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Kadesh Tiamat
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Name: Kadesh Tiamat
Rank:Rogue Sith. Varies on timeline
Affiliation: Ember of Vahl, Sith'ari
Alias: Darth Neh'vuah

Age: Varies; 23
Species: Vahla/Sephi Hybrid
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Silvery Blue,Yellow and Red (Dark Side)
Hair Color: Black with red tones 
Home Planet :Vahla (Lost homeworld)

Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Jakob Tiamat (Deceased)
Mother: Athaleyah Tiamat (Deceased)
Siblings: None

Xander Starkiller (Sith Master)
Mara Kabol (Ember of Vahl Chosen )
Apprentices: None

History- WIP

Kadesh was born among the Vahla, a nomadic people who were forever in search of their lost homeworld. They were generally regarded as a naturally bright and shrewd people. All Vahla were Force-sensitive, and whether aware or not, had ties to the dark side of the Force. Most Vahla were members of the Ember of Vahl, a dark side cult that worshiped Vahl, a goddess of fire and destruction. Though not all Vahla were members, all were expected to follow the orders of a six-priest central coven believed to have been "chosen" by the goddess. To show their faith and devotion, these Chosen of Vahl would inflict scars upon themselves. The Chosen consulted with Vahl through use of Force-empowered farseeing. They also interpreted signs and portents, and made policy for the Vahla.

Kadesh, however, has the benefit of longetivity due to her father, a full blooded Sephi. The Sephi were similar in appearance to Human stock, but had large, pointed ears, which are reflected on Kadesh in the form of slightly pointed ears. The Sephi were a long-lived species, with elder individuals living for more than 200 years, possibly up to 400.

Chosen of Vahl

The Chosen of Vahl were the central coven of six priests who governed the dark side cult. Although individual Vahla often set off on their own, all members of the nomadic species were expected to heed the coven's demands. The priests would consult their goddess Vahl, an embodiment of the destructive power of the dark side of the Force, and use farseeing to interpret omens, and make policies for the Vahla. The priests would show their goddess their faith and devotion by scarring themselves.

At a young age, Kadesh stood out from amongst all others for her farseeing abilities. Seeing this as a blessing from the Goddess Vahl, Kadesh was taken in by the Chosen of Vahl to undergo training to become one of their priestess. 

Items in her possession
Xander Starkiller's Holocron
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Kadesh Tiamat
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