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Rank Transfer Template
« on: 08/24/10 17:23:27 »
Rank Transfers

If you wish to import a character that has developed outside of the realms of Descension and has achieved IC promotions, you may request a rank transfer for your character.

To request the rank transfer, fill out the template below and send it in a yuku PM to Shery deWinter.

Character Rank Transfer Template

Name of Character:
Affiliation and Rank:
Transferred from: (Please provide at least 3 different URLs to completed threads showing your rank)
Known Force Powers as per the Force Power List: (If you are transferring a Force User, add the Force Powers your character knows. Please note, transferred master level characters cannot add any of the Special Master Level Powers, as these must be acquired on Descension itself. Only the abilities you include in your rank transfer request will be available to your character on Descension without being trained in additional abilities.)
Comments: (If you have anything else to add)

Caveat: You cannot transfer a character if it has been roleplayed on Descension previously and completed a thread, or made at least ten posts in a thread that was not completed.
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