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Alexis Ravensclaw - WIP
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Name- Alexis Ravensclaw

-Profession- Musician  (will change probably as character develops)

-Species- Human

-Age- 26

-Height- 5'6

-Weight- 135

-Appearance- Jet black hair, crystal blue eyes

-Distinguishing marks- Small scar on left arm from childhood accident

-Homeworld- Dagro

-Family- Father - Yuri Ravensclaw - whereabouts unknown
    Mother -  Isabel Ravensclaw - (deceased)
    Sister - Iriana Ravensclaw
    Brother - Malcom Ravensclaw

-Personality- Intelligent, can be flirty, often doesn't realize what she is saying, or how she is saying it. Can be socially awkward around strangers,
but fiercely loyal to those that have gotten close to her.


Alexis is rather obscure. She wasn't a princess, or a smuggler, a scientist, or a Jedi; she was just someone, who was no one. Her father, Yuri was a farmer, much like many of the others trying to eek out a living for their families. Dagro is a pretty remote place, known only for its agricultural center, much of the surface was set aside to grow grains, including sargheet. Alexis did have one talent, she played a small harp, and her father had traded with an off worlder for Seilith Music charms, the visuals added to the music make for an evening of relaxation after a day working the farm. Her father had also taught her to hunt with an ancient weapon called a crossbow. Alexis had grown quite adept at its use. She had also learned to fly a pod in order to be able to retrieve supplies, and move about between the other farms. She like many others on Dagro, liked a drink called Misti. Alexis mother had died in childbirth, the baby boy had not lived much longer.

The absence of her mother had made her father reclusive, and the three children as they grew, grew discontent at home, Malcom left first, and then Iriana. Alexis had stayed watching the events around her and could not help but feel there should be something more she could do to help out. What she did not know she could learn. Alexis is now about 26 years old, her hair is jet black, her eyes clear blue, she stands about 5'6, and is slight in her build but working on the farm has made her strong. She had been raised to be a farmers wife. A destiny she was finding unattractive. Alexis opportunity for change came on the day her father disappeared. She searched all the places he would normally be in, with no luck. A neighbor had mentioned seeing him with several harsh looking off worlders, headed toward Vale City. On her search she learned that he left on a ship. Alexis went home, sublet all the grains out to her neighbors, selling what few possessions she had, and got on the next ship leaving Dagro.

-Strengths- Can accept things for what they are

-Weaknesses- trusts no one

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Alexis Ravensclaw - WIP
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Added to the bio-index!