Dark Jedi stalkers. A quick and bloody battle ensued, the Sith forces were decimated, only one Dark Jedi escaping. The rest of the fight for the planet would retain brutal hit-and-run tactics that cost the 2nd S.O.G. fifteen percent of its forces, and at the end of the battle only three Army personnel out of the sixty that staffed the base were found alive and extracted.

After the battle, the 2nd S.O.G. was debriefed and almost immediately redeployed. It was a trend that would repeat itself throughout the war. Many of the things Sirul participated in were highly classified and ninety percent of his military records were locked away and would remain that way for another twenty-five years. Upon Sirul's end of his tour of duty, he was given information from his blood tests that were done five years before. He found out that according to the blood tests, he had a high midi-chlorian count, enough to be Force Sensitive. The idea was something he pondered for months, wondering what he should do about it. But eventually he decided he would travel to Dantooine and see what the Jedi had to say about it.

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