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General Information
Name: Naha'va
Known Alias: Naha'va Martin
Subject number: HE-781267
Current Status: Deceased, murdered by Lord Illuminus 
Planet of Creation: Kamino
Faction: Rogue
Rank: Sith Knight
Loyalties: First Galactic Empire, Palpatine, Herself (forever)
       New Sith Empire, The Sith Remnant, The Sith Imperiaum, Cameron Centurion (formally)
Gender: Female

Physical Appearance
Avatar: Rachel McAdams
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Piercing Blue/Originally brown
Hair Color: Light brown/likes to dye it blond at times/originally dark brown
Body Shape: Curved
Skin Tone: Light/bordering pale
Distinguishing Marks:  HE-781267 mark on her back, slightly after her neck ends.

Mother: Subject 28917 (Gloria Marvel)
Father: None. A combination of several subjects were used, including a powerful force user who was unnamed.
Hadrian (non-identical twin, whereabouts or status unknown)
Miriam Marvel (passed away eventually, whereabouts were unknown since the age of eighteen)
Adam Marvel (shot at the age of twenty)
Alexandra Thorn
Lenavina Martin
Rylan Kordel (adoptive son) 
Amaryllis Bellard (Ward) 
Other family:
James Martin (married briefly)
Adrian Caezar (son-in-law, believed to be deceased)
Tesla Martin (granddaughter, deceased)
Hevana Martin (granddaughter, deceased)
Lenavina "Delilah" Bellard (granddaughter, deceased)
Amelia Caezar (granddaughter), today known as Amelia Chase
Michael Caezar (grandson, missing)
Alita Velos (niece)
Isis Velos (grandniece) 
Rylan Kordel (nephew-in-law, deceased))Masters: 1 Sith Knight / "Tutor", Emperor Palpatine, Cameron CenturionApprentices: Lenavina Mar, Alita Velos, Rylan Kordel, Amaryllis Bellard, Amelia "Miss Chase" Caezar, Alexandra Thorn (through memories)

Genetic structure
Naha'va was created genetically and before impregnating a woman, here gene structure was altered to the point where her aging process is slowed down by half, her agility and endurance heightened and her clorid level heightened by taking a gene patten of a powerful force user carefully selected for Naha'va creation. From an early age, she was imprinted with devotion and loyalty to the old empire and most importantly to the late emperor Palpatine himself which many believed was part of the gene structure though nothing was ever proven. Naha'va was also very force sensitive and quite able with her two lightsabers thanks to the combining with the selected force user and years of training as well.
Upon the cloning of herself, Naha'va instructed the scientists to change her appearance but keep all trades she has learned and those given to her upon creation. A new version of Naha'va spent the first ten years of maturing in a remote location with her previous version of herself which old Naha'va used to trained the child in all she knew, made sure she remembered everything and then set her off into the world. By everything but her appearance, the clone of Naha'va is a perfect image of her.

Notable possessions
-- Two lightsabers with a red blade that were constructed by her former-self (lost when Naha'va was killed by Cameron Centurion)

Basic History
To read her full history, see her wikipedia page



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