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Name:[/b]  Kiran
Profession:[/b]  Sith Maurader
Species:[/b] Human 
Age:[/b] 26
Height:[/b]  5'10"
Weight:[/b]  150 lbs. 

Dark tanned skin, long black hair pulled back in a single pony tail with bangs hanging just over the eyes.  Brown eyes that turn red when the dark side is being channeled to its fullest.  Muscular build and athletic physique.

Distinguishing marks:[/b]

N/A  [/b][/b]

Homeworld:  Acherin[/b] 


Mother: Darth Kaia

Father: William Thade


Unlike most Sith, Kiran follows his own honor code.  He enters combat often and quickly, but only either to defend himself, conquer an objective, or uphold his honor code.  Kiran often enters combat to kill, but not those who are unworthy or those who are weak or innocent when Kiran has nothing to gain.

Kiran is normally calm and serious, but also cold and calculating.  His ambitions are not like those of most other Sith.  Kiran has little to no interest in ruling the galaxy.  In fact, Kiran has little no ambitions other than training and finding his mother.


Kiran was born on the outer rim world of Acherin, far away the republic of any of its influences.  Kiran was born to two human parents, his father and mother, the latter of which was a Sith.  Kiran’s mother had originally taken his father as her slave and prisoner before finding her love for the man.  Though originally forced to stay with her, after the birth of their son Kiran’s father stayed with his mother willingly.  When Kiran was old enough to stand his mother began teaching him the ways of the force and how to channel the dark side.  Having witnessed her own weakness to the dark side when she had massacred her husband’s family before enslaving him, Kiran’s mother was sure to teach him to be weary.  Strength, she said, was found no only in raw power, but in that of the will and the mind, one strong enough to dominate passions and temptations as well as embrace them.  When Kiran was 14 his mother left him and his father for an errand of the dark side and never returned.  Two years later Kiran left in search of his mother.  He searched the outer rim for another two years before finding his way to Korriban and coming into the contact with the returning Sith Order.  After slaying several of their members and proving his strength, Kiran was added to their ranks.  While expanding his own knowledge of the force and the dark side by exploring the ancient Korriban tombs Kiran came across a single invaluable artifact, the holocron of Tulak Hord, said to be the greatest lightsaber duelist that ever lived.  Unlocking a portion of its secrets, Kiran quickly became the most feared lightsaber wielder of all the Sith.  He now continues to search for his mother as well as starting his own quest to power.

Strengths:Lightsaber combat, countering force powers, tactical engagements, and multi-person combat.
Weakness:Using higher force powers like lightning, scream, or drain.  Social skills, leadership, and Goal orienting.

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Added to the bio list!

Please note, if you intend on starting out with a higher rank than apprentice, you need to get a rank transfer. more info in this can be found here