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Benedict Eden
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Full Name: Benedict Eden
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Theed, Naboo
Legal Status: Citizen of Naboo
Living Situation:  Living in squalor in an apartment on Nar Shaddaa; knows of many places to crash in urban situations galaxywide
Occupation: Guttermage, Conartist
Affiliation: Numerous
Force Rank: Initiate

Physical Stats
Avatar: Justin Theroux
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:  Blue

Race: Hybrid (Human/Zeltron)

General Appearance:
Disheveled hair.  Typically sporting a band t-shirt, or the tattered remains of one.  A lot of grungewear and D.I.Y.  Maintains three safetypins as piercings along his left eyebrow.  Combat boots and cigarette.  Doesn’t wear a lot of bangles, though will sometimes if they have some mystical connotation.  Tattoo featured below:

- Family –  
Father: Noah Eden
Mother: Aleria Tremens
Sibling(s): Avalore Eden  


The Wheel of Fortune.  The Gambler.  Benedict is an adrenaline junkie, willfully indulging in all manner of bloody rows that get Life screaming full-rage directly into his face.  From the fiery fury of the Spunk Rawk scene, to the bartering and risking of his soul and others' in games of dark, ancient magick.  He cares only for himself, and while he may indulge in intense sessions of self-pity and remorse following a grotesque wrongdoing, Benedict will gladly do it all again for another fix.

Benedict was one of two twins born to Noah Eden (A human Jedi Healer) and Aleria Tremens (a Zeltron Sith Headcase).  Unlike his sister, Avalore, Benedict possessed a level of Force-Sensitivity, and was enrolled in the Theed Jedi Academy at which his father mentored.

Benedict’s mother, while proper loving when given that golden amount of medication, typically shifted between two states:  Batshit craziness, and lobotomized drooly-ness.  Needless to say, the Natunda visits to A New Hope asylum were not his favorite of childhood activities.  It didn’t help that Noah always seemed more concerned with maintaining his unblemished pro-healer reputation than he was with being a father.  This left Benedict up to his own devices for most of his life, which was spent largely dodging bullies and playing alone.  While he sometimes found friendship in his twin sister, Avalore, her desire to look out for his well-being typically manifested in the form of tattling, which would eventually result in her being alienated from his life, as well.

Teenage angst would eventually set in, and Benedict would find he had way more rage than he knew what to do with.  When Benedict was 15, after some bullshit at school, he wound up running away to live on the streets of Theed for a bit.  Here, Benedict honed his streetsmarts and found a new home in the comforts of the emerging Spunk Rawk music scene, as it was begotten by Gandge Tarker, known better as Emperor Plague-Us of the NerFhErDerz.

With Spunk, Benedict was able to become the person he always way, even finding friendship in other like-minded, rebellious types.  Drugs, sex, magick, and rock n’ roll coloured Benny’s teenage years even after he returned home.  He was typically mixed up in all sorts of weird cultish workings, thefts, underminings, etcetera.  Unfortunately, Avalore found out about Benedict’s secret life, and, of course, squealed.  Noah used his medical connections to get our hero locked away in a mental ward on Corellia to be treated for his “occult fixations” and “Sithy disposition.”  Benedict began this tour at 19.  It ended when he was 23.

Benedict’s asylum would eventually be unable to find funding to keep its doors open, and wound up dumping the magus out onto the street.  He has become reacquainted with old friends and bad habits.

-Personal Skills-
-Benedict is particularly gifted when navigated sprawling cityscapes, able to find almost anything, and is typically at least peripherally aware of new hideouts, forms of nightlife, and subcultures.

-While his Force Talents are quite stunted in a conventional sense, he has crudely shaped them to aid him in his day-to-day deceptions, occultist bullshittery, and urban lifestyle.  He may not be able to hit you with a Force Wave, but he knows there’s a bakery on 5th that just threw out the bagels it failed to sell that day.

-Benedict is well-versed in New Age ideas and belief structures, as well as ancient and esoteric ones.  So well-versed that he can even invent/elaborate upon lore and ritual-work on the fly in a way that, even if non-functional, is still certainly believable.

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Benedict Eden
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