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Veryn Xareth
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Name: Veryn Xareth
Other Aliases: MK-1022 (Stormtrooper ID), Guardsman 13066 (Royal Guard ID)
Rank: Colonel
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Age: 29 Standard Years
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Homeworld: Ketaris
Known Relatives: Copec Xareth- father, Rulan Xareth- mother, Aska Xareth- sister, Rakkan Xareth- brother
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Biograhy: Born to an influential family on Ketaris, Veryn Xareth is the eldest son of Copec Xareth, one of the Sith Empire's strongest aristocratic supporters.  At an early age, Veryn developed a passion for hunting, and would often accompany his father on many offworld excursions.  Later, this enthusiasm would develop into a desire to serve in the military, a duty his father requested of all his children.  At the age of 18, Veryn attended the esteemed University of Ketaris, and joined the Imperial Officer Gymnasium in school.  Upon graduating after four years with a chemical engineering degree, Xareth joined the Imperial Army full-time.  He served as an infantryman in the 10th Armored AT division for a total of two years, eventually distinguishing himself in a number of battles.  The most notable was a battle on Korriban, in which he went beyond the call of duty and manned a fallen comrade's turret aboard his armored transport and scored 29 confirmed kills.  Afterwards, his superiors recommended him for transfer to the Stormtrooper Corps.

Xareth, adopting the Trooper identificatin MK-1022, served in the Stormtrooper ranks for a year, stationed in he 320th Legion.  Halfway into his career as a Stormtrooper, he eventually distinguished himself on the battlefield once again, this time on Nal Hutta, during the battle in retaliation for the Hutt's defiance on Corusant.  In the ensuing fight, MK-1022 scored numerous kills with his blaster rifle, and took command of his platoon when his Sergeant was gunned down, moving his men to deploy flares which allowed a guided missile attack on the enemy outposts.

His actions finally caught the attention of the Emperor himself, Cameron Centurion, who previously sensed his latent Force-sensitivity during an event at the Imperial Palace where Veryn was then stationed.  After summoning him, Emperor Centurion promoted Veryn to membership within the Imperial Royal Guards.  Xareth would spend the next year of his life enduring the brutal Royal Guard training, in his quest to serve the Empire to the best of his ability.

While in training as a Royal Guard, Xareth continued to serve in active duty, shifting between various units.  His training was completed after Emperor Centurion stepped down and Xander Starkiller assumed the title of Dark Lord.  When not personally protecting Dark Lord Starkiller, Veryn and his comrades were kept increasingly active in smaller infantry units.  It was during this time that Veryn would experience one of his greatest achievements in service, during the Battle of Eriadu.  Spearheading the battle with a unit of elite Storm Commandos, Veryn was among the first to storm Eriadu City Fortress, invade Eriadu City proper, and then continue to Phelar, fighting in the entire campaign from beginning to end.  He also led another Storm Commando squadron in the successful Procopian Campaign.

Personality:  Cold and laconic, Veryn is as emotionless as the faceless mask he wears.  He is consumed by his desire to be the ultimate warrior and to serve the Empire at all costs, a goal which deprives him of his humanity.  This is evident in his unwavering cooperation with the orders of his superiors regardless of any moral consequences, as well as his cold-blooded pulverization of his enemies and disdain for taking prisoners.  His strong sense of patriotism and years of Imperial training have molded him into a single-minded man with only one goal, and he cannot be reasoned with or bargained with once given an order by his superiors.  However, he is not without a sense of personal honor, as he appears to prefer the challenge of a fair fight over defeating a much weaker enemy.  In short, he has been fashioned into the quintessential Stormtrooper, unflinching and loyal to the death.
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Veryn Xareth
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