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Natalie deWinter
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Legal Status
Name: Natalie deWinter
Known Alias: Natalie Cavataio and Natalie Hja
Birthplanet: Ferro
Citizenship: Ferro and Dathomir
Living Situation: Castello di Caos on Dathomir and Castello di Tenebre on Ferro
Warrants: Several issued by different Governments in the galaxy

- Cosa Nostra
- Cavataio Family
- deWinter Family
- Anceint Sith Order
- Witches of Dathomir (Morte Clan)
- Underboss
- Cosa Nostra Cavallo
- Witch Mentor (Morte Clan)
Rank: Knight

Avatar: Selena Gomez
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years old
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-36
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Black

Family Tree
Boyfriend: None

- Petra
- Some male slave (Deceased)
- Serva
- Jonathan deWinter
Siblings: Mother Side
- N/A
Siblings: Father Side (deWinter)
- Brumhilda
- - Brother-in-law: Jason Starkiller
- Caligular
- Arachne
- Merlin
Relatives: Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
- Lauda Cavataio
- Fabula Cavataio
- Kristin Cavataio
- Shery deWinter
- - Uncle-in-law: Xander Starkiller
- - Cousins (Xander and Shery’s children):
- - - Alistair
- - - Cordelia
- - - Nessarose
- - - Morgaine

Species: Rancor
Skin tone: Brown
Eyes: Black

Being raised by her mother and grandmother, who are twisted (putting it nicely), Natalie had developed a masochist side. The love for pain has made her in to being a great weapon. Never letting the pain stopping her but actually fueling her to feel more pain, she found enjoyment in killing along with the feel and taste of blood. Additionally to the mothering she got from Serva and Petra, she appears to be cold and distant when dealing with people other than who she sees appealing. She is her grandmother's daughter with being cunning and intelligent, who can pull the wool over anyone's eyes to appear innocent and a victim to her past.

You can handle the truth so move on…
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Natalie deWinter
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