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Coren Starkiller
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-Name-[/b]  Coren  Starkiller

-Profession-[/b]  Sith Disciple

-Species-[/b]  Human

-Age-[/b] 19

-Height-[/b]  6’0”

-Weight-[/b]  200 lbs


He has intense blue eyes that can stare anyone down.  Coren does like to keep his hair on the longer side, but of course it’s always what most people consider short.  He prefers to wear a dress jacket, button down shirt and a tie to look ever so presentable to the ladies.  Granted he does so love his sleeveless t-shirts as well.  They hug his muscular form perfectly causing the women to swoon at his feet.  Don’t  trust that innocent facade that he can put on so quickly.  It is simply to lure you in for him to spring a trap. 

-Distinguishing marks-  [/b]

He has a scar on his right bicep from saber training with his mother. 

-Homeworld-[/b] Y’Sad


Mother – Adrianna Fiore (Jedi Master)

Father – Xander Starkiller (Sith Lord)

Siblings - Deidre, Yaran, Ceryni (Triplets), Il’Sirus, Sevorah, Ithiel, Malikar Fiore (Twins),  Morgaine deWinter, Alistair Starkiller, Lauda Midori, Jason Starkiller, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia Isis deWinter, Nessarose deWinter, Leylah Ultron

Uncle - Mark Starkiller, Mercutio Starkiller, King: Elias Fiore, Setheran Fiore

Aunt - Queen:  Leentje Fiore

Cousins- Namric, Sienne, Aaralyn and Kyle (Twins) Fiore


He’s is a manipulator to just about everyone but his mother.  She can see right through him.  One of the few people she uses her Force Powers on to delve into his mind.  So he decided not to hide secrets from her.  Coren  has that air about him in which no one can touch him.  He’s arrogant and doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules but his own. 

There is little to say about him that can’t be either proven or contradicted.  If the accusation goes unfounded, it’s normally because Coren’s accuser winds up dead.  Mysteriously no one knows who did it. 

-History- [/b]

 Over the last 19 years Coren was raised by his mother.  He was told his father was Prince Methias Fiore of Y’Sad.  He was the youngest of his brother and sisters.  He’d never had any reason to doubt his mother seeing as though they’d both held the Fiore name, she was a widow, he was called ‘Your Highness’ and always had his own bodyguard. 

Coren couldn’t understand that after all these years of training with his mother on various planets why he had so much anger and  yet her Jedi training had always kept her so calm and collected.  His brother and sisters were never trained to become Jedi.  Her youngest son had asked her dozens of times why they were never being trained.  She’d  always given the same excuse.  “Your father did not want them learning the ways of the Force.” 

Well why wouldn’t he want his older brother and sisters learning it, yet when it came to Coren he had no problem with it?  Never once would the Jedi Master give him the reason for that.  How could he trust her?  He wanted to so badly.  As  he got older, his questions got deeper, so he began testing his blood along with the blood of that with the Fiores.  He came to find that he was in fact not of noble blood nor was he the son of Prince Methias Fiore. 

Upon confronting his mother with the information, Adrianna looked ashamed at the mere accusation that he knew she was lying to him all this time.  Since Coren had confronted her while they were training and he learned of his father’s name, Xander Starkiller, the Sith Lord and Emperor, he became enraged. Learning this information, Damien used the Force on his unsuspecting mother to throw her into the wall of the training dojo and walked out on her in search of his father. 

-Strengths[/b]- His deep welling anger within the Force.  The hatred that has now been welling within him for the last 19 years of his life and he knew not why, now he knows.

-Weaknesses-[/b] Coren has no respect for his mother and therefore more than likely this will be his downfall on several fronts, both Fiore and Starkiller.
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Coren Starkiller
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Added to the bio list!

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Coren Starkiller
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You might want to clean it up a bit, Im not the Emperor and Kat and Aria arent your siblings anymore.